Jun 10th, 2011

We were wondering how Samsung would respond to recent lawsuits by Apple who claim Samsung infringes on their products’ likenesses. While most of you probably want Samsung to pull the rug from beneath Apple by refusing to sell them components for the iPad, iPhone, iPod and other products, that wouldn’t be the smartest move as they make a lot of money from that stuff.

Samsung has chosen to go a different route, though – ridiculing Apple in their advertisements. The first is a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 ad that shows people using the Tab in their every day lives while their friends with iPads and other stuff struggle. Need to follow along a flash-enabled presentation in a meeting and have an iPad? Well, you know how that goes.

I called it tongue-in-cheek in the title of this article, but that part of the ad is more “in your face” than that. It’s a refreshing move from Samsung and I love to see that they won’t back down to big, bad Apple both in courts and in media and advertising. Watch the amusing ad above.

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