Even More Droid Bionic Pictures Leave No Secrets: 4.5″ qHD Screen, New Blur, Android 2.3.4


The new-look Motorola Droid Bionic has been making its rounds, dispelling any rumors that the phone might never come to pass and revealing what alterations we can expect when the handset eventually reaches Verizon’s shelves. After an initial batch of photos came online this morning, a slew of new shots has surfaced giving us an even better idea of what we are in for. As you can see compared to the Motorola Atrix 4G, this phone is a behemoth.

A 4.5-inch qHD display will bring a new “3D” MotoBlur interface to our eyes, a version of Blur that will run on top of Android 2.3.4. We also get a peek at the Bionic’s new Droid Eye, which looks as menacing as ever. Motorola wasn’t kidding when they said they were revamping the Bionic we first saw at CES, and they have at least accomplished their goal for one Android blogger. I am officially excited about the Bionic after being slightly unimpressed during its initial showing.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Blur-on-my-nuts

  2. This is all well and good, BUT WHEN WILL WE EVER SEE IT?!

  3. Does it not matter to people that this thing is nearly the size of a car?  OMG!!! IT’S HUGE!!!

    1. That’s what she said

      1. Me gusta

    2. Finally, I can have 4.5 inches in my pocket. I’ve been told my current 3.5 incher is a joke. I don’t even like to show it to anyone anymore.

      1. Actually it would be more like 5 incher you got to add in the bezel and that

        1. or are you just happy to see me…..

  4. Is that lockscreen on the Atrix the MIUI rom?

    1. I think that’s a Defy, not an Atrix.

      1. Oh my bad, I assumed it was as that’s what it said above the picture…

        1. Yeah the original source even says defy its just when they repost it they are too lazy to do a little research.

      2. Agree thats why it looks so big next to it.

  5. You must be easily impressed. Is it an LTE device? unlocked bootloader?

     All I see is a more Blur FAIL, just packaged in a bigger size.

    1. It’s a dual core LTE device with webtop and a nice size screen. what more could you ask for?

      1. Having the Atrix with webtop already, I can think of one thing that would make this better… add in hdmi mirroring. Webtop is useless for games.

      2. Unfortunately, blur needs a core of it’s own due to it’s detrimental effects on the system.  In order for me to be impressed with a blurred up mess, would be three cores, two for real android, and one to mitigate the laggy effects of blur.
        What I could ask for is for Moto to release a phone where I could unintall blur.  

        Here is an idea for moto, rather than try to have product identification by using blur, How about be the “with google” company.  Short of that, how about release some google experience phones so I can buy your products again?

        1. The new blur actually works surprisingly well so I think it will be alright

  6. world phone?

  7. so is blur 3d come with a stereoscopyic screen (sorry about the spelling)

    1. I think Kevin was just referring to the style of the screen previews rather than actual 3D tech.

      …so my guess is no.

  8. I’m not digging that lip on the bottom. I really don’t understand why Motorola can’t seem to make a slick looking phone.  On a different note, I wonder what Verizon’s going to price this for, $350 on contract?

    1. Probably 299 since its droid branded.

  9. The Atrix, next to the Bionic, looks like a Palm Pre!

  10. I want it….hopefully the bootloader is unlocked. =) Bigger is better

    1. keep dreaming

  11. Oh baby! So glad I didn’t get the Charge over the weekend! Actually, I was more impressed with the Revolution more. But this bad boy takes the cake!! Now, when is it being released!?!

  12. How do you know it is 4.5 inches?

  13. No weiner about this phone very cool.

  14. wow that .5 inches really makes a huge difference in overall size. I though 4.5″ was perfect for a phone, but after seeing this 4.3″ makes way more sense.

    So will these will have the new OMAP processor? If so how big a performance difference are we talking about?

    1. that is the defy look up the defy and atrix you will see that the buttons are bigger on the side of the defy where as on the atrix they are smaller and higher up.

    2. What? This one is a 4.5″ phone next to a 3.7″ one.

  15. I asked my magic 8 ball, im guessing a mid to late July release from reports

    1. That would be perfect since I am due for an upgrade in the beginning of july.

      1. I don’t get to upgrade until November. :( And by then, I’m sure Verizon will have gotten rid of Unlimited Data. :(

        1. Yeah it’s not looking good for then but who knows maybe they will wait but then again I’m sure they want to make as much money as they can.

          1. Yeah one of the reason I have Verizon is Unlimited Data.

  16. Still can’t tell if this phone has a keyboard…  It looks like it might.

    1. Doubtful if it indeed has a 4.5 inch screen. i could see having a 4 inch screen and a keyboard but with a 4.5 inch screen you already have plenty of room for a virtual keyboard.

  17. Maybe my prayers for a dual-core LTE Phone have been answered. Now I’m praying for a $300 or less price tag.

    1. It is dual core and LTE. Im sure it will be 299 with a contract.

    2. 4.5″ dislay, dual core OMAP and LTE… I would also add a request for battery life beyond 45 minutes ;)

      1. I am sure in the months that they went back to the drawing board they worked on battery life because wasnt the reason they changed processor was because the tegra 2 was killing the battery with LTE. Hopefully this will last most of the day unlike the thunderbolt.

  18. I was pissed that ATT got the Atrix first. Turns out this is the best thing that could have happen for Verizon.  :D :D

  19. Finally we are getting a top of the line 2011 phone. Are yelling and praying has finally payed off in the end. Now when will this thing come out???

    1. Yes because if there is a god creating a cell phone for you would be more important than saving starving children

      1. I think he was joking, and there are better sites to prove your point, here we talk about android…

    2. Yes because if there is a god creating a cell phone for you would be more important than saving starving children

  20. Seems like we have Android fragmentation and now we have motoblur fragmentation. Why the fuck can’t Moto just design one shitty OS overlay, not 8 different ones?

    1. Ha that is the case with all these skins I mean they make it optimized for a specific phone or group of phones not all their phones. I guess they figure it would really slow down the older phones. I just wish you could choose between this and stock from the start up.

      1. I just wish they didn’t bother with Blur at all.  I don’t think Moto realizes how many friends they’d make if they went stock from here on out.

        1. None, because they’d still sign their bootloaders with encrypted keys.

    2. What’s the problem?  Do you use 8 different phones?  Are the interfaces too hard for you to learn, Junior?

      1. My complaint here is that Motorola needs to get their act together. The are to split on having just one brand. Hell they couldn’t decide what to do with motoblur.

  21. Get this big, beautiful beast on the shelves !

  22. I’m going to definitely get this one! 4.5 inch qHD display?! lol Talk about a ‘superphone’.

    1. About time verizon gets something that is future proof and can keep up with the other carriers upcoming phones.

  23. Wow that thing is a monster. When I first saw the size specs of the “Bionic” from CES I decided to go with the Atrix becaudse 4″ is the perfect sized phone for me and anything larger is too big. Same reason I was never interested in the DX. Now, seeing this phone compared directly to the Atrix  I am not regretting my decision one bit.

    Am I the only one that thinks this phone is TOO big? :/

    1. I’m in agreement.  A 4.5 inch screen is too large.  Heck, I’ve found that a 4.3 inch screen is too big as well.  I think it’s time for HTC and/or Moto to create a dual-core phone with a 3.7 to 4″ screen max on Verizon’s LTE network.

      Heck, I would have switched out my T-bolt for a DInc2 if it had been 4G.

      1. But the majority of people want a 4.3 inch screen. I wish they would have made this 4 inch but I have no problem with a 4.3 or even 4.5 if this actually does have that. I played with an infuse and it didnt seem that big and it has a 4.5 inch screen.

    2. thats not an atrix its a defy

      1. Yep.  I gots me one.  Dead give away is the USB cover.  3.7 inch also.  Atrix is 4 inch.  I can’t believe no one else caught that.

    3. I don’t think it’s big enough! Bring me a 5 incher.

    4. I completely agree. 4.5″ is definitely too big for a phone. I’ve been waiting to upgrade my Moto D1 to the “Bionic” but 4.5″ might be a deal breaker.

  24. As soon as I read:
    A 4.5-inch qHD display will bring a new “3D” MotoBlur interface to our eyes

    I stopped reading

  25. Just give us the dang phone already with a good freaking battery

  26. Yeah im loving the 4.5 inch screen on my infuse 4g

  27. If the Photon 4G looked like this….the hell with an EVO

  28. I waited all of this time for A 4.5″ FRIGGIN TABLET?  Not all of us are giant dorks that carry our phones in a big dopey case on our belts.  Some of us actually prefer to put them into our pockets!  A big screen is nice, but I don’t want one so big that I need a backpack to carry it around.  I might as well kick my own @ss…

    1. “Not all of us are giant dorks that carry our phones in a big dopey case on our belts”…….. :(

    2. not all of us are little midget whiners who have the pocket size of Dora the Explorer..  

  29. Bionic my @ss..motoblur just killed this phone regardless of the specs! And for all the Moto fanboys out there..don’t tell my you’ve kept the stock rom on your device and lived with it this long. You know damn well you’ve ventured into CyanogenMod territory or something else. Moto may have the specs but the software blows! Oh I know..it brings me shudders just thinking about my prior Cliq experience..(shudders)!

  30. Im ready to sell my dog for this BEAST!!! prayers do works I said this back in Jan Android with Adobe® Flash® and HTML5, front-facing VGA camera and See What I See video feature, rear-facing 8-megapixel camera, 4.5 or 5.0-inch HD quality screen, HDMI connectivity, dual-core 1GHz processor, 512 DDR2 RAM now will bring a new “3D” MotoBlur interface to our eyes, a version of Blur that will run on top of Android 2.3.4. We also get a peek at the Bionic’s new Droid Eye, now the ram need to be 1gb.  this is a good look for me Im 6’5 345lbs. with big fingers lol. there is a god almighty god

  31. HELL YEA! F***ING FINALLY! ive been waiting to upgrade my D1 for a while now, im glad i passed on the Tbolt, Charge & Revolution. This hone is a BEAST! at first i thought 4.5″ was too big, but i had a chance to mess w/the Infuse. it isnt all that bad. the only thing that would be a deal-breaker for me is if VZW decided to BING the phone. Oh God, please No…

  32. i say let a mans phone be half as big as his pecker. 4.5″ is a little small but it will have to do

  33. What about the “No SIM card” on the screen…world phone???

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