Apple vs Samsung Heating Up With New Tongue-in-Cheek Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ad


We were wondering how Samsung would respond to recent lawsuits by Apple who claim Samsung infringes on their products’ likenesses. While most of you probably want Samsung to pull the rug from beneath Apple by refusing to sell them components for the iPad, iPhone, iPod and other products, that wouldn’t be the smartest move as they make a lot of money from that stuff.

Samsung has chosen to go a different route, though – ridiculing Apple in their advertisements. The first is a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 ad that shows people using the Tab in their every day lives while their friends with iPads and other stuff struggle. Need to follow along a flash-enabled presentation in a meeting and have an iPad? Well, you know how that goes.

I called it tongue-in-cheek in the title of this article, but that part of the ad is more “in your face” than that. It’s a refreshing move from Samsung and I love to see that they won’t back down to big, bad Apple both in courts and in media and advertising. Watch the amusing ad above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I like it!

    1. Same here. Most of the commercials for other tablets have been crap.

      1. What?!  You mean me picking up a Xoom means i won’t magically get put into some sort of futuristic spacecraft? hah!

  2. Apple is in no position to say anything, especially after they unveiled iOS 5. All the features they demoed where complete copies from Android and Windows Phones. I also would not be surprised if the new iPhones come with a 4″ screen after Jobs famous quote of “NO ONE” will buy 4″ or larger screen phones

    1. Yet iOS5 didn’t copy one of Android’s best features. built-in the os voice input (texting, dictation, searching, whatever you say it, it types it and 98% accuracy for me) I raely type on my phone, I just talk to it.

      That is a game changer not iCloud which is just another way for apple to get $25 bux a year for what other services offer for free. Apple never does whats best for consumers, just what makes them the most money.

      1. iOS 5 is coming with better voice input.

        not iCloud which is just another way for apple to get $25 bux a year for what other services offer for free

        iCloud is free. It’s iTunes Match that costs $25.

        Apple never does whats best for consumers, just what makes them the most money.

        And that’s what makes a good business.

        1. “and that’s what makes good business”? really, a consumer just defended appel’s position to rape and pillage from their userbase year after year?

          Apple is the only company I know that has the highest profit margins because of totally uncalled for, higher than everyone, markups/margins on average technology and their iSheep defend their position and applaud them for making more money at YOUR expense. iSad. Soooo iSad :(

          1. If a company isn’t going to put profits first and foremost, then they’ll go out of business. Grow up.

            Oh, and Xoom, GSlate, Galaxy Tab first gen, Zune, all cost the same or more than Apple’s comparable devices when they first came out to the perpetual surprise of everyone who continues to think Apple products cost too much and that their competitors will be cheaper. Finally, we’re seeing devices like the Transformer, but all you have to do is search this forum to see it doesn’t have the best build quality.

            That’s not me being a fanboy. That’s recognizing that the complaint of Apple devices costing too much is caused by an unrealistic standard of what products are worth. Show me an Android phone that comes with 32gb that costs less than $250. Look at the 10.1 Tab and the Xoom and the GSlate and the Playbook and the Touchpad and tell me how Apple is somehow screwing over the consumer when it comes to pricing.

            At times I wonder if you fanboys are so wrapped up in Apple mythology that you really assume Apple can do everything, including releasing a version 1.0 software that’s fully featured and easy to use and sell it for dirt cheap. And then you get mad because they don’t do it and you assume they’re somehow holding back, even when other companies come out with those features and they’re half baked in the beginning.

          2. I don’t run my business like that and I haven’t gone out of business yet.


          3. Yes, your mom and pop shop is comparable to Apple.


          4. But his mom and pop shop is one you probably don’t have. I think he’s a bit more qualified to talk about profit margins than you are if thats the case.

          5. He or she hasn’t shown it, nor has he or she shown any knowledge of what iCloud is, and yet he or she presumes to make declarations about it. It must not be a well run business…

          6. I’m afraid the fanboys are on both sides. Apple is very smart business wise, but that doesnt mean they do everything right. Same for Google, Microsoft and everyone else.

            I have both an iPad2 and a Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both have their pros and cons.

          7. Thanks, but I already know this.

          8. Well my position is SIMPLE, the the original iPad cost $229 to produce, link: ( ), yet they marked it up between $5-829. When you are a company like appel with your hands in all the different pots, like apps, itunes, service etc, you can afford to sell the hardware at a near even steven level, get the product into millions and gazillions more hands, hell even I would own an iPad at $229 and then Apple would reap the rewards based on my own purchases of apps, services etc. , even with me an anti-appelite . But again, millions and millions more sold at $229 (vs $5-829) and then gazzilions more apps, itunes, etc purchases. No way around that.

            PERFECT EXAMPLE: Xbox360 came out with $475 in technology yet sold it as low as $299 in 2k5 (now down to $199) Why ? xbox live, services, downlaods, games purchases etc. MS wants to get more xbox’s sold to make more money in the long run on every thing else.

            Apple could of done this with iPad yet 2 years later not a price drop yet and I guarantee it costs less than $229 to make a year plus later


          9. If my memory serves me correct (feel free to google it yourself), the iPad’s competitors only cost around $20 more to produce. So once again, unless you know of a brand name Honeycomb tablet that’s at $300, you might want to try another excuse.

            Samsung’s 8.9 is still coming at $450. Why aren’t you complaining about them? Or Motorola? Or LG? Is it because you’re a hypocrite?

            Oh and last time I checked, the Xbox was still losing money until last year. So basically your argument is that instead of releasing successful and popular products without having to make them super cheap to get people to buy them, they should instead sell them cheaper, lose the profit, and still, um, get people to buy them?


          10. XBox 360 (and Wii and PS3) are different businss model. They sell the console at a loss with the aim of making profits in the games. That is why games are $80, not $2. Not sure why you brought this up other than to try and valdate your argument…but in the process you weakened it.

            Now with the tablts, they all cost about the same to make and like it or hate it….no tablet has yet to be able to match the iPad2 yet….but they are getting there.

            Personally I like Android but dislike Flash and dislike Samsung so the for vs against argument says I’ll stear clear of the Galaxy Tab. Take off your iPad goggles and you would realise that Samsung are just the next Apple. Without Apple this would be a Samsung hating site not an Apple one. Look at their marketing and products and you would realise they are just trying to emulate Apple in everyway and they are pretty good at it but reaaly I would say that Samsung do not have aloyal following because one you walk outside the store with a Samsung Tab your are forever an after thought to them. Look at how they no longer support their old products.

          11. sucks when your broke and can’t afford something i bet.
            Time to better yourself instead of blaming Apple.

        2. I think you are confusing “good business” with “successful business”.
          If a less successful business is capable of staying in the market without charging extra… then there is no excuse for a large business like Apple to do the same. The only excuse is greed, which is something consumers need to be able to detect and avoid.
          Unfortunately, most consumers can’t do that because they care too much of what other people think of them to get anything but an Apple product.

          1. I think you’re confusing competition (what’s the latest greatest Android phone and what will beat it next month?) for giving a damn about the consumer. I assure you that every single hardware manufacturer competing with Apple would love to be in their position.

            That sounds like a good business to me. So stop it with the bull**** arguments.

          2. sir i really think you better understand what the real facts are you just throwing things in the air, what supporters want to hear,even though they are far from the truth,,,your facts are your facts,unfortunately arent facts to start off with.but believe what you want to believe

          3. Specifics are always nice. Try them sometime.

            Oh and lay off the late night Alex Jones sessions.

          4. Ive heard this argument so often from anti Apple obsessives. People don’t buy products based on what others think generally. They buy products based on user experience. I can appreciate that you prefer Android but you really can’t see any reason someone would want to own an iPhone or iPad other than appearance? Really? Nothing impressive about iOS to you at all? It’s all just marketing, right?

            What a complete joke.

            The conversation over “Apple greed” is even dumber. Apple was the company that paved the way for $200 smartphones and $500 tablets. Beyond that I’m so tired of consumers whining about things costing money. You idiots basically want everything for nothing. Record labels are “greedy”, Apple is “greedy”, carriers are “greedy” but you who insist everything produced should be within your reach for a dollar are in it for the common good. Hey, Google Music is free. It doesn’t work well and you have to upload your music for weeks, but it don’t cost nuttin!

            By the way, I’m an Apple fan(boy) who has owned BB’s, several Android phones, Nokia, an Windows handsets. I come to this site because smartphone tech is fascinating and unlike you I don’t treat this stuff like a home team. The guys who build the best mousetrap get my money. Right now I feel that’s Apple. Next year, maybe it’ll be someone else. That’s just how an adult rolls. ;)

          5. I’d say a company can charge what they want and the market will dictate not bleeding heart liberals crying about what a company should or shouldn’t charge.
            Pretentious cock.

        3. Then why are you here? 

          1. Believe it or not, there’s nothing wrong with ‘facts’. I assume since you’re responding to my original post, you’re asking why I am here since I corrected Riz on two features of iOS 5, without commenting on their worthiness and simply said that what makes a good business is putting profit first and foremost, with no specific reference to Apple or any other company.

            But yes, let’s live in a world where iCloud does cost $25 a year, it’s not coming with improved voice input, and most large businesses don’t put profit first and foremost. >_>

            I don’t think I made any comment whatsoever on whether or not the upcoming features would be good or original, just that iCloud was free, iTunes Match is the one that will cost $25, and voice features are probably coming.

            Whatever anyone’s opinions on that are, I really don’t care. But if you’re going to have an opinion on it, you might as well actually have that view on the real and free iCloud service and not the nonexistent $25 a year iCloud that Riz created from his or her imagination.

            It’s no different than correcting someone who thinks Ice Cream Sandwich won’t support both tablets and phones on a site like TUAW.

            Now why do you all have a problem with correcting incorrect statements?

          2. I think Apple products are overpriced and inferior to Android products which is why I NEVER go to Apple fanboy sites.  So once again Apple fanboy….why are you here?

          3. I don’t waste time on people who refuse to see sense. I certainly don’t spend any more time answering their questions. Fanboy, get some help.

          4. Fuck these assholes asking why you are here.
            Android fanboys are little bitches just like extreme apple fanboys.

          5. Not sure if he is an Apple fanboy or not….but he is right. iCloud is free. It is iTunes Match that is $25/year. I won’t go into what each product is…I’ll let you do some research yourself but both products look good and free iCloud with no Ads is enticing to say the least. l also think iTunes Match was probably a compromise Apple had to make with the labels/publishers. Apple would be happy for Match to be free as well as it sells more devices. I think because Apple doesn’t comment on business decisions many people think the worse of them but doing business deals is a matter or collaboraion and compromise so that everyone makes a bit of money. I think the lables are the “bad guys” here if you believe that protecting copyright is “bad”.
            One ore thing. As Flash ws mentioned I would have to say that the tablet resources appear to be maxed out when using Flash so though choice is good perhaps other differentiators can be focused on. Flash is not really the killer app in my opinion.

          6. Look, as soon as someone starts spewing on about iCloud shmicloud I know they have already lost the plot.  Everyone wants to be associated with clouds these days.  It’s all the rage but people like me know it’s doesn’t mean squat.  Apple is still apple and if they have somehow put you under their trance that whatever ‘new’ thing they are doing or promising in the clouds then that is exactly where your head is at.  Make no mistake.  Whatever they do it will be more restrictive then what anyone else is doing because Apple by definition is run by a control freak.

          7. Because this is an open forum?
            Are you the forum cop?

        4. You are really in Low Gear. You’re such an iSheep, if I said that using an iPhoney gives you cancer, your response would be something along the line of “Well, that’s one of the best ways to keep the world population down”.  Lastly, why would anyone pay to use the sucky iTunes? That program is the very worst ever.

          1. Wow, so clever Mr Vault. And once again, where are the specifics? Instead of, you know, throwing vague, corny, and poorly thought out insults my way.

            Some more fact checking. iTunes is free. iTunes Cloud is free. As in no one has to pay to use either of them. This isn’t up for debate. And that’s not a opinion on whether or not either program or service are worthy of use. It’s a fact.

            Fact: A thing that is indisputably the case.

            God, are you really that dumb?

          2. Wow, douche bag much buddy. Leave this website!!! TUAW has a nice comfy chair for you. Idiot

          3. The intelligentsia parade continues. Your wit, or rather lack of it, astounds me.

          4. Such anger over phone.
            Did steve jobs crap on your couch?
            Sucks when you can’t afford something and blame it on the company instead of taking responsibility for yourself.

      2. Sorry your all alone often enough to talk to your phone

  3. Very nice ad from Sammy … :)

  4. Did I miss something? I didn’t really see any apple bashing at all :-(

    1. at the beginning of the video.

    2. You did.   Adobe Flash?

  5. Funny, and I love me some Android, but better gaming is just an outright lie. In fact, compared to Android, I think gaming is the ONLY thing Apple has going for it. That is OK for me, as I don’t care much about mobile gaming, except for like soduku, and other light games.

  6. So if I build a chair, Ikea can sue me?

    1. Depends on what the chair looks like.

    2. ah u like apples?

  7. If you don’t have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, then you don’t have a Galaxy Tab 10.1

    1. Then buy one and you’ll never EVER regret.. Trust me…

      1. I have one on pre-order at Newegg.  32GB metallic grey.  I’ve played with Honeycomb for a while now and I love how it’s more of a full functional OS than iOS.

        The next few weeks can’t get here fast enough!

  8. It doesn’t just save kitties from trees, it cures cancer too.

  9. Maybe Samsung should make a commercial with the device from the 1999 movie eXistenZ with a title like “The Galaxy S shape was copied from this device and so was the iPhone”  Play the IMDB trailer for eXistenZ, 12 seconds in the iPhone look a like appears.

  10. I have to say, this is a pretty fantastic ad. It’s light years more refreshing than the Xoom ads from Verizon where everyone is being engulfed by the Xoom. It actually shows people all the capabilities and practical uses for the tablet. I’m not sure my cat would come down from tree, though, lol. Best thing for competition is that it shows what the iPad CAN’T do.

  11. Kick that ass Samsung. I think they could really pull in some buyers with this one. Seems like Samsung is the only company thats really going to fight for a dominant position in the market.

  12. -samsung-
    See FLASH.
    See FLASH run.
    Good FLASH.
    (bad APPLE, bad.)

  13. No one uses a tablet of any kind to ‘follow a flash enabled presentation’ in a meeting. Its just doesn’t happen.

    1. Who said they were following a “flash enabled presentation”, I’ve presented and seen flash video in a meeting, actually who hasn’t?

  14. Well done.  It shows off what this tablet DOES, which is what will generate sales.

  15. Nice that Samsung has the balls to do this.
    This is definitely a big + in my book.

  16. Adobe Flash isnt Apple bashing. Its Apple that’s bashing their own heads against their i-pads to test screen strength. Seriously though This commercial needs air time  so all the i-diots can see how great their i-pad 2 is compared to thee GALAXY TAB! Samsung > Apple..All you little worms can go bite an Apple.

  17. Consumerism at its finest. Does anyone else find the commercial a little disturbing?

    It gives off such a “I want it. I NEED it” vibe. Someone has something cool and decadent that I don’t. I must have it. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something nice every once in a while but the commercial  made it seem like people stockpile on crap every time they see someone with something cool. 

    I don’t know about you guys but I always feel a little guilty when I buy myself something expensive. I think of all those people on the streets without food or shelter and I think my money could’ve fed so many of them.

    Doesn’t anyone else feel like the fat kid smuggling food and eating in the corner in a room full of starving people and enjoying it when you buy something like this? Such a guilty pleasure.

    1. Its true but we have to face reality. What we can do is contribute by doing charity. Remember, we do not choose to be fortunate or unfortunate. If we do, then do it our own ways.. Only kindness matters..

    2. i think thats the whole point… i mean just like apple put it, “if you dont have an iphone, well, you dont have an iphone.” as in you arent cool with out one. i applaud samsung for mocking fadpple. 

      as far as feeling guilty… well no. i dont. my hard earned money, ill spend it on what ever the hell i please. 

  18. Good ad
    Lmao @ flash vid

  19. I like it, But i dont think it will replace may work laptops, as we have 20 laptops in our business & half are 16.5″ screen & the rest are12″ screen All the 12″ laptops sit on a docking station with a 19″ monitor attached & some of the 16.5″ ones are also on a docking station.

    I so do want this tab though.

  20. is 10″ big enough though, most home laptops are 16.5″ i know 10″ is light & portable but about 12″ with little bezel on the screen would be better & not much bigger that the 10″ tablets if they remove some of the black bezel.

  21. I am continually amused at Apple’s competitors repeated attempts to use Adobe Flash as a selling point against the iPad. And yet the iPad continues to sell by the millions while Honeycomb tablets are largely ignored (sorry Asus Transformer fans; despite the kool-aid you’ve drank your tablet isn’t selling very well either:

    There is a very simple reason why people buy tablets(iPad): apps. They don’t buy them to multitask, they don’t buy them to watch flash, they don’t buy them for widgets. Tablets are NOT laptops; they are basically app-machines. People want to talk about how crippled the iPad is bcuz it doesn’t run flash??? How about a tablet with NO TABLET OPTIMIZED APPS??? It is utterly useless, flash or no flash.

    iPad: over 90,000 tablet specific apps
    Honeycomb: less than 200

    Game over…..

    1. The tablet “war” seems very similar to how Android and iOS started out on the smartphone side.  

      Android was a bit late to the game with only the G1  as its frontrunner and not nearly as many apps as the Apple App Store.  Then along came Motorola’s Droid and Verizon’s push and now look at where Android is in the smartphone market.  Admit it or not, Android is a heavy-weight around the world with great sales.

      The Motorola Xoom would be like the G1.  A good first iteration of a new form for Android with a few flaws.  I see the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as like the Motorola Droid.  Samsung has done wonders with their Galaxy S smartphone around the world so they have the potential to repeat it with their tablets.

      Just remember, I read tons of posts like yours when Android first came around.  iFans flaunting the amount of apps they had and that Android would never gain any traction because it didn’t have apps.

      The hardware is now here and people are buying them, so the developers have a reason to develop tablet specific apps.  That’s beside the point that all current Android apps made for smartphones scale very well.

      The game is FAR from being over… It’s just begun.

      1. You have made the fatal mistake of comparing the smartphone market to the tablet market, when in fact, they are quite different. How you ask? Let me show you: smartphones require carriers. When considering the purchase of a smartphone, there are two factors to consider: the phone itself, and the carrier. Apple’s huge mistake with the iPhone was they locked it into carrier exclusives not just here in America (AT&T), but also throughout the world. There have been countless surveys taken that show that the primary reason (not suggesting the ONLY reason) why many chose Android over iPhone was because the iPhone was unavailable to them on their carrier. Add to that the fact the the carriers who offered the iPhone had horrible reputations (AT&T in the US, Orange in the UK for example), and you had the perfect storm brewing for the rise of Android. No such mistake was made with the iPad. By being carrier agnostic and contract free, Apple is able to sell the iPad to anyone, anywhere. So wherever you can buy an Android tablet, the iPad will be sitting right next to it. And as we’ve seen with the iPhone on AT&T and now Verizon, when placed side-by-side with other products Apple routinely outsells the competition:

        This market much more resembles the iPod market….

        1. “You have made the fatal mistake…”

          If that doesn’t sound like the start of the typical cheesy action movie villain monologue right before the hero kicks his ass, I don’t know what does.

          That said, I won’t disagree with you that Apple will outsell its competitors on the individual basis.  They only make one tablet that you can buy from them, whereas you get your pick amongst the Android tablets to what suits you best.  So the purchases of Android will be spread amongst all the manufacturers.  Just like on the smartphone side.

          Yes, Android did get a start because the iPhone was only available on AT&T in America.  But now that it’s expanded to Verizon, it should have killed Android, according to your ilk, right?

          If you catch up with the times, you’ll see customer surveys that now say that Android is preferred at the same level or higher than iOS.

          To borrow from your book, the “fatal mistake” you make of comparing the tablet market to the iPod market (aside from the fact that it’s a dying market) is that when the iPod has an ecosystem to back it up.  The competitors had better products, but didn’t do much to back it up back then. Each one of them was a separate entity with no system that unified them.

          Whereas with Android tablets, you do have the ecosystem to back it up and a unified system.  You can use all the same apps as you had on the smartphone from the Market and all the other stores on top of it.  Hell, you can even use iTunes with Android products if you want.  And the manufacturers are putting more money into advertising their products to help tell the consumer there’s something else out there.

          But only time will tell as to how the tablet market will really end up.

          1. Couple of responses:

            Don’t count me in as one who predicted the end of Android once the iPhone hot the shelves at Verizon. That being said, I don’t think we can truly get a read on which OS is more popular until the iPhone is available everywhere Android is. Over 200 different models spread across all 4 carriers vs 2 models on 2 carriers just doesn’t seem like a fair fight to me, but it is what it is.

            I’ve read that the Android smartphone apps in fact do not scale up very well on Honeycomb tablets. Not that iPhone apps scale significantly better on the iPad, but most comparisons that I’ve come across give Apple the advantage in that area. Which is precisely why tablets need tablet-specific apps. What you are dealing with with Honeycomb is the classic chicken or egg theory: developers want to see greater sales of android tablets before they invest in creating tablet-specific apps. Consumers want more tablet apps before they spend $500 on a tablet. This is why I think Apple was smart to hold off on launching the iPad until they had significant app support, launching with over 1000 tablet apps. This gave consumers the incentive to purchase the iPad in large numbers, and then those large numbers gave developers the incentive to create more apps for it….I guess we shall see how this plays out

    2. That’s purely your opinion. I don’t have my devices to run apps. Ill give you an example. I am a pc technician. Downloaded win xp pro torrent on the fly, to my sd card at a customers home. Pulled sd card out and transfered file. I am a power user. Could give 2 craps about apps. And don’t mention games. I have a nice ps1,n64 and snes on my epic 4g that run flawlessly. You argument, fail. Everyones got different uses. Don generalize them. Most of those apps are like crappy movies anyways. You download them and use them for 5 minutes and forget bout them. Commiting yourself to a product just because of apps is fail. The only people that’s benefiting is apple. Another way to lock you in. Like I said, you want a fun easy to use toy go for the apple product. If you actually want to get something important done get android. Lord knows you can’t do squat on an apple product. Not to mention a pc is a must with apple.

      1. The uniformed rambling of a blinkered Android Fan. 


        1. Your reply was pathetic and pointless. Try harder itroll.

  22. Flash is a
    nightmare for battery life, bandwidth and smoothness. HTML5 is the solution. So
    thanks to Apple for having the bravery not to use flash. When you pay your
    contract, the cost for building network is included (and the cost for flash is

    1. Settings>enable plug-ins>never
      Flash disabled and battery life saved.
      or just don’t download the Flash app

      never heard of anyone complaining about having more options before…

      Isn’t data plan for Apple and Android the same? AT&T has both and their “contract” is the same price, so there goes your cost problem.

      1. Zing. 

  23. Reminds of Microsoft’s response to the “I’m a Mac” ads.

  24. I have an iPad 2 but after going from an iPhone 4 to a samsung galaxy s2 I may be tempted to also go for the samsung tab! Because if the tab is anything like the sammy phone then it will be awesome.

  25. Wow. Lol everyone here has to accept this. Nerds and power users like myself will never get any benefit out of an apple product than just a fun toy. Simple. You want options. Android. You want an easy to use product. Apple. All it comes down to. Both os’ are so different I don’t even see how a fanboy war can start between the 2. Your all comparing apples and oranges. I for one, hate apple. But that doesn’t give me the right to trash the ipad. We all know which os provides more functionality and useage. Stfu, buy whatever product is right for you and keep your stupid fanboy arguments to yourselves. You all sound like you’d take a bullet for you tabs before your girlfriends. Losers.

  26. I guess Mr Top Gear has already sold his 2 kidneys just to afford all the Apple stuffs he worships.

  27. Wow! a whole lot of defending, blaming, and attacking for tablets and phones…

    I have better things to do than promote big business and attack each other all day. looks like both Apple a.k.a. the devil in a white dress… and Microsoft a.k.a. the devils mocking brother win your souls again.

    -just a thought

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