T-Mobile Launches HTC Sensation 4G Landing Page


So, T-Mobile announced that the HTC Sensation 4G would be available by the 15th of June. Up until that date the phone’s launch date is fluid. They could drop it on us tomorrow if they wanted to, or they could (more likely) wait until the last possible moment to bring us the new behemoth from HTC. Either way, a landing page has now gone live enabling you to sign up to be notified exactly when the final launch has be solidified. An odd way to handle a phone launch, but perhaps a smart approach. We all know what happens when a phones rumored release date keeps getting pushed back and back…I’m looking at you, Verizon.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Sensation version to verizon?  SGSII to verizon?  It would be great if any phone could work with any carrier…harumph!

  2. Conspicuous use of the word “launch” here, no?

  3. 1GB of internal storage is a fail to me. Why couldnt HTC just go with a common place 8GB or more?

  4. tr.slate, how is 8GB common? My Nexus One only has 512MB, this has so much more. And since many apps can be shifted to the SD card, 1GB should be plenty.

    1. @facebook-609028283:disqus

      He’s talking about on device storage, not RAM.  And to be honest, 1GB of storage isn’t much.  Yes you can store to SD Card, but depending on what class the card is, running apps from the card can be hairy at times. 

      Personally, I think no high-end Android device should come with less then 16GB of on-device storage.

  5. Why are we not seeing these types of phones popping up on Verizon? Verizon needs to start paying attention and getting some HTC love…

  6. Thicker than I thought but still a pretty sweet phone. 
    I like the new Touch Wiz though it has some refined features to it. 
    Oh well probably go with the Sensation. 

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