HTC ChaCha Gets Pre-Launch Processor Boost to 800MHz


When the HTC ChaCha first showed up at Mobile World Congress back in February, it was accompanied by a spec sheet that promised a 600MHz processor. Fast-forward to the present day with the ChaCha set to launch this month, and HTC has updated their product page for the Facebook-laden handset to list a chip bumped up to 800MHz. The extra umph is no-doubt appreciated, but make don’t go mistaking the ChaCha for anything more than it already is. The extra 200 MHz probably won’t be noticed after HTC’s Sense UI customizations are done with it. But you do get a cutesy Facebook button, and that has to count for something, right?

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. “but make don’t go mistaking” 
    Proofreaders you do need ;)

    1. Ah Kevin. Bloody useless, isn’t he :)

  2. Cha Cha Cha, Charmin :D

  3. I WANT IT

  4. 200MHz isnt going to change the world but if it is the next gen version – as seen in the Desire Z then it packs a lot of power.
    I think it is now the time we need everyone to be clear about what processor it really is – and when they do not say it must be an old one?

    1. posted below its just a “turbo” version of the same processor, the cpu freq tables in the wildfire s(marvel) source show so

  5. its the same processor just msm7227A or “turbo”
    wildfire s source code says so in the cpu tables :P

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