EVO 4G’s Gingerbread Update Going Out Right Now


Those of you who were trying to pull this thing down since 12am can now rest easy knowing that the upgrade to Android 2.3 for the HTC EVO 4G is now available. Reports from AndroidForums.com and a ton of emails in our inbox say as much, anyway. The upgrade is nearly 110MB in size and will step you up to build 4.22.651.2. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting the latest and greatest version of HTC Sense, but we’re sure you folks have already taken care of that with a ROM or two. Go ahead and venture into the settings menu to pull the upgrade down. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Got it.  Nothing special. I did like the browser update though.

    1. Which version of Gingerbread is it?

  2. If you are rooted, make sure you un-root before installing the update.  I am rooted and attempting to install resulted in a failure (a screen showing a triangle with exclamation point and little Andy on it).  Pulling the battery and rebooting got things running again…

  3. Gingerbread 2.3.3

  4. Subtle but very welcome changes… needs Google talk with video calling.

  5. If you are rooted, it doesn’t make sense to unroot just to get this update. I would suggest to wait for the ROM Maker that you use, update their ROM with the changes. Losing root just to get this update doesn’t make an ounce of sense. *pun intended*

    1. @ Patrick Washington… I agree with you, am rooted and am not  going to unrooted,especial when am running 2.3.4 with a video chat too.

  6. Here we go Official Gingerbread Update Rom Dump,Fresh and clean

  7. Guess they’re forcing us to buy the Evo 3D.  Bogus.

    1. Any and all updates to sense past the version you bought your phone with is pure icing on the cake. Nobody is “forcing” you to do anything. Your EVO is still a great phone, even with Sense 1.0 and will continue to be so down the road…

    2. The EVO with 2.3 is very snappy! I have been looking for a new phone to buy but I really cant think of anything that the EVO doesnt have that I really need…its still a top notch phone a year after its release. Kudos to Sprint and HTC!

      1. despite all the negativity seen in this post, i agree with you! there isn’t much improvement on the way it looks, but man, my battery usually craps out after the first hour of using it continuously (and i have the 3500mAh)…last night, after upgrading to 2.3, i was able to use the phone for about 2.5 hours and still have over 50% power. i would update the phone just for this reason. there’s minor stuff here and there that’s “ok”…but the battery life and “snappy-ness” factor is really cool!

  8. this update only makes me want to root

    1. you got that right! lol

  9. Already using cm7

    1.  Am using MIUI 2.3.4 with video chat too.

  10. I am Rooted and don’t want to install now. How do you get rid of the notification?

    1. Go to settings>software update>then somewhere in one of those menues it will ask you if you want to turn off automatic search or something like that.

      1. Damn Didn’t work. still pestering me.where does the ROM Download to?

    2. How did you get the notification? Am rooted but I didn`t seen it on my phone.

  11. Can anyone point me to a RECENT set of instructions to uninstalling unrevoked and having my phone root locked again so I can install this update?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Unless you just want to lose root I would venture over to xda and download a rooted 2.3 ROM I know there are plenty of them plus if you unroot you don’t know when you will be able to get it back.

      1. I rooted many moons ago and have never really used it.  I don’t really care about losing root.  I just want the “official” OTA update, which means my phone needs to be unrooted.  I’m hoping to find a way that won’t wipe my phone.

        1. From what I’m seeing of the OTA update, you might want to wait.
          In just the first two hours:

          Two spontaneous reboots (besides the install) – One while just sitting idle running background tasks, one while trying to load Netflix.

          Netflix has an update that doesn’t work. They’re aware of it and working on a fix.

          The new keyboard isn’t in the update. If it is, it didn’t install in the install that said it was successful on my phone.

          I’m expecting to have to manually install the Gingerbread KB and may root to get 2.3.4 instead of 2.3.3 for other features of Sense.

    2. There are two ways to Unroot the EVO The UNrevoked S-ON method and the “suppersonic” method. I prefer the Unrevoked S-ON because you can do it anywhere and its faster. but the Suppersonic is easier.

      Suppersonic .exe method:

      Unrevoked S-ON method:

      Enjoy :)

  12. So no Sense update, and the important thing was they didn’t even bother updated all the way to 2.3.4 so no video chat with gtalk despite having an FFC which practically begs for it.

    So is this the new “commitment” we heard about from Google IO?  Ill say it again then:

    EVO 4G:  If you’re not rooted you’re doing it wrong.

    1. Honestly with any Android phone that statement rings true. Even a Nexus device as it’s important to test all sorts of custom ROMs

  13. Am I missing something? I successfully installed the update but am still seeing the old/original keyboard. Isn’t there a new KB with number/function shift key?

    1. Same keyboard here, too!  I thought were were getting an updated keyboard, as well.  We got GB 2.3.3; wonder if the keyboard was in 2.3.4

      1. The keyboard is not in the new release. If you want the Gingerbread keyboard go to the Android Market and download the one from Steven Lin.

  14. dude i update my evo with the gingerbread and it keeps saying i have a new voicemail when i dont

    1. I’m seeing the same thing.

      1. what is up with that? do you know?

        1. Same here.  Have tried checking the vm and restarting the phone a few times. 

          1. I have no messages – new or old and it’s telling me I have 2. Maybe the first message is telling us there’s an update and the second telling us not to install it.

          2. I heard to go to settings > call > clear voicemail notifications, Haven’t updated yet, just reading up on it.

          3. Thank you Xxklinemanxx. I can confirm that worked UNTIL a reboot and it came back immediately.

  15. Netflix no longer works after installing gingerbread.  That’s not cool.

    1. just checked mine, and I have the same issue.   the sound to a video will play for a couple of seconds and then the app returns to the menu screen.  This sucks!

      1. Just got word from Netflix they’re aware of the issue and working on it. At least they owned the problem, I suspect we’ll see a fix pretty quick.

    2. It’s odd considering it works fine on CM/MIUI which are 2.3.4 …

  16. There doesn’t seem to be very much to be excited about in this update. Sense is the same old Sense UI that it came with, There is no Google Talk video integration, which would have been perfect for this phone.  You lose root, gain back the Sprint Apps, that you had gotten rid of if you ran as root. This will be great when an Evo-Centric rom comes out that uses this, but if you are like me: You flash a Sense Rom to fix the GPS issues update the PRL and then you go back immediately and flash to a Cyanogen Mod 7 nightly. If you don’t know how to do this let me know. I’ll get you a walk through.

    Has anyone done this update and tested the Netflix app?

    1. Walk me through your suggestion, please. You can email me: Dr.House@GMail:disqus if you’d like.

      I installed the HTC and Netflix updates, when trying to run Netflix it rebooted. Going to try it again after installing a bunch of other updates per Android Market.


      1. yeah i am wait for it too 

  17. How I’ve had two spontaneous reboots in the last hour since updating. Anyone else having this? Suggestions? 

    *Not running any third party task killers.

  18. Gingerbread did wonders for my Droid X, it was like getting a processor upgrade. Everything is so smooth and fast now. Hope it’s the same for you EVO users.

  19. was this update supposed to give a new home screen?

  20. Happy for u guys, I’m not a dx user anymore but could yarrellray tell me why if vzw and moto suck so bad, two droid phones got gb first? Just curious. And want to flame ray only.

    1. They didn’t.  Google Experience phones got gb first.  Months ago.

      1. I’m sure he meant other than Google Experience phones which always have the latest updates regardless of carrier. 

  21. I checked for the update on my unrooted Evo, and it says there isn’t one. I then click on Update PRL (Preferred Roaming List) and that did an update – which I saw elsewhere as a possible reason why you won’t see Gingerbread. I still didn’t have the Gingerbread update, so I clicked on Update profile, which told me for about 15 minutes that it was updating the network, but never did anything.

    Since I’m in a basement at work, I went outside, where I had a sliver of a 4G signal, and tried again. This time the update showed for me. Going back inside where I don’t have 4G, my phone should have switched to wifi for the download, but that didn’t seem to happen. So, I went back outside, in order to get it to tell me that the update was there, and this time selected wifi only for the download. It’s now downloading. If something else odd happens, I’ll post it here.

    The summary of what I learned was this – you have to be on a 3G or 4G network to get the update notification, but if you don’t have a reliable 4G signal, you’ll need to do wifi only.

    P.S. I plan on rooting eventually, but this phone has given such a better experience than the Backflip that I had for the year prior, so I don’t yet feel that I’m missing anything. I plan to stay unrooted for a while, so that when I do root, I’ll have a solid idea of what the differences are.

    1. Misty, I’d recommend waiting for the OTA at this point. I’m online with HTC as I type this and they are aware of issues already surfacing.

      Having waited for six months, I’m hugely disappointed they didn’t include the new keyboard.

      1. I think one of the major reservations I have is that Netflix doesn’t work. But, the install is done, and I haven’t actually used Netflix since it became available, so I probably won’t miss it between now and whenever Netflix starts working again.

  22. now i gotta wait till some1 roots this update?

  23. Got it.  Just a couple of subtle changes. I havent had any rebooting or voicemail notifications yet…*knocking on wood*

  24. The weather clock no longer displays the weather if the location is turned off.  Anyone have a way around this?  My location is always off to save battery so the weather clock is kind of pointless now.

  25. Still waitin’ for the update for the G2…

  26. Considering Sprint hasn’t sold a Samsung Moment for several months, no he doesn’t have a Moment. For someone who is a Sprint fanboy, you sure don’t know all that much about the company you praise. Try to be more informed next time. You write 9 lines worth of a comment and don’t even address the original comment? What a waste. BTW, I’ve had the gingerbread keyboard on my 2.2 Moment for quite some time. So much for your “mad kool” update. Also BTW, still got 3 weeks (not days) till the E3D is even rumored to be out, so it ISN’T “Evo 3D time”.

    1. Soooo your “days to come” is 19 days? When most people say “in the coming days” or any of its variants like you did, they normally mean within the next 7 or less days, not the next 2.5 weeks. Try using the right usage of time. Despite my phone being 1.5 years old, it still has value so it is indeed still “worth something”. Try again you simplistic fool.

    2. You’re not an owner of any Samsung devices, yet you (stupidly) posted in the article about their new Smart View app. You don’t own any Verizon devices, yet you post ALL THE TIME in those articles, often saying nothing good about them. You don’t own any AT&T devices, yet you’ve blatantly posted in articles relating to the company/their products. Please, don’t be such an ignorant hypocrite. As I pointed out in my post above, you would think a Sprint fanboy such as yourself would know EVERYTHING about Sprint, yet you clearly demonstrate that you don’t. Sprint hasn’t sold a single Moment to any new customers for MANY MONTHS. You also once (falsely) claimed that Sprint’s data and voice networks were one in the same. They NEVER HAVE BEEN. You “predicted” that the E3D would be out on the 4th. I stilllll donnnnn’t seeee ittttttt… Talk about being wrong.

  27. Netflix down and Facebook doesn’t sync anymore with contacts after update. anybody know why? EVO not rooted, stock.

  28. I have a stock evo. I’m not much into the whole rooting thing and I’m not technologically savvy to figure it out. Ever since I upgraded to gingerbread, my netflix stopped working. Has this happen to anyone else and has anyone figured out a solution?

  29. Hope to have two questions answered.
    1- Have seen comments that since update to 2.3 the EVO home screen now will landscape. I have 3 EVO’s all of which are upgraded, none of which landscape on home screen. Am I not seeing something or not setting correctly, possibly not get the entire upgrade?.

    2- I also own an EVO shift. Will 2.3 upgrade be available for the shift as well.
    Thanks in advance for anyone’s help or comments.

  30. Netflix doesn’t work and it ate my phone memory. I can’t load more a dozen pretty stock apps even transferring them to my SD card on my EVO. DON’T UPGRADE!

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