Samsung Delivers Galaxy S II to CyanogenMod Dev, Says Get to Work


If you had any bad words about Samsung’s relationship with the underground Android development scene, bite your tongue now. The handset manufacturer just delivered a brand new Samsung Galaxy S II to CyanogenMod developer AtinM with the express purpose of getting a version of their latest CM7 software up and running on Sammy’s latest flagship device. It seems to be part of the continuing ebb and flow of reactions to hacking and modding Android devices and software. Almost weekly we learn of a manufacturer either loosening or tightening their grip on locked-down smartphones. Major ups to Samsung for this one. As Atin says in his tweet, “you will not hear me bad-mouth Samsung again.”

[via Twitter | Thanks, Micah]

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  1. It’s atinm at the end of the article. And You may add that the whole CMSGS team got a free GS II :)

    1. The whole team? I was simply impressed with a single dev getting one. It’s great to see samsung actually supporting the dev/hacking community!

      1. Yes codeworkx/coolya/unhelpful and atinm got one.

  2. It’s because Samsung is awesome. :)

    1. More like because Samsung has no intentions of putting any work in updating the software after release.

      1. Lol. Samsung has been one of the best carriers to update their software. But nice try, also if you try and tell me to look at any of the Galaxy S phones i will laugh extremely hard. Because anyone who knows anything about Samsung and updates knows that it was the carriers fault for releasing the updates so slow.

        1. I was a proud owner of a galaxy s, software is actually where its strong. stock android is best but touchwiz aint soo bad. problems with samsung is software. whats the point of a 16 gb flash drive when it erases it self every so often? its nice to have gps on your phone but if it never actually locks on to your position? (find me a samsung galaxy s user that has the maps livewallpaper without a custom rom) — Samsung is a great company when their shit works, but they produce soo much stuff they have a huge percentage of defects.

        2. I don’t understand how people are still stuck on this notion that it’s the carrier’s fault. Let’s take Sprint for Example. Their HTC device(s) have gotten official updates MUCH earlier than their Samsung devices and they currently have an HTC and Samsung flagship phone. Certainly the carrier adds a delay in pushing out software, but when other makes of phones ON THE SAME carrier are getting updates MONTHS in advance, it’s not only the carrier at fault.

          1. i don’t know why people are so deeply obsessed with these update shinennigans. hey if the phone works properly surely i don’t mind waiting for the new features to come though. these so-called “untimely late updates” are just being used to bash other brands and products whereas in the past no one cares about them.

          2. Sprint, at&t, tmobile admited that they delayed the updates.. why? they didn’t say. Probably because the software was buggy :D Still there were no problems with international release of Galaxy S i9000 . If there were problems.. they fixed it with additional updates. USA carriers delayed and delayed because they probably wanted a fully working software with no bugs. But they fail to see that there is no such thing. There are always bugs.

          3.  Thank you, this is exactly what i have been telling people. But so many people are willing to blame Samsung because they bought a phone that took forever to update. But they love their carrier so much they can’t put the blame on them, so Samsung get’s the harsh feedback,

          4. So, based on what you just told me. If Nintendo can get an update out for their Wii, then Sony should be right behind them? I mean, these are two different phone brands you’re naming. And think about how long it took for the HTC G2 to get Gingerbread. And that’s Vanilla Android.

            I don’t think HTC is so keen on getting updates out as timely as you say. And Samsung had their update out. The carriers just wasn’t pushing the updates to the phones. Dohye!! LoL!!

          5.  +1 that was an awesome analogy. Lol.

          6. That would be a fine analogy if Nintendo and Sony used slightly different versions of the same OS.

          7. Sprint, US:

            HTC Evo Froyo update: August 3, 2010
            Samsung Epic (SGS for Sprint) Froyo update: February 21, 2011

            Months after the world got Froyo on the SGS, it came out on Sprint.

            If that’s Sprint’s fault, why did the HTC on Sprint get it over a half a year earlier?

            Ditto for AT&T, ditto for Verizon.

            BTW – In addition to missing facts your analogy was as meaningful as comparing feathers to 4 o’clock.

      2. man there is no positive in your life ah? you just have to make a stupid comment like that, but that is ok because Samsung just keep on proving people like your self wrong and thats just fine by me…

    2. definitely, my new phone would be a Samsung Galaxy S II.

  3. Wow, they are upping their game!

  4. That’s just one of the many reasons I am buying the Galaxy S II!

      1. Wednesday 8th June it comes out in Portugal and you can be more than sure that I am getting one :)

    1. I have an unlocked Galaxy S II, let me tell you.  Hands down, this is the phone to beat.  I’m still amazed at how they packed so much tech into something so freakin’ slim.  And the battery life is amazing.  I just hope Verizon brings it to the states drops an LTE chipset in it, then I can sell this unlocked version.  It’s about to be on once the Cyanogen mod gets crackin’.

  5. I have had some bad words for samsung in the past…they have stepped up their game lately and I am impressed

  6. Atinm, Codeworx, Coolya, thank you all:)

  7. Wow that’s just…really cool. Go samsung.

  8. Dayam. When I got my SGS, I lost respect for Samsung by a few notches due to their slow updates. However, when I upgraded to the SGS2, I regained respect for Samsung as they brought updates to SGS2 very quickly. This has just boosted Samsung on my respect scale. Keep this up Samsung and you will easily be the best Android manufacturer. They already produce some of the sexiest Android hardware to date. I’ve now firmly set on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 being my tablet of choice.

    1. I think they will be the best and largest Android manufacturer. They try to make their phones as sexy as possible, they have the SuperAMOLED display which is the best in the industry quality wise and they are not afraid to use the best chips available on the market, whether that’s their own, Nvidia’s or Qualcomm’s (unlike HTC who only uses Qualcomm’s).

      I’m sure a couple of years from now at most, they’ll even topple Nokia as the biggest phone manufacturer, as they are growing fast due to Android, and Nokia is going down even faster, losing 15% of its market share every year.

      1. I’m not sure if they’ll be the largest, but I agree they might be the best.

        I think they’re shaping up to be a marquee Android brand.  They’ve been using quality components with a solid build quality. This step to better software will give them the piece they’ve been missing.  Like most other marquee brands in other products, they won’t be the biggest and highest selling, but I think they could end up being a true enthusiast brand.

  9. Another reason to feel good about my purchase!!!

  10. When the GSII comes to US carriers will they still be CM7 supported? Specifically Verizon’s Function?

  11. Now if only Motorola could pull their head out of their ass and give their customers what they want.

  12. The one on the right, please.

    1. no whats wrong with you, she has too much make up imagine that running the next morning, go with the one on the left, trust me.

      1. Hm.. Who said anything about the morning?

        1. Lmfao! Much internets for you sir

      2. Yeah, because everyone knows dudes in the comments section of phone blogs know there ladies

        1. Oh Fo! Sho! homie, Phandroid is where all the fine ladies be at, cause they
          heard that mean with very powerful devices in their pocket hang out here,
          you cant blame them.

          1. Ima have to use that

    2. One of each please.

    3. The one on the right for the booty calls, the one on the left to take home to meet your folks.

    4. Wow, fail! They are the same device.

  13. kind of have tears of joy…

  14. Wow. That is just awesome on Samsung’s part. I would really like the Bionic or Droid 3, but after seeing news like this, I am sticking with my original plan of getting a Galaxy S2. Now Verizon just needs to release it. 

  15. now if only they could get it delivered to the american market…

    i finally upgraded to the Nexus S. two things i hate about it, no SD card and worse battery life than my HTC hero, and this is my second handset. 

  16. How about getting it on the current Galaxy S phones first?

    1. You know that cm7 is running on the i9000/captivate/vibrant?

      1. It’s running BROKEN due to lack of drivers for audio/gps… 

  17. Any know when the Galaxy S II is being released in the US??? Link to their roll-out schedule?

  18. This is why I switched ANDROID FROM IOS.

  19. It’s great to see that Samsung seem to be learning from the errors of their previous ways!  Also great to see HTC and Sony Ericsson are learning to embrace the dev community – your move moto!  
    Now if only Samsung would let us have OTA updates – enough of the crappy Kies already! Heck, even Apple is doing OTA updates now…

  20. Now only if Sammy brought out only ONE universal version of the SGS2 in the US with all the bands (including 4g) without letting the US carriers rape their own version of it, splitting up all the dev community among 4 different versions.

    1. this is not possible since verizon and sprint run on cdma networks, while the rest of the fucking world uses gsm.

      1.  I’m unsure if your pissed at Verizon and Sprint, or the rest of the world.

        1. No he’s pissed at stupid people like Khoi that just don’t get it.

          Also, the phone would cost more and have worse antenna designs trying to cram all of them in there… 

    2. Read the spec. It works out of the box for AT&T. I am using it to reply now.

      1. It’s not about the internation version being compatible on ATT. It’s about the international version being the ONLY version (or a second which only differs b/c of CDMA) so that developers only have 1 version to support.

    3. Plus, I wouldn’t mind if the carriers introduced a different design to the SGS2. I mean, I LOVED the design of the Captivate but hated the design of the Epic and Vibrant.

  21. How about delivering the phone to the United States first?

    What a joke..

    1. Dude, come on.. the US gets everything first, cloud services, online stores, most of the new devices. Let us Europeans be first in something:D

      1. No!  :-)

      2. We won the war idiot face!

        1. After three years of sitting on your hands while millions died. A child with a pellet gun could have won the war when you finally deemed it suitable to jump in. Well, at least you’ve made up for that in future conflicts ¬.¬ Gung HO!

          1. Completely off-topic: Mayhap the Brits and Russkiyes won the war, but they certainly would have lost without Lend-Lease. US manufacturing won the war, even with an astonishing amount of the arms and munitions ending up on the ocean floor. The US simply manufactured and shipped far more arms, munitions, equipment, aircraft and ships than the Germans and Japanese could sink.

        2. The Soviet Union and Brits won the war. You finished it.

  22. This is really really cool +1 for samsung but why does it have to look like the icrap so much..

  23. Be gone TouchWiz! Now if Samsung really wanted to do the right thing, they’d just ditch TouchWiz entirely and hire the entire CyanogenMod team to skin all of their phones.

    I’m also completely open to a Droid Charge 2 based off of the SGS2 coming to Verizon any time. Not going to happen or at least not for a while, but I can dream.

  24. Buy Galaxy S II, must buy twice

  25. That was a great move Samsung. Now I respect you a bit more.

  26. Why don’t they just pay those guys at CyanogenMod to write all their software. The customer would always come first.

    1. I agree 100%. Plus, they would avoid any further allegations of copying Apple’s software look(hardware is a different story).

      1. If Apple give them any more hardware guff they should just ask Apple where the iPhone’s hardware comes from. :P

  27. yep, samsung for my next phone….count on it.

  28. Samsung….thats was a great move. Seriously.

    Bootloaders dont really factor into my buying decisions but it is nice to see phone manufactures embracing the dev community.

    MY SGS II- best phone I’ve ever had uptodate.

  30. Now if only they would release GB for US Galaxy S Vibrants or at least the SOURCE CODE of their bungled drivers so we can roll our own. 

  31. It’s a nice gesture on Samsungs part… but it’s still bullshit. I’d rather see them open source their hardware drivers so developers could properly code their ROMs!! Damn you Samsung, be the first to open up the whole platform and open source everything!! Even TouchWiz. It would be the best step ever in you development. Open up a project like Ubuntu where everybody can help develop the software. You will have community help with your software and you’ll be better of than any other manufacturer!!

  32. Is this the same site in which there where MONTHS of “never again”, and “boycott”, and “samsuck” comments about Froyo ? .. don’t recognize the place.

  33. This makes Samsung THE COOLEST phone manufacturer on the planet!
    Fantastic Samsung, well done!!!

  34. well i m not worried about updates… nexus one..

    well if somebody is very keen for updates… buy nexus one or s…

    well samsung initially was late for updates but nowadays its great…
    its providing gingerbread to all phones ..
    lg optimus that came with 2.2 hasnt got gb, and galaxy mini,fit etc have their unofficial leaked 2.3.3 ready

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