Recent Adopters: Is Android Pleasing You so Far?


With over 400,000 devices being activated each day, there are tons and tons of new Android users being added to the massive army we have been growing since 2008. We’re wondering how some of you new Android users are liking it. And while you’re at it, which operating system are you coming from? Do you like it compared to Android? Or are you considering going back? Curiosity killed the cat, but we’re humans, so let’s hear it in the comments section below!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yes sir! Really nice OS :-)

  2. from the many many entry-level phones with _keyboards_, i’d say they’re satisfied. Keyboards are everything.

    Now if we get to see high end phones with keyboards, i’d be just as happy.

    1. A big shame that high end keyboard android phones are starting to become nonexistant. At least my Desire Z will stick with me for a while now, and the keyboard is satisfactory

      1. HTC is coming out with the mytouch 4g slide which looks like it’s going to be pretty high end so you might want to take a look.

        1. High end hardware? most probably. but the keyboard? judging from past experience with HTC’s keyboards, i doubt the one on the mytouch will be any good, or, at least, anywhere remotely as good as my current phone, the LG GW620.

          1. You’re behind the times.  Desire Z was rock solid and innovative. HTC has their faults, but hardware design isn’t one of them.  They’re the leaders in quality control right now.

          2. I’ve already tried the Desire Z/G2’s keyboard. Its tiny keyboard is pathetic.

            it’s crappy keyboards like these that make people go “oh, hardware keyboards are obsolete, swype is so much better!”.

      2. I think it’s because these carrier and OEM CEOs read the reports from analysts saying that physical keyboards on phones are the past, slab phones are the way to go – they’re what everyone wants. Of course, I believe these are the same brilliant analysts that said Android was dead once Verizon got the iPhone, and we see how that’s turned out. Then again, these analysts get paid lots of money by CEOs, so they must have the right answers… HA!

        1. One day, I will walk up to a CEO and call myself an analyst.

    2. Droid 3 – dual core OMAP4 and a 4″ screen most likely coming this month.  It’s got everything but LTE.

      1. I’m not in the USA, though I’m guessing there would be a Milestone 3 internationally a while after the Droid 3. I’ll certainly give it a look if motorola decides to unlock their bootloader and if it doesn’t get a pentile screen like the atrix.

    3. Umm Epic 4g???

  3. Android pleases me in ways you cant even imagine.

    1. O_o

      1. whatever question you have, it’s better left unanswered.

        1. Agreed lol

    2. Right!? I had 1 of those iPhones and it pissed me off in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Then android moved past the g1 and I have lived happily ever after :-) like Cinderella.

    3. exactly

  4. Came from Symbian! Loving my Android so far!

  5. Came from a Symbian! Loving my Android so far!

  6. Came from WinMo just over 6 months ago, but I was an Android app developer and fan long before that :) And of course I love my phone.

  7. Had two Androids went to one Android and an Iphone. Yesterday went back to two Androids.


  9. if i can find a good mkv playeri would be happy or micrisoft sliverlight for the tablet i would be extra happy and pls all thedev make more apps for tablets

    1. You should try mvideoplayer it plays MKV files great for me.

  10. For myself I couldnt imagine a world without Google/Android. THe new MUSIC beta is awesome and having access to everything I own at a touch of a finger is priceless. Keep up the outstanding work and dont lock everything down like Apple and restrict so much a user can do. Apple Sucks!!

  11. Switched two months back, no regrets at all…It is simply great!

  12. Bought a Nexus S to replace my old Nokia E71, that was nearly 4 YO.

    A big lep of technology, I must say.Very satisfied.

  13. Definitely pleased!  On my fifth ROM since getting my first Android a couple months ago.  A true UPGRADE from my iPhone 4 experience.

  14. From a developed OS standpoint I am very happy on android, but from a useability and feel standpoint I miss webos everyday.  I am curious if HP opens webos if that might bring me back to the fold, but for now I will be sticking with android. 

  15. Having used a blackberry for 3 years(denouncing android for 2 of those), and only using an android based phone when I was in Verizon or using my friends, I was not sure what to expect.  I’ll make it short and say that based on my month and a half of having my Thunderbolt, I’m a strong supporter of Android and the amazing community that it’s associated with. I’ll be with you guys a long time!

  16. I got a Xoom last week and I am disappoint.  It’s going back this weekend.  Wake me up when I can get stuff like Netflix and Hulu without some ridiculous hack.  I’ll just stick with the laptop for now.

  17. I came from Windows Mobile 5 (may have been 6) but I’m now a complete convert to Android. I don’t think I’ll be moving away from Android especially as it has grown in popularity. As it gets more popular, there will be better software produced by it as bigger software houses develop. If I do move away from Android in future, I know it will not be to an Apple product. 

  18. First and only Android phone is the Sprint Hero and I love it! Next phone will be the EVO 3D and can’t wait to get my hands on it!!!!

  19. Ehhh, I flip back & forth between Android and Windows Phone 7
    I’m content with android…not impressed but i do see things improving
    albeit, slowly

  20. I have an OG Droid.  It’s my first Android phone and I was hardcore WinMo before that.  I love Android, but it’s getting to the point where a hardware upgrade is absolutely necessary.  I’m definitely seeing the limitations of my device more and more everyday.  Unfortunately, Verizon’s lineup sucks meat popsicles.

    1. I’m in the same boat. I love android but I hate the UI’s that the OEMS put on their devices. Motoblur, TouchWiz, SenseUI… eeck. I don’t want to have to root and flash a custom ROM to make my phone usable. Stock android FTW. I need to upgrade from the OG Droid and don’t know what to get. 

    2. I agree with you on the hardware upgrade. I think the Android market is more like the PC market. It’s growing extremely fast, and with that, so is the exposure, and quality of apps. With the release of newer technology, companies are really pushing everything to their limits, which is the same for PC games. I guess that’s to be expected though, when now most companies just care about marketing and making money.

    3. Could not agree more. Still stuck with the OGDroid myself. Can’t wait to see and compare the i5 and gs2 when they hit Verizon. At this point I have grown quite frustrated by the Droid- glitchy, slow, out dated. Recently with wifi vulnerabilities, and incompatibility with some new apps, and generally poor app quality compared with iOS I am leaning toward the dark side and thinking of getting the new Steve Jobs phone.

      1. I’m an OGDroider myself, but I can’t agree that going to the next iPhone will solve anything.  Still have to play in Jobs’s walled garden, still an OS that loses more market share to Android every day, still never going to see the innovation of millions of Java/Android programmers, still will never be able to keep up with (at least) a new Android device out every week.  I love my MacBook Pro, I loved my Apple //e (way back in the day), but we have seen this play out before.  Windows won the desktop over 20 years ago, and Android wins the bigger prize today, the mobile device that is now your constant companion. Open wins.  Period.

    4. Same here. I have to stick with Verizon since I’m on a family plan, and even though I’m long overdue for a discounted upgrade the Charge looks cheap and breakable (though the camera seems fantastic). Thus I’m chugging along with my now dying Droid.

  21. What kind of answers did you think you would get from a site for Android Phans?

  22. Switched from Symbian more 1.5 years ago. Nokia e71 to HTC Hero then DHD.
    Ain’t no turning back.

  23. Android is everything I have dreamed and more, I use it since last december, I was a fan of Symbian before, but now I’m a 100% proudly Android user

    1. I used to be a Symbian fan myself with the Nokia N95.

  24. Long time BB user from before they even had color screens on them to the BB Storm. I just switched over to the Inc2 and it’s like night and day. The Inc2 is so far superior in possibly way to my Storm and my phone is so much more useful to me know it’s not even funny.

  25. I left blackberry july 7th of 2010 and went with an EVO. I never again will go back to any blacberry’s but may, just maybe, consider an Iphone if it came to Sprint. Their is nothing that can beat the customizability and the unique looks we can achieve on these devices after Root. Its been an exciting year in flashing roms and finally discovering the ROM that works and looks best for me.

  26. Switching to android from webos.  Prefer the webos or iOS UI over Android, but neither available on Sprint.  Waiting to get and EVO 3D.  Looking forward to learning Android, but first impression is that it is visually cluttered.  Haven’t seen anything that matches the webos multitasking and cards concept.  Oh well, we shall see

  27. Came from Blackberry in January, this is by far the best os. Ten times more stable than my storm was. Even with their new os’s berries still suffer from memory leak which is a colossal pain in the a$$. I do miss BBM though, it would be a good move for google to put some muscle behind gtalk to make it the communication cross platform powerhouse we know it can be.

  28. I switched from an iPhone to a Nexus S.

    What I like about Android is the notifications, and the way Google services work such as Gmail, Google Talk, and Maps/Navigation. 

    What I don’t like about it is the horrible battery life, significantly inferior quality of apps, the UI, having to use the menu button to move around, fragmentation, the lack of hardware acceleration on the browser, and just general lack of polish and smoothness.

    If iOS brings a new and good notification system (rumored for iOS5 on Monday) I’ll be switching back as soon as I can.

    1. Amen brother.

      1. Hahahahaaaa!

    2. fragmentation with Nexus?

      1. It’s a knock on Android. That’s what the OP’s question was. 
        Fragmentation affects anyone who uses Android (even us Nexus users) because the quality of apps is lower and the releases are slower. 

    3. What? One of the reasons I android over ios is the menu button. I find it ridiculous to have to reach all the way up to the to left just to go “back”

      1. One click is ridiculous?

        How about this example: I switch to my messaging app to text someone. It’s currently showing my text thread with a friend. To go back to the full list of threads I have to click Menu -> More -> All Threads

        Having to click on 3 different things to move one step back is terrible design.

        1. have you heard of the “Back Button”?? A button with an arrow pointing left below your screen?!? wtf man?

  29. iPhone 2G -> iPhone 3GS -> Nexus One -> [Soon to be EVO 3D]

    Needless to say I’m never looking back. iPhone was great, but Android brought it to a whole new level.

  30. New to smartphones here and came from a BB Pearl Flip that I used basically as a regular phone.  I’m a software developer by trade on Microsoft .NET and am a super-tweaker with anything tech.   Love my Atrix so far.  Couldn’t pass up an dual core phone especially looking at Tegra 2 specs.  My first 3D card was an Nvidia Geforce 2 MX back in 2000.  Good to hear a familiar name in the phone space.

  31. I like it before it became even good

  32. I just came from a WinMobile 6.1 phone and have been waiting (it feels like forever) for my contract to complete. I bought a Motorola Xoom wifi on launch day. I love it. There are only minor issues with it and the 3.1 update sped the tablet up even more!

    I got my Droid X2 as soon as it appeared on Verizon’s site. Huge improvement from my Windows phone. I’m waiting for Gingerbread before I root it and disable all the Motorola and Verizon crap clogging the phone.

  33. Having been a iphone user for the last 3 years. I switched to Android just a week ago. I got tired of the limitations of the iphone. I used to JB the iphone to take the restrictions away. But the phone became unstable in a way that i said enough is enough. I also got tired of the cat and mouse game. If an update to iOS comes out i had to wait till it gets hacked, or when a new iphone comes out I have to wait at least a month till its JB. Look at the Ipad 2, came out March 11 and still has not been JB yet. I have been following Android for the last 2 years on twitter and other websites. The only thing i miss about iOS is the quality of the apps,and LOTS of game, the beautiful UI and it has any app you want..I must of spend in the last 3 years at least 300 bucks in app. But at least I got my Ipad 2. I don’t regret leaving iOS at all.
    Android is lacking in quality department in apps. Especially most apps looks like Cupcake and Doughnut. But eventually it will get better and better cause it has.
    What i do love about Android is you can DO anything to it. And the google services rocks..Using a Samsung Captivate, which is a decent phone, build quality is decent. Waiting for the Galaxy S 2. Also I wish all these manufactures would put more internal memory storage on their phones. HTC, SE and some others are ripping the crap out of customers. At least Samsung and Motorola puts in 16gb on their phones.

    1. Yea IOS does have higher quality apps for the moment, but ive got a good feeling that wont last for too much longer. I totally agree about the internal storage, at least 16gb for higher end ones and possibly 8gb for the budget ones

  34. I am really liking it. I jumped into android with the G-Tab and had some fun with that. Was looking to re-up on Verizon but nothing has come out that I REALLY want so I bought an HTC incredible (just got it yesterday!) on ebay off-contract and put CM7 on it. So great so far. I am coming form a blackberry storm 9530 so this is a HUGE improvement.

  35. nokia 5800 => Iphone 3gs => Nexus S

    I’ve been satisfied with my Iphone until my friend showed me his Nexus S. Amazing device, loving it so much. There’s just so much more fun using it, customization options are 100’x times better. I will definitely look for Nexus 3

  36. Came from an LG Dare…Yes that’s right, I had nothing. Just picked up my first smartphone last month, the day the Nexus s 4g was available I signed on with Sprint. Love it! The only small problem i’ve had is battery life, but tinkering with a few settings at least gets me through the day. I’ll never be leaving Android unless they start pulling iphone type shiz, which I don’t see happening.

  37. I came from Windows Mobile 6.1 and I am loving Android.  I did a lot of reading before making the switch and I have to say that Android is everything I expected.  I love the flexibility and the customization.  No regrets and definitely looking forward to the further advancements on Android!

  38. With the recent announcements, speculations and rumors of upcoming devices, I felt that Android tech is progressing at a break neck speed. Not saying its bad though, but it did make me hesitate in buying a Motorola Xoom. 

    Anyhow, I bite the bullet and bought it yesterday. Am glad I did.

  39. I came to Android via the HTC EVO about a year ago from a basically non-OS clamshell phone.  Initially I was extremely disappointed with Android, its features, and especially the device’s battery life… until I rooted and went to Cyanogenmod.  CM addressed and/or resolved nearly all of these issues, and since going to CM I have nearly nothing negative to say about Android or my device (Sprint, however, is a different story).

    There still are occasional reminders that Android and the Google suite of products have not yet reached maturity (esp. the calendar, IMO), but I overall I’m very, very pleased these days.

  40. I got the Thunderbolt on launch day.  it was my first smartphone. totally satisfied with Android. love at first sight.

  41. I bought my first smartphone last friday. It is the SonyEricsson Xperia Play. I have used friends iphones in da past. My Android 2.3.2 Xperia Play is far better in my opinion. I am a Techy. I believe anyone who gives Android a try, Android 2.3, will love it. Apple is always behind in my mind.

  42. Android phone is my first smartphone, before I had Motorola dumbphone and wa not that bad (liked the battery life;P). I have lower end phone with Android 2.2, but I love it. I love the services, I love notification (can compare to iOS, because I have iPod). It works great and has a lot of features that I’m still discovering;P

  43. I’m loving it, Used UiQ, then Symbian, then IOS(hit), now on Android for over a year.

    Only thing bugging me is Updates. Gingerbread launched in November and getting it now on Desire HD and Galaxy Tab…???

  44. Not so much right now, because the power button on my not even 1 year old Nexus One failed for the 2nd time and thusly it won’t even turn on until I get it repaired. The ‘battery trick’ doesn’t work either :(

  45. When I was looking to get a new phone (came from a Motorola SLVR) about 1 1/2 months ago, I was considering the iphone.  To be honest I would have waited to buy it if version 5 was coming out in June.  I ended up getting the htc thunderbolt.

    I work in IT and I have enough to do at work configuring everything that I just didn’t want to fiddle around and configure my phone too.

    Don’t get me wrong.  I actually really like my thunderbolt.  Enjoy it very much.  But I just couldn’t wait much longer to get a new phone.

  46. Droid X, 2.3.3.

    Was 90% happy with 2.2, am now 100% happy!

  47. Just got an lg optimus – switching from blackberry.

    Trying an inexpensive mid/low range phone before deciding whether to make jump permanently but so far not overly impressed – way more frustration than I would have expected – dont know yet how much is due to phone and how much is the OS.

    Can access email folders other than just inbox
    Swype keyboard – still slower and more error prone than b’berry but miles better than my iTouch – expect to get faster and more accurate as I adjust to it.

    Battery life sucks 
    No email search (seriously c’mon this is a basic must have)
    Email notifications dont work correctly (dont always show up in notification bar)
    Apps I dont want stay open and hang out in notification bar
    Cannot sync entourage with iCal and google and therefore phone without buying additional third party software.
    Havn’t figured out music/iTunes sync yet – read there’s ways and apps to get it done but quite frankly a PIA that its not native to Android.
    GPS works fine in google apps but not in any 3rd party apps.

  48. Going back to iPhone. My captivate ruined my experience for me, no support on the site, a late and not much better update to 2.2. Its very laggy even though it was advertised as blazing fast, lack of a solid music syncing program, ugly ass apps, froze so much much when I needed it the most, very very few good games. And I hate that I can have the latest most advanced phone one day and better android comes out the week after. With iPhone you are only one model behind at the most with a two year period. Stupid gps never got a lock on satellites.

  49. I have been an android user for a lil over  year now and cant be happier. I love the freedom and ability to install what I want and customize how I want. Also add music to it no matter where I am and not having to go back to my computer. My android phone is great coming from sucky iphone. lol and I am a mac guy but hate the iphone.

    One thing I wish android would do better is somehow make the battery last longer with the phones they choose. Thats the only thing apples iphone has over android. I could care less about them having all the apps. I find what I want in apps on androids market. Also I have a phone that actually works and does not drop calls.

  50. Moved from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S2, and am highly impressed, Apple would need to pull off some amazing magical iOS updates and tricks if I was to even consider moving back, and this coming from a big mac supporter, all my computers are macs, latest mac mini, and macbook pro 15 inch sandy bridge, macbook white, etc… so I’m not an apple hater, just really impressed with Andriod and SGS2 

    1. Thanks for the info tWIS.  How did you get the SII already?  Are you in Europe?

  51. What’s everyone crying about the battery life for? I have an R2D2 Droid 2 and my battery life rocks. I haven’t rooted it yet, but from my Verizon data usage bills I’m what would be considered a “power user”. My phone easily lasts me from the morning until dinner time (and I eat late,  around 8PM). Also, the charge time is so fast that even if I do have a bad battery day I hardly notice it. For example: when I get home the battery is usually at 30%, but after plugging it in for dinner (about 45 minutes) it’s back into the upper 80%.

    Also, I didn’t buy an upgraded battery or anything.. The phone is exactly as it came out of the box.

    MY only gripe with the phone is all the bloatware. I used to have the original Droid which didn’t have too much bloatware, but now I have Blockbuster and V-cast Apps (or just “Apps” as they tried to name it to bump it up to the top of the app drawer) and a bunch of other dumb crap. I’ll be rooting my phone soon to take care of that, and maybe fiddle around with overclocking the phone or the battery life (NOT that there’s a problem with either, I just like to see how far I can push my phones)..

  52. From a iPhone 3G and a BlackBerry 9630, Android has been pretty good with my HTC Inspire 4G. It was mostly a learning curve thing. But then I rooted it, and it became great. Battery life improved dramatically, as did the overall responsiveness. Running Gingerbread is a smooth as silk delight. I wasn’t expecting this… but I’m glad it worked out this way.

    I like the notifications, and obviously some apps are hit and miss: I hesitate to load up on apps just for the sake of having them, particularly the free ones. And if an app doesn’t cut the mustard or play nicely with the system or other apps, I yank them.

    So, I can say that at two months in, I like Android and will probably be on for the long haul.

  53. Been on Android a year from tomorrow (I don’t know how recent is “recent”) and no qualms.  Got the Evo, which at the time was the only phone on Sprint that was worth a damn.  Came from Blackberry, and I’ll be honest, I miss Brickbreaker, but that’s about it.

    Currently, I plan to keep with Android on my next phone, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t consider an iPhone 6 or whatever it is called, if there is a Sprint option next year, but Apple would need to convince me, I’m definitely not “looking” to switch OSs.

  54. This comment is going to be buried underneath the 74 other comments, but I figured why not. I came from WebOS/Palm, and before I go any further, I loved it. Amazing multitasking, Angry Birds was actually playable without lag, a few custom mods here and there to add functionality and update the look and feel and it made for an all around good smartphone.

    The rest of my immediate family have iPhones, and while they work well for them I’ve never been too interested. Not an anti-Apple thing, more of a just-don’t-care-as-much-as-others-seem-to thing.

    My phone recently committed suicide and I got myself a Droid Eris to bide my time between now and my next upgrade. Android, how I have fallen for thee. My wife and I have an upgrade coming up soon and before this phone came along we honestly weren’t too worried about what we picked… we were just going to upgrade. Now we’re absolutely stoked for the Thunderbolt (here’s hoping ours don’t suffer from reboots). :)

  55. I have come over from Symbian (Nokia 5800 and E75 was last phones).  I have ‘scouted’ iOS with the iPod Touch and wasn’t really impressed with the notification system and no ‘file system’ or even themes.  That’s what turned me to Android.  The only thing that could pull me away is a better notification on iOS (AND custom themes w/o jailbreaking) and/or WebOS that comes out on a ‘slab’ form factor.  I loved WebOS, I just didn’t care much for the Pre style form factor.

  56. I wonder how iKing feels about all this. I love my n1 and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Not even an iPhone.

  57. Tomorrow will be my one year anniversary with my launch day Evo and I already have the 3D pre ordered and I will be passing my mint condition Evo to my son who thinks it his anyway.  So at least it will stay in the family and I will be training another Android army recruit.

    1. What kind of deal did you get on your new EVO 3D? Do you have to buy the phone at full price because you have another year to go in your contract?  I have the EVO and hope to get the Galaxy sII this summer so im curios.
      thx Rivers

  58. I dont know if you can call Mar of 2010 an early adopter, but I came from Win Mo. The Omnia1. Let me tell you what the Omnia 1 and the old Win Mo almost had me do…

    They almost had me go to AT&T and get an iPhone because I thought Verizon’s service was getting bad. Turns out it was the phone…

    It made me get the Droid 1 because I just KNEW I needed a slide out keyboard after dealing with the Omnia 1’s screen issues.

    It made me realize why so many ppl flocked to the iPhone when it came out. I’m sorry but if you was on the old WIn Mo when the Omnia 1 was new, the iPhone or Android woulda been like coming up for air in a pool..better hardware and IMO better software in both cases. Win Mo tried too hard to be a desktop OS on a phone back then.

    Speaking for me girlfriend, she got a BB cuz she is a heavy texter. Someone stole it and she has been holding my Droid X1 hostage for over a month. Said she will never get another Bb again.

  59. I like android OS so far having used 2 android phones for a little over a year and will buy another 2 android phones at upgrade time in a few months time. But HATE the low internal memory situation of my htc desire. Not interested in rooting or different roms. Just want a phone with decent memory, so will be avoiding HTC and go for samsung as i find that even a year old samsung phones like the galaxy s have more internal memory available for apps that newly released HTC phones like the sensation. Tried the SDK method but couldnt get it to work and dont know what I am doing wrong with that method. Selling phones with only 147mb (htc desire) available for apps is just nuts as just a few games will take out more than half that memory. Too bad i didnt know to look out for the internal memory available for apps while buying my first android phone. Why dont any of the android reviews mention the amount of memory available for apps. Having a 32gb card is useless if the damn low memory alert is always on for internal memory and severely limiting usage. If manyfacturers like HTC spent more on the internal memory and less on the skin then customers might get a better device.

    1. Im right there with ya Vinay.  When i got my HTC EVO it had around 240MB free internal storage.  It came with an 8GB memory card.  That card was worthless because i baught an 16GB card right way. HTC If your going to pay for 8Gigs of flash anyway put it in the damn phone. 

      1. The sad part is that most of the reviews of android phones even by android blogs usually dont mention the amount of internal memory available for apps which can affect buyer decisions. one really has to hunt around the net or ask phone owners to get the real picture of the internal memory situation. Not everyone wants to root etc. I wish all reviews of android phones could make a specific mention of the internal memory available for apps as that can be vastly different from the headline figure internal memory. For now I might stick with samsung for my next android phone as i have given up the ghost on htc providing a phone with decent internal memory compared to samsung phones.

    2. Good call.  Same problem here with the HTC Evo.  That phone is pretty good but why the hell would you put only 256 megs free of internal memory in it.  Even the Evo 3D only has 1GB available.  What a joke. Every phone should have 16 GBs minimum.  No more HTC for me either. Other than the memory the phone is pretty good.  Had an iphone before so I know i like Android better.  The UI looks so much cooler than IOS.

  60. I bought my EVO in March and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Coming from Blackberry, I was originally hesitant to switch, mainly because of my love of BlackBerry Messenger and the superior battery life I got from my Curve. However, I eventually took the plunge and Android introduced me to a whole new level of functionality. My phone has become my connection to the world and has, for the most part, replaced my laptop which I don’t see nearly as much of as I did pre-Android. You won’t see me leaving Android anytime soon!

  61. Forgot to mention earlier that my phone is my main browsing device instead of my laptop now. But I certainly would not replace my laptop with an Android tablet because you don’t have good enough office software on android to replace desktop versions.

    I wish my Android could connect better to peripherals like my 4y old archos 605 which could connect to USB sticks, cameras and act as a video recorder for tv programs while using the dock. It could share files by WiFi out of the box but Android 4y later does not do it out of the box ( well most handsets anyway).

    TV tuners work on laptops, but don’t know if they work on Android tablets yet.

    But I like Android for I use it like a phone / media device / camera / video camera / for games / PowerPoint, excell, pdf documents / teaching aid.

    Looking to have on my next device – USB on the go, WiFi direct, more internal memory, better battery life. Thinking of the Samsung galaxy s2 unless better phones turn up in the next few months.

  62. Windows 6 > iphone 3g > HTC EVO > also I got an ipad a couple of months ago.
    We owe Apple our lives because they showed the world how good a phone could be.  Android really took the phone to the next level though. 

    Android Pros:  Super customizable, widgets, live wallpapers. interchangeable UI,  removable memory card, a lot more free or cheap apps, cool apps like call recorders. The EVO is great because apps usually work with it and everyone caters to it.  Updates always come early for the EVO too. ADW Launcher EX.  Basically all the things you have to jailbreak the iphone for Android will do strait out of the box.

    Android Cons:  Multitasking isn’t done well.  Just look at all the task killer apps out there.  Battery life is bad but so was the iphone.  At least the iphone if you weren’t using it it would last pretty long with out all the multitasking apps running My EVO didn’t have enough on board memory and a lot of apps can’t be switched to the sd card.  It started out with only about 250 megs free.  Also HTC’s cameras quality isn’t that good.  My wife has the Epic and the camera and especially the video quality if superior.

    Over all I like my Android phone much better.  Having all the customization options is awesome.  Plus Sprint service is cheap and it rocks.  I have had the EVO for a year and plan on buying the Samsung Galaxy SII soon.  Hope I can get a decent price with another year on my contract.  I wanted the EVO 3D until i saw that it only had 1GB of built on memory.  Forget that.  Im not going through again.

  63. coming from a WM6.1 slider.  absolutely!

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