AT&T-compatible HTC Sensation passes through the FCC


While there is nothing to suggest the HTC Sensation may actually land on AT&T, a version of the handset compatible with the carrier’s HSPA network has passed through the FCC. A likely explanation is a version of the device destined for Canada and their carriers who operate on the same 850/1900 MHz WCDMA frequency as the US network. This, of course, means that this same Sensation could be imported into the States and with some know how be up and running on Ma Bell’s airwaves with little argument. Still, a chance remains that the Sensation could find it’s way to AT&T officially, though we aren’t holding our breath just yet.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Keep the Sensation, give me the Holiday!

    1. I absolutely agree

    2. Keep the Sensation, give me the Galaxy S II!

  2. Why do Canadian devices need (US) FCC approval?

    1. was just thinking the EXACT same thing

      1. Canada has an equivalent agency to the US FCC.  It is called Industry Canada.  Their website is http://www.ic.gc.ca.
        I’ve wondered the same thing and I’ve read that if a device is FCC certified then the manufacture doesn’t need to pass Industry Canada’s standards. So the manufactures essentially kills two bird with one stone because it is more than likely that the device will be sold in both places.

        1. thx gus very informative

  3. Feel like i got screwed out of my Atrix. always wanted a HTC phone DAMN U AT&T!

    1. Craigslist. Sell your phone and buy the Sensation. I do that all the time. LoL!! SIM cards allow you to easily do this.

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