Samsung Kies for Mac Beta Finally Available


Samsung users, rejoice! The folks at Sammy have finally released Kies for Mac, an application that was previously only available for Windows. Kies can be used to sync data and multimedia and helps users upgrade firmware that can’t be had over the air. Some folks don’t prefer the application, but others actually need it in certain instances. Unfortunately, this release is only beta and only a couple of devices – the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Tab – are supported, but we expect Samsung to add their older devices over time. And only media management is supported with this initial release. Grab the download here. [via Samsung Hub]

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  1. Now add linux support and you will have earned my respect Mr Sammy

  2. Works perfectly. Surprised. :-)

    1. for which tablet?

  3. ITS ABOUT TIME! Had no to way to access my Galaxy Tab 10.1 on my Mac. Was absolutely ridiculous. 

    1. is it working for you? because it says my new android galaxy tab 10.1 is not supported, i am running android honey comp 3.1 and it is the 16gb white samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 inch

  4. I don’t know which blog started this news, but this has been around for a while. I for one downloaded it at least a month ago. 

  5. Still doesn’t work with my Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Anyone else?

    1. wont work for me either, it detects it but says my device is not supported

  6. Hopes it works better than on my PC. I have tried for over a year to get my Galaxy S to talk to my PC through Kies with no success. Support at Samsung has been useless. This is one of the worst bits of software ever!

  7. useless for upgrade to Gingerbread…the only reason anybody really needs it

  8. It doesn’t work on Galaxy Tab 7inch… lot off promises… but thats about it… dissapointing… no matter what i do, it doesn’t reconize my tab… crap… so far… 

  9. Nope…..doesn’t work with my Galaxy S either…..sucky – how am I supposed to work my stupid phone without an interface for updates? Brutal!!!!!

  10. I’ve downloaded it a couple of times, but I actually only get the installer (kies20Mac_s4316.pkg). Whenever I run the installer to install the actual Kies for Mac application, I just get a duplicate of the installer. So I can only install the installer which installs a copy itself again whenever I open it. No Kies program here…
    Suggestions, anyone?
    Furthermore, does anyone know any other way to put music files on my Galaxy SII?

  11. I have just got a GalaxyS2. Lush bit of kit, HOWEVER, I am seriously disappointed at how un-user friendly it is to transfer data to/from my mac. My old Nokia brick was better. I can’t seem to get Kies Beta to recognise my phone. I have played around with Kies Air, this seems to recognise my phone, but doesn’t want to transfer data. I have managed to plug it in as a mass storage device, but again, this is very un-user friendly and places the data that I drag and drop into ‘unknown’ folders..

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