Honeycomb Demonstrated on Intel Oak Trail ‘Green Ridge’ Development Tablet at Computex [VIDEO]


It seems like Intel has been developing their line of Atom CPUs for Android for quite some time now without much to show. A few Google TV boxes and promises of upcoming devices utilizing the Atom architecture are all we have. At Computex, however, we were treated to several prototype tablets from Intel utilizing their latest Oak Trail chip. Showcased was the ‘Green Ridge’ development platform sporting a fully functional build of Honeycomb. Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is that it works, and works quite well. See for yourself in the above video.

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  1. Bit lagy(i know its not final product). I think its bad idea to put android on atom. 

  2. When you said it works well, were you referring to the girls workin it in the background?

  3. The problem with the x86 archtitecture is, that it’s not as power-savvy as ARM is. Also, most Android games are compiled for ARM only, so they won’t run on an x86-Tablet.. that is what fragmentation actually is.

    1. If intel atom follows suit of its future big brother ivy bridge and starts using the tri gate design than the power efficiency will be much closer if not surpassing the arm design.   I for one support another chipset manufacturer as it could lead to more innovation and bring yet another big name to android, which may bring in more dev support for new games…  (but as you said would require a bit more attention for full support)

      1. That tri gate stuff works on ARM too, and ARM has shown 22nm and is working on 14nm, so ARM will always be ahead.

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