Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile First Impressions [VIDEO]


The Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile was a pleasant surprise at today’s joint Motorola/Sprint event. The phone gives off some serious Droid X vibes with its blocky look, 4.1-inch screen, and 1GHz Snapdragon processor. But perhaps the most interesting choice here was using stock Android 2.2 (Froyo) rather than a MotoBlur-ified user interface. As a diehard fan of stock Android, the phone had me pretty giddy. We might just have a game changer here for pre-paid smartphones, given the pricing (which remains unannounced) comes in at a reasonable level.

The Triumph gets all the trappings of a high-end handset: dual cameras (5MP rear and VGA front-facing), 720p video recording, and HDMI mirroring in hi-definition. All of which worked very well and looked good doing it. The Triumph will also be the first device to launch with Virgin Mobile Live, the carriers social music and media service for streaming audio and interacting with friends.

We are eager to see more of this phone in the near future, and if it happens to get an upgrade to stock Gingerbread in the near term we’ll be in heaven. Of course, the phone doesn’t feature the same qHD resolution and dual-core chip as today’s star, the Photon 4G, but we won’t complain too much about that. If you are a fan of buying your phones outright and avoiding carrier contracts, you’ll want to keep your ear to the ground on this one.

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  1. *claps in excitement to have a prepaid option that is somewhat in the high end** and for people saying it’s not high end. Let’s get real, a PHONE(keyword phone) with 1ghz and up should be called high end, be it dual core or not. I would actually buy this to compliment my iPhone 1. I kid I kid. Would compliment my current dx 2 nicely, at least until galaxy s 2 drops. Then the x2 is gone, out of sight as quick as the blink of an eye

  2. two words: terrible coverage. virgin mobile would be OUTSTANDING if the coverage was better. some whole states are virtually completely uncovered or mostly uncovered by Sprint/VM/Boost.

  3. so it gets stock android? BS! why can’t my dx be stock?

    1. Because Moto is convinced that their Moto blur crap is an advantage for the customers.

  4. Would be cool if it was priced around $250

    1. No way. No contract phones are completely unsubsidized. I’m guessing $350-400.

      1. iGet the LG 101 FREE* when you purchase $14.99 of airtime at activation. New customers only. Offer valid 6/14/11 through 6/27/11 or while supplies last.

  5. This is amazing!!! Finally, i got my Optimus V couple of months ago but might sell it on ebay and get me this bad boy! GJ VM!

  6. Stock Android huh…but why Snapdragon? The OMAP 3630 was fine.  Unless its a 2nd gen Snapdragon..

  7. Does Motorola have the same encrypted bootloader on this phone as it does on the others? Stock Froyo+non-encrypted bootloader would be great, and a big departure from the blur-bloated phones they’ve been pumping out. Ashame VM has pretty limited coverage, but great for their customers.

  8. Nice phone for prepaid.

  9. didn’t think a snapdragon was enough for 720p output. good phone, but why 2.2 ?!

  10. meh…ugly

  11. Virgin Mobile uses Sprint’s towers, right? So theoretically, their coverage map is identical to Sprint’s? And there’s a $25/month 300min/unlimited text/unlimited data plan? I thought my current plan with T-Mobile was cheap.

  12. For $25/month, i’m getting this phone. I hardly talk anyway, more data and sms. What to do for 4 more weeks…damm?!! Finally i can be rid of my Win Mobile Treo Pro and join the future…

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