Motorola Droid X Gingerbread Update Rolling Out to All


Motorola’s “soak” test of the Gingerbread update for the Motorola Droid X must have gone off without a hitch, as we awoke this morning to reports that Android 2.3.3 was beaming down to X handsets near and far. As you might expect from an update that brings with it a new Android version (and a new MotoBlur on top of that), the install file is a rather large 111.8 MB. You can check for it on your handset by navigating through your settings menu to “About Phone”, then “System updates.”

[Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. most likely our last OTA 

    /wipes tear from eye

  2. The kernel version is .32 or .35?

    1. #1

  3. WOOT! download in progress!!

  4. 40 minute download 5 minute install 3 minute first boot up

  5. Have fun DX owners. D2 next please!

  6. Downloading update right meow on my droid x

  7. I don’t have it yet! :’-(

  8. Love it or hate it… Motorola certainly pumps out Motoblur upgrades insanely quick *by comparison* to the other skins… and they appear to be bringing the newest features to each phone upon release instead of Sense 2.0 always being Sense 2.0 with each upgrade, and so forth…

    1.  I’ve just about had it with Sense on my EVO. It’s buggy, crashes, and I don’t think we’re getting Sense 3.0 with the Gingerbread upgrade. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Won’t know for certain until we get Gingerbread…

    2. I’d still rather see a dead-stock Android skin. If Moto or any other manufacturer wants to skin the OS, they should release alternate apps that provide the skinning. I’ve tried HTC and Samsung’s skins, and I much prefer the default Android skin; it’s not so much the launcher (which I can replace), but the dialer that I don’t like… I also don’t like all of the “behind the scenes” stuff that manufacturers are doing, stuff that’s actually breaking some apps that work fine on stock Android.

    3.  But let some ppl tell it and these dag nabit skins slow down updates soooo muuuch!!! And Motorola doesnt support their phones AT ALL!!


      I been saying this since last year.

  9. I installed system version 4.5.588, the leaked OTA, last week and still cant get it here. Am I gonna have to roll back to froyo to get 4.5.596?

    1. From what I’ve read, you must be on the official Froyo version in order to receive the OTA update.  My DX had the the official ROM (rooted) and it installed just fine, although it did kill my root access.

      1. Did you root it again just fine? I have mine rooted and was wondering if I was going to be able to do it after the update. If not then I will just wait to update for a while.

        1. You could be waiting for a long while (though I hope not) as they have changed the bootloader again…

      2. This is true.. same for me.

  10. So … close … to … booting … up … AHHHH! :) RED MOTO LOGO!

  11. Well no matter what update the DroidX. Revives it ain’t gonna change the fact that the 8.0MP Can and 1280*720 HD video recorder are flat out horrid my 5.0mp Fascinate camera is crystal clear the Droids 8.0MP can is shit! !!!! If the can and HD Video capture we’re improved I would recommended the DroidX but that’s just not the case as of now!!!!!

    1. I agree 100% the cameras are Crap seriously its unbelievable 8Mp yeah right more like 3mp if not 2MP & the HD Can is just flat out as u say CRAP!!!!!! Nice review Keenen!!!!!

      1. You should learn to use your phone. Go to camera settings and take off auto and select 8mp you noob.

        1. O really u just solved my issues with the camera why didn’t I nthink of that b4!!!! NOTTT!! SERIOUSLY THAT WAS DUMB! NOT BEING RUDE BUT THAT WAS DUMB!!

          1. I tried all possible setting to see about enhancement of the Cams quality and so disappoing but I like the phone though just the camera Blows!!!

      2. I think Keenen462 and Crispy_Eater are the same person.  There cannot possibly be two people that use can as an abbreviation for camera.

        1. Yes crispyeater is my alter ego maybe the dude or chick was calling out my errors??? Idk but I guess you do! Now did you have a comment about the DRIODX OR WHAT?

      3. I am a photographer, and we have a few android devices in the house.. the DX camera using vignette or even the stock camera app now is far superior to the others.  You have to know how to use it though..  Maybe an iphone is better for you…

    2. I’ve not had that problem with the HD camera.  My videos are crystal clear. However, I do know lighting makes a big difference with video and pictures. But, this is true for most cameras.  My Canon PowerShot G9, which takes 4000×3000 resolution pictures won’t do that great without flash and/or lighting (though I can manipulate the shutter, which a phone can’t).  If you take daylight outdoor photos, the camera shines.

    3. I agree that the camera on my DX is inferior to those on the Samsung models.  Even with the higher resolution, the sensors they use just aren’t good for lower lighting photography.  Hopefully Motorola will incorporate better optical sensors on newer models of phones as they go forward.

      1. I agree Glen! Well said also!!!

    4. Maybe so indoors, but outdoors it takes better pictures than any phone out there

    5. What are you talking about the camara on the droidx is crystal clear hd quality you need to get your facts straight

      1. The phone speaks for it’s self have had 2 DroidX’s and photo quality is crap!! BUT that’s my opinion though get that Straight!!!!

      2. Dude the Cameras quality sucks ass wt?????f are u talking about

    6. If the camera is so important that it would cause you to not recommend the Droid X, then you did good by picking the Fascinate.

      Overall, the Droid X is a better phone. Yea it sounds like opinion, but its fact. lol

      The Fascinate is better in the multimedia dept. But if I wanted a phone thats just better in the multimedia dept….I would get a PMP. Why waste the money on a phone bill?

      1. That’s exactly what I said!!!! I dislike the Camera considering most people use there phones to take photos and capture video to share via Facebook, youtube, photobucket etc… who wants to share a grainy looking photo or Video yes. I dislike the cam so be it

      2. Did keenen upset you by giving his point of view about the phones camera? Well its true the cameras quality is bad awful I hat it!

        1. lol…..you seem to be more upset than you think I am…

          Not upset at all. Did you not see where I said the Fascinate had better multimedia features?

          If its so true you wouldnt see ppl saying the opposite. But again, I agree the Fascinate is better in the multimedia dept. That does include the camera…

    7. It did change the camera. It takes great pictures now. And actually focuses on what you are trying to take a picture of

  12. My experience echoed Jamie’s in terms of time for download, installation, and first boot. A couple items of note — the update appeared to install NFS:Shift, but I was able to uninstall it through the Market. Also, not sure if this was related to the upgrade, but my song library in WinAmp no longer shows Artist or Album names, only song titles. The info is definitely there, though, as other players (such as the embedded player in GTunes Music) display the information fine. Haven’t tested unapproved tethering yet to see if it’s broken, but suspect it will be :-(. Overall, a good experience thusfar, and WAY better than my nearly 4-year odyssey with 2 WinMo devices.

  13. @c91c960c940b0cf4c7c1ccda5c1527b7:disqus post-upgrade, my kernel shows as

  14. oh well theres plenty more new phones coming out later,

  15. Mine won’t install…. Any suggestions? I was once rooted but never changed anything. Unrooted a while back… Would that affect the install?

    1. Yeah. If you ever rooted your DX, you are hosed. I called Verizon, who told me my phone was still under warranty. I then explained about how the GPS flips out amd how the phone reboots while running Maps. The rep is FedExing me a new one.

      1. Thats wrong.  I was rooted, un-rooted when I heard the OTA was coming…install went perfect, everything works perfect.  You need to be on a STOCK ROM though.  My phone was not, so I flashed an SBA back onto the phone…in January.  Un-rooted in May….updated last night…reported to Phandroid….no problemo.

        1. Interesting. A lot of the people on the Motorola Support forums who are having problems upgrading were all in the same situation I am: I used One Click Root to root the phone, then used the same program to unroot it. 

          I have read that some other people with stock, rooted firmware have had no problems, so I guess whatever the common thread is has yet to be discovered. 

          Personally, I wish Motorola would release a firmware flasher like the Windows Mobile phones used to do. Just plug the phone in to a PC, run the program, and watch it go.

  16. So, the Droid X is getting Gingerbread before the release of the Droid X 2? Or is the Droid X 2 already out? Just wondering, because Sprint is withholding the Gingerbread update until after the release of the EVO 3D. I guess they think more people will buy the EVO 3D that way. Since my upgrade isn’t till December, that trick won’t work on me.

    1. The X2 came out 2 weeks ago online, a week ago in stores.

  17. So far I am loving the update and am actually somewhat impressed with the new BLUR.  Can’t say I love it yet but is definately a huge improvement from what it was.

  18. Gingerbread is where it’s at. I’m absolutely lovin the upgrade.
    Everything is much better. Big ups to Google seriously, Android is certainly evolving into pure awesomeness

  19. I received the update just after mideTnight in pittsburgh. I fell asleep but the phone woke me up after it installed.

  20. Gingerbread is on my phone now. It is a stock phone and everything seems to be working well. Pretty easy update overall. Great to see the update … I had almost given up and was planning on upgrading manually. Phone is in Norther CA

  21. YAY!! FINALLY!

  22. Downloading now !! Now to re-root this thing.. 

  23. apparently not for me. its not available to me yet

  24. Officially beat the EVO.

  25. With iPhone, you don’t have all these problems. 

    1. I would.not adobe flash either …. 

  26. Gingerbread is causing a “provisioning error” with my exchange email account…Anyone know of a fix?


  28. Got it last night, LOVING IT. The phone seems snappier overall, and did get an 1812 quadrant score post-update. I also LOVE the Blur changes! Good work to everyone involved in making this happen.

  29. Gingerbread an frustating was way worth the wait, so much smoother, much quicker. LOVE IT!!!

  30. I heard that with the update we would be able to take screenshots without rooting?

  31. North Carolina and still no update available manually or otherwise for my DX.

    1. I saw it about 10am after a reboot. It took about 10 minutes on WiFi to download and 5 minutes to install.  After reading of people’s problems I did a factory reset and started fresh.  I did have one crash so far and the old Bluetooth A2DP disappearing sound issue if you have  the funky audio effect turned on when bluetooth streaming.  Otherwise it is fine and fast but MotoBlur still sticks/sucks when it should be updating.  I really need cyanogen on this thing.

  32. Looks great…but google maps won’t populate a phone number into the dialer anymore…

  33. I’m running the .588 leak of gingerbread on my non-rooted Droid X. I have the .12P version of the radio. I’m unable to pull the update OTA and I’m unable to manually run the update from stock recovery mode. Every time I try, I get an abort with a Status 7 error. Anyone have any advice for me? I’d really (MUCH) rather not root my phone to fix the issue as I had some serious problems when I rooted my original Droid, so if there’s any way around that, I’d really like to hear it.If you need any more information about my phone or what I’m doing, please ask and I’ll find out.

  34. HATE IT!!! Can’t modify or delete existing groups! Can’t touch a phone number on a
    website and have it auto input the number to the dialer so I can easily make a call. Text messaging constantly tries to guess the next word I am going to input an screws me up. EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PHONE IS SLOWER!!!!

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