Onlive Shows Off New Universal Wireless Controller – Working Flawlessly On HTC Flyer


Okay, you can file this under, holy @!$^%@$^#! Looks like the boys over at OnLive have been busy trying to bring the console experience to just about every device under the sun but had me doubting how faithful that experience would be using a touchscreen only device like a tablet. Nothing can ever beat a good old fashioned gamepad and it looks like OnLive is fully aware of this, which is why they’re looking to release their new Universal Wireless Controller onto the market.

That’s right, you can now play games like Assasin’s Creed, Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog and more using a full sized, dual-analog wireless controller that will work on your tablet, phone, micro console — Pretty much anything compatible with OnLive’s service. Engadget was lucky enough to catch the new controllers working flawlessly on the HTC Flyer and I can’t even pretend like my jaw didn’t hit the ground. After mopping up my drool from the floor, I found out that the controllers aren’t even using a bluetooth connection (which is how I was expecting them to work with all these devices) but exactly what is powering them, OnLive’s CEO, Steve Perlman, isn’t saying.

There’s just something strangely arousing about seeing a full console/game experience on something as multifunctional and portable as an Android tablet. I had been holding off on a tablet purchase for awhile now, but the prospect of using one as my portable gaming console definitely has me lusting. If you live in the UK, it looks like you can sign up here for Onlive in 3 more days and reserve your gamertag, which will give you early access to the service when it launches this autumn.

[Via Engadget]

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  1. Now make that work on Tegra 3 Google TV’s and we’ll have an Android console that will be able to hold its on against other consoles (especially as more developers build advanced 3D games for Tegra 3).

    1. Holy cow. You’re right. I don’t see why this wouldn’t work with Google TV’s once they hit Ice Cream Sandwich. From what I understand it’s just an Onlive app?

      With Android’s help, I think OnLive might actually have a shot =)

      1. What an awesome idea.  I have the OnLive Micro Console, and it works great on a big screen!

        Only a handful of games require a keyboard/mouse setup, but Google TV could handle that part easily.

        There’s an iPad app for OnLive that let’s you view, but with USB/Bluetooth controller support, it’s just a matter of time before a viewer and player app hits Android.

    2. If I remember correctly, the processing is done on OnLive’s servers which means that even the crappiest of computers should be able to play any game they have to offer. And yes, it should be compatible with ANY current android device. Applications are, by default, future compatible so it should work on ICS just fine.

  2. That is incredible. I love playing games like Fruit Ninja, Tower Defense, and MiniSqaudron, but its time to play a real game and not have my fingers block what is going on.

    1. Yeah! Its like an Xperia Play but….. x10!!! I’m still like —>  :O

      1. x10 may have been a poor multiplier choice in this regard. :P

        1. GAHAHAA!!!! Agreed XD

  3. this is so beasty. wow.

  4. Love it.  My only suggestion is to blatantly rip the shape of an Xbox360 with a ChatPad attached.  That would be so full of win for anything you could get to work with it: Android, iOS, HTPC’s of any OS.  Oh man….

  5. I’ve had OnLive for over a year (free) and rarely use it. I game quite a bit.
    Many of the games in their (limited) library -that I like- I already own or played years ago such as the many in the “play pack”. Also paying full price you don’t own the game there are varying time limits on how long it will be available on the service and as long as you continue to subscribe. I thought this was cool when I got it but I spend most of my time on Steam and get most of my games cheaper there or off D2D/IGN.

  6. the non bluetooth controllers thing has me wondering if it’s a propriatary chip that need to be in your tablet or phone. that would horriable slow down the adoption. i dont want a flyer i have a xoom but with usb host support now it could have a adapter for 3.1 or higher android

    1. The OnLive controllers I have (from the OnLive Micro Console package) are advertised as just regular Bluetooth controllers.

      As soon as I get home from work I’ll try to pair these up with my Evo.  After reading this article I’m dying to know too whether they will “just work”, or if it is some special exclusive for hardware.

      …in which case, if the latter is true, I guess I’ll be picking up a HTC View.

  7. I’d all but bet you money the controllers are simply connecting directly to OnLive via WiFi, and not communicating with the display device at all. Lag would be the same or better than if they were connecting to the device. You simply attach them to your account, use some method to connect them to your WiFi, and then all actions you do on the controller automatically get associated to the session streaming to your device.

  8. If the devs can take this and make it work with any game on a device, especially the *oid emulators, I’m immediately sold.

  9. I never liked Onlive in the first place.
    Just another way to get Americans that don’t spend money on pc’s, to play games.

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