Apps of the Day: Apparatus, Active Alerts Weather Alerts, and More


On our continuing effort to find some true gems in the Android Market, we bring you yet another edition of Apps of the Day. Today’s selections provide both mind-stretching and mind-melting fun as well as a weather app that might just keep you out of harms way. Find a few new apps worth checking out below as we kick off another week.

Apparatus – It’s part Incredible Machine (anyone remember that game?) part Little Big Planet. Apparatus is a sandbox-style puzzle game that allows you to create contraptions and machines out of a selection of parts including wheels, blocks, hinges, ropes, and more. Control your creations and watch as the physics engine and 3D graphics do the rest. When your done watch it all fall apart with destructible objects. If you are a tinkerer by nature or just need to exercise your mind, well worth checking out. [Market]

Grim Joggers Freestyle – Grim Joggers Freestyle is an arcade-style sidescroller — a racing game where you lead yourself and 14 other joggers across a variety of pitfalls, attempting to survive as long as possible. That’s right, this isn’t your normal afternoon jog. There are plenty of ways to meet your doom, and some are a bit gruesome. The OpenFeint title wins points for quirkiness and is a fun experience to boot. [Market]

Active Alerts Weather Alerts – With a string of deadly tornadoes recently striking the country and hurricane season looming in the near future, it’s not a bad idea to download Active Alerts Weather Alerts. The app is pretty basic — it alerts you to weather warnings and watches posted by the National Weather Service for your area. It doesn’t do much, but it does it well. We’re not sure on the $2 price tag, though. [Market]

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  1. Apparatus looks great…will try out the lite version soon!

  2. I can’t believe Grim Joggers is only for 2.3 devices. That’s terribly depressing as it looks pretty sweet.

  3. Apparatus is amazing! It was much fun as playing through Cut The Rope. Maybe it was even a bit better.

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