Huawei to unveil new MediaPad tablet at CommunicAsia 2011


Without providing much more detail than calling it their “smartest, smallest and lightest tablet ever,” Huawei has announced they will be unveiling a new tablet on June 20th as part of CommunicAsia 2011 in Singapore. The tablet, to be called the MediaPad, will be showcased on site and as part of a live global webcast that will detail Huawei’s current business plans, open the floor to questions, and demonstrate the new slate and other products. The only other thing we were provided with were the images above and below. We’re better Huawei gets this thing in at a budget price, but will it feature such luxuries as Android Honeycomb or a dual-core processor?

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  1. with honeycomb and a good price it will have great sales, otherwise…

  2. Too bad the rear camera sticks out. 

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