ASUS: Transformer Shipments Will Beat Competitors’ This Month


The folks at ASUS promised they’d be ramping production up this month forward, but they are now so confident that they can meet demand that they’re professing they’ll beat all of their competitors in tablets shipped… except Apple. It’s no surprise, really. The Motorola XOOM is overpriced and they can’t seem to sell as many shipments as they need to, Samsung has just gotten the ball rolling with their 10.1 (though they do still have 7 inch devices out there), and everyone else just doesn’t have the mindshare or compelling devices. We just look forward to seeing this thing available in more places. Makes us proud, ASUS. [BGR]

In related news, they are looking to launch the Slider in the UK in August, though other regions were promised June. We’re not sure what’s up there, but that’s a long time to wait when competitors will surely be bringing leaner and meaner devices to market shortly after that. [Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Great device, it would be nice to have Netflix and HBO Go but they will come in time. The nice thing is actually having flash unlike the iPad since it opens up so many more video sites.

    1. hey can you pinch the videos to make them full screen like on the ipad?

      1. long press, press on the fullscreen button that appears.

        1. I like the pinch better.  Hopefully it will get coded in without Apple suing everyone.

          1. who cares about pinch to zoom???  I prefer a “Full screen” button…

          2. and 16:9 aspect ratio is way better than 4:3

          3. Yall are bowin this outta proportion. No one is even talking about aspect ratio. I just want pinch to fullscreen.

    2. why do you need netflix app, wont work ?

  2. Got mine yesterday! Being my first experience with a honeycomb tablet, it is taking me a minute to get accustomed to, but I’m loving it so far. The dock is now available for $149.99 at Might “need” that too…lol

    1. Nice, I got mine yesterday too. As well as 3.1 update is installed during the day.

    2. lol. Im jelly 

  3. Maybe they’re selling so many because people have to buy so many to get one that works…I’ve bought three since May and I’m sending my third one back today for problems right out of the box…horribly quality control

    1. Since I just got mine, can you tell me if there are any particular problems that I should be looking for?

      1. The first one I bought had a power button that didn’t work very well..but other than that it was actually pretty good.  I had it for about 3 days and it just got worse and worse.  I had to jam it in super hard to get it to “wake up” or put it on sleep mode.  Eventually, it just didn’t work at all any more and I couldn’t turn the device on with the power button, only by plugging in the USB cable.  So I called up Asus and they got me an RMA number and emailed me the information.  I was about to send it back before I realized that I was going to have to pay for the shipping…to repair a device that broke less than 3 days in my possession.  So I sent it back to Best Buy for a full refund…snagged another one and of course this one was much worse (touch screen was completely unresponsive).  I didn’t even call Asus for that one, I just sent it back.  My most recent one (ordered from Amazon) came with the power button installed at a 45 degree angle.  It worked okay, even though it was obviously a fault in production, so I was going to ignore it since the rest of the device looked fine.  Plugged in my Google account information, set it up, and noticed a bunch of blue lines flickering across the right side of the display.

        I understand that with all devices, there are bound to be a few bad eggs, but 3 in a row?  I’m so frustrated that I think I’m just going to pay an extra $100 for the Galaxy 10.1 when it comes out..I can’t deal with this anymore.  I’ve been trying to get one that works for the last month!

        1. Ouch! Well, my power button looks okay so far. The only small thing that I have noticed is a small backlight bleedthrough on the bottom just above the power/dock input. It’s barely noticeable except when the screen is dark for say a video or something like that. I’m gonna keep my eye on it, hoping it doesn’t get bigger, since I would prefer not going through the hassle that you did! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

          1. Thanks man.  Yeah the backlight bleed is prettymuch unavoidable, all three of mine had that and I think it just has to do with the IPS display technology.  I would also check the top left corner where the glass meets the bezel.  A lot of people report a gap here thick enough to slide paper through and over time you can get some dust buildup under the glass.

        2. I had the same exact problem with mine.  Power button worked for the first couple of days but then got worse every day after until it wouldn’t respond at all.  i couldn’t even shut it down and had to plug it in to the power to get it to wake out of sleep mode.  ASUS wanted me to pay for shipping it to them also, so i just returned mine to bestbuy aswell but in my case they didn’t have any in stock so i just got a refund.  Been deciding if i should try my luck with ordering another one when amazon gets them back in stock.

        3. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Mine is perfect… a little light bleed only noticed on boot up because of the fuss people were making.  Keyboard dock makes this tablet stand out.  3 in a row is really a bummer, but I love my ASUS and am so glad I didn’t go with any other tab.

    2. I agree that Asus should have better QC…  But that’s how it is with most mobile devices.. especially they are being manufactured in China..  But I had two Transformers 16 GB and 32 GB.. and both are perfect when I received them.  But I don’t really like 3.1 update though…  caused more issues than before.

  4. Anyone know how the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 went? I kind of think that next month the Tab 10.1 will ship and sell the most units. 

    1. If there is no news about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch, than it’s definitely went badly…  Just like the launch of their 7 inch tablet last year..

  5. Asus, make a couple national commercials (like Apple does) and get this out there.  It’s pretty amazing, however, that this tablet has become so popular pretty much through word of mouth.

    1. I agree with you… Asus should spend more money on marketing the Transformer… 

  6. Got 2 of them within the last couple of weeks. No problems at all. I am very pleased with both units. Wish Netflix would work though.

    1. Why would anyone need two tablets?  Maybe you should send me one.

  7. This product makes me beam with delight. Its introduction was very modest but packed a lot of punch. Specifications just overwhelms, if not at par to say the least with the latest competitors. But the greatest selling point, for me, is that ASUS went ahead and thought of the entire product experience, releasing it with the amazing dock that makes total sense. Congratulations for a great product!

  8. Loving 32GB Transformer.

    1. more than meets the eye eh?

  9. I had a proble with the power button straight away. I could see where this was going so I returned it to the store and am now witing for something a it more decent to ome along. I don’t like Samsung because of their UI shit so I’ll wait and see for a month or two.

  10. you guys really should take a look at the acer iconia a500. competitively priced, same specs as the xoom, plus great ports (usb being one of them: i can connect to thumb drives, keyboards, etc. bluetooth plays nice with all manner of keyboards and headsets. it’s sturdy, well built, and, while a bit heavy, definitely a swell product. i am thrilled with mine.

  11. note, i’m not dissing the asus. but acer is making a good, good product and i’ve heard it’s doing pretty well in sales because it so nicely undercuts the xoom at best buy.

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