Motorola XT882 Comes to China as Dual-Core, Dual-Mode, Dual-SIM Powerhouse


Usually devices headed to the Chinese market do little to excite us with low-powered specs and poor implementations of the Android OS, but a new phone from Motorola just dropped that is sure to make any smartphone fan jealous. The MOTO XT882 provides a triple threat as a dual-core, dual-mode, dual-standby handset based around hardware that roughly mimics that of the Motorola Atrix 4G.

The Android 2.3 XT882 features a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU clocked at 1GHz, 8GB of internal storage, an 8MP camera, and 4-inch qHD display. The real kicker is the phone’s dual GSM/CDMA and dual-SIM support, which will have you covered just about anywhere you’d want to go with this phone. Those features were absent from the Atrix, but might they make an appearance within the Droid Bionic? Verizon has been on a bit of a world phone kick lately.

Sadly, you won’t be able to pick up the XT882, but you might not mind that after reading the price tag. $830 is the price to play.

[via Motorola]

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  1. pff, cheap
    I paid 1200$ for my phone.
    But I am not jealous because of the Tegra 2 chip (trash)

    1. qualocomm dev phone?

    2. lol @ thinking paying $1200 for a phone is cool.

    3. Wow you’re a douche

  2. I’m confused. I’m from the UK and we – like just about everywhere else other than the US – don’t have CDMA. I was under the impression that you don’t have sim cards, but that the “sim” was effectively burnt into the handset. So that handset always has that phone number with that carrier, etc. In which case, how do you buy a CDMA phone off-contract?

    1. That’s why I enjoy the simplicity of GSM over CDMA. In a sense what you said is sort of right. I believe you just take the phone up to your carriers store if you buy one off contract. I’m not really sure because when I did have Sprint (CDMA) I never bought of contract. With T-Mobile I’m all for it because switching a SIM out is as easy as it gets.

    2. The phone will have an identifying number (usually under the battery.)
      When you get a new phone (or even if you have multiple phones and want to swap back and forth) you use this number to identify the particular phone. I know you can do it at a store, I’d bet you can do it over the phone, but I’ve always just done it by logging into my Verizon account and doing it over the web. Type in the new number and then wait about 30 sec. Then the new phone is ready to go.
      OT, I’d really like to see this china-phone come to Verizon…


    3. @Dan: In China the CDMA is slightly different from other places int eh world. The SIM is separate from the phone, not burned into the handset (as in most of US and other CDMA world).

  3. it’d be nice to have a phone like that come to Sprint.

  4. Just curious, China hates google right? i bet theyve taken all the google apps they could out of android and replaced them with friggen baidu or some other wack engine. 

    1. You’re right, most android devices are selling without any Google service under the pressure of Chinese government.
      And at the same time you can get grey import android devices the same as you get in U.S. or Europe. They are cheaper and with all Google service.

  5. Motorola is making a big mistake by not bringing a phone with a dual sim standby for gsm/gsm. (all gsm/cdma)  We use our dual sim for private/business separation.  The XT800 glam is not able to do it.  At this moment you can not find a android phone with dual sim standbay (gsm/gsm) and 3G.  This type of phone would really sell! Gsmart and viewsoninc doing the same.  It looks impossible.  I’m already searching one year for it.  Just bought a cheap chinese without 3G.  

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