Android Overload: Your Cellphone Is Trying to Kill You, Galaxy S 2 Is Fastest Selling Phone Ever and More


Can you believe that these news bites are the leftovers from Memorial Day weekend? I hope you guys all had a good one whether you were with friends, family or none of the above. The news has been piling up and mostly all of it has been worthy of being on our front page. These few bits of news didn’t make it unfortunately, but they’re no less worthy of a quick look. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I particularly enjoyed reading that my phone is trying to slowly kill me. So, go on. Take that quick look… you know you want to.

  • New T-Mobile 4G data plans available contract free for pre-paid customers
  • Cell phones could be causing brain cancer new study shows. [WSJ]
  • HTC Merge now available from US Cellular. Still no Verizon version in sight.
  • Zinio comes to Android tablets giving you 24 magazine issues for FREE.
  • SlingPlayer for Google TV gets teased and explained on video. [YouTube]
  • Google Offers officially launching in Portland Oregon tomorrow. Get your Nexus S ready.
  • Acer bringing Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread to Liquid Mini’s in a variety of new colors for the UK. [CnetUK]
  • Canadian Samsung Galaxy Apollos on Telus receives Android 2.2 OTA. [Mobile Syrup]
  • Spacetime Studios makers of PocketLegends, releases teaser site for upcoming Sci-Fi 3D MMORPG. [DroidGamers]
  • T-Mobile scheduling a Father’s Day smartphone bash for June 18th. [TMoNews]
  • Verizon is offering the HTC Thunderbolt for $99.99 as part of an invitation-only sale through June 12. [DroidLife]
  • MSI debuted the Windpad 100A with its 10.1-inch screen and dual-core processor.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S II has become the fastest-selling smartphone in Korea. [Electronista]
  • Hauwei says they are planning a 3.7 inch high-end handset for later this year.
  • The Hauwei Ascend X will be Cincinnati Bell’s high-end 4G phone.
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I was going to complain about the constant dialogue boxes asking me to download the phandroid app, but I was using my nexus one so I couldnt type because in portrait the screen centers on the right half of the text, and when I drag left it just bounces back, and in landscape the screen centers on no text at all, and the phone doesn’t let me adjust in either view. Anyway the typing issue won out over the annoying dialogue box so here I am on my iPhone 4 typing on an android website that my android phone couldn’t handle. I want to prefer android so badly but there are so many unacceptable glitches, bugs and flat out stupid “issues” with the software. My mytouch 4g has the same typing issue, anyone else have these problems? If so which phones? I’d like to start eliminating the crap ones for when I buy a new one.

    1. I’ve never had issues with the Phandroid app on my Evo.  I use it to look at news, comment, and search the forums.

      1. Ditto o_O @1125524f82c47562055a7d13ab625cf8:disqus 

    2. I think someone needs a Galaxy S 2………..

      Amirite, @facebook-100001151887665:disqus??? XD

      1. Yeah, both me and my brother are waiting for it’s release lol. It’s going to be a killer android phone! I’ll be all decked out in samsung if I get it. (upgrading from nexus one) And just waiting for you guys to send me the galaxy tab :P So a samsung smartphone and tablet!

        1. Oh, shoot! You were the winner!?!?! :O
          Congrats! You’re gonna love the Tab. Its absolutely stunning.. 

          1. Yeah, that made my whole week right there! I can’t wait to use it. I’m all prepared for it too, got the screen protector, and the hookups to the tv. :)

            And it’ll have an awesome story to go with it too (and the androidified back).

    3. I have to agree with Sarah about Phandroid on my Droid phone: it sucks. In fact (ironically!) it’s the only site I ever really have problems with, with a huge banner ad covering everything and constant scrolling to see the whole screen.

      Seriously, making a decent cross-browser mobile style sheet takes all of 15 minutes. 30 if you want to get fancy.

      (I refuse to download an app just to read a website — that’s just dumb.)

  2. Just release the samsung galaxy s2 in the states already!!!

  3. Forget the Galaxy S2 it is already outdated. The Galaxy S3 will pack quadcore dudes!!!!! releasing in 6 months yah!!

    1. It’s release is a year away o.O

      1. @HAUTELOOKDROOOID:disqus Yeah, I can’t wait that long. Lol I’ll have another upgrade by then anyway =p

        1. All these awesome devices are so tempting am I right? What’re you using right now?

    2. Quad-Core Ummmmm NO!!!

      Both the Atrix and SG2 have heating issues already, yeah I want to double the cores just so my phone can get hotter quicker and I can use it less.  This **** is on XDA and I laugh at all you idiots that think Quad-Core will be great. 

      Buy a portable device for gaming and shove it in your pocket and set the limit at dual-core or less.  Laugh at me now, but trust me you are going to thank me later if you are not an early adopter and get to laugh at other people crying that their phone gets too hot to use…

  4. According to the equipment guide at work, the Merge already launched last month, only available at authorized agents. 

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