WiFi-Only Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Sale June 8 Exclusively at Union Square Best Buy in NYC


Samsung just hit us with a reminder that the WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will go on sale at 12PM EDT at the Union Square Best Buy in New York City this Wednesday, June 8th. The exclusive launch comes with a few perks for those that make it out to pick up the latest tablet from Samsung. The first 200 to purchase the Tab 10.1 will receive a free leather case, while the first 50 gain VIP access to a performance by Ne-Yo, the Grammy Award Winning hip-hop star. The performance takes place the same day; a perfect opportunity to flex the video and photo capture capabilities of the Tab 10.1. Who’s there?


Kevin Krause
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  1. I’ll be there!

    1. hey sell tht shyyt to me for $550 , how abt tht ? 

  2. i can already see this being a hard to get device just like the transformer

    1. move ur lazy ass, nd go to union square !

  3. I’m going to have to make my trip to NY a little sooner than I initially intended.  

    Oh… by the way Ne-Yo is an R-n-B artist, not hip hop star.

    1. Same thing. All that music is terrible anyway.

      1. Define “that music.” Do you mean Male singers, pop music, or music by African-American artists?

        1. Considering that neither gender nor ethnicity was mentioned (Nor pop music, but it falls within “genre”) what do you think?

  4. I have a brilliant marketing idea. Release your new device with plenty of stock so everyone who wants one can get it. This limited release crap gets really old. The galaxy 10.1 looks like a great device, but WTF Samsung. Where did you ever get such a STUPID idea to release in one store.

    1. Free marketing? Pretty smart if you ask me.

    2. My theory is they do this in case there are problems with the device.  Less to recall if they do a limited initial release.

      Or, it could just be limited parts too.

    3. It’s obviously down to supply. If they wait until they have plenty of stock then it’s not like the world wide release date would be 7th June, it would just be a later date. I think a rolling release is good in some ways as it at least gives some areas earlier access to those devices. Also, I’m not an ultra early adopter, I tend to wait a few weeks for any obvious flaws to be reported before I make my decision. So the fact that it is released in areas before mine is a good thing for me.

  5. Lame samsung, LAME!!!

  6. If only this was for the 8.9 :)

  7. what u mean all the music is the same what u listen to dead head din’t make a statement like that a&&hole!

  8. Does anyone know how much its ganna be

    1. yes

  9. I may 

  10. I may just wait in line to sell my spot and make a few bucks. =)

    1. how much ?

  11. does anyone know if it does DivX??

    1. galaxy line supports most of the format 

  12. bring that shit to dallas!

    1. never!

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