Android 3.1 Update Arriving for the Asus Transformer


The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is a hit for more reasons than just its price tag. Reports are surfacing around the web that the hard-to-find Honeycomb slate is starting to receive its upgrade to Android 3.1, the latest version of the tablet OS introduced at this year’s Google I/O. The update comes quickly on the heels of that announcement and before even some Motorola XOOM owners get their taste (the update was announced to arrive on the XOOM first). Android 3.1 brings along USB accessory support among other things, and its availability on the Transformer should serve only to make the tablet more popular.

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. I can’t wait.

  2. Wow, this is the first time I’ve clicked “Check for Update” and it actually found something on an Android device. Installing now :)

    1. Seeing as how on previous versions of Android that feature never worked, I wasn’t going to even try that. After seeing your post though, I clicked it and sure enough there it is! Not sure if that is a Honeycomb thing or Asus thing but I’m impressed. Going to wait until my dock is delivered today before I load it though. Hopefully that will trigger my dock update too.

      1. The dock update came separately but the 3.1 update includes it anyway.  So you don’t need to get the dock update first just go straight to 3.1

  3. Yup, just got mine about 30 minutes ago! Sweet!

    1. Where did you get it from?  I cant find a single one in Australia!!

      1. I’m in North America, and I used the web site to tell me when it was in stock…got mine from TigerDirect…not sure how much shipping would be to down under though. Best of luck getting one! 

  4. yep ordered mine on Monday and is on its way to my house,yey.

  5. I received the update last night. It took about 10 minutes to install. Resizing some of the widgets works well. The expanaded recent apps list is very nice and it seems more stable. I haven’t tried the other new features.

  6. Received the update last night on the East Coast, USA and it installed quickly. Seem ed to improve overall performance of the device, improved video playback in the youtube app, added re-sizable widgets, and a power saving mode for the dock. Only issue is that it removed my GMail widget.

  7. Mine comes today! Can’t get off work soon enough! Now if we can just get Netflix native to Honeycomb…PS…being a non-rooted Samsung phone user, can you imagine my joy of having the 3.1 update first, available right out of the box?

  8. My damn tablet doesn’t have the gmail widget anymore and thats one of the reasons I updated lol…FAIL!

    1. you need to drag the place where the widget was to the trash can as if deleting a regular widget.  it’s still there.
      then recreate it.

  9. Got the update! Hope Asus keeps up with this.  So far, super impressed.

  10. Awesome.  Loving mine.  Plants Vs Zombies plays flawlessly.  The only thing missing is the Netflix app.

    1. Well…  It needs a better on screen keyboard too.

      1. Thumb Keyboard kicks ass!

        1. This man speaks truth

  11. Got the update. Faster moving through home pages. Still having issues sharing on Facebook. Also, does anyone know how to run multiple apps at the same time, such as listening to a YouTube video while checking e-mail?

    1. Apps run in the background by default. But foryour specific use case i would reccomend queuetube from the market. It4s made for listening to music etc in thebacground like your saying. Andis your bestbet as the stock app assumes you want it to pause if you cant SEE it

  12. Updated without a hitch last night. All device manufacturers need to learn this definition of “early June” atually meaning “On or before the first day of June”

  13. Got it already. Really nice update. Browsing is faster and the Movie Studio app is included which is very nice. Also the PS3 controller support is there but most games can’t take advantage of it yet, still a nice to have although it works via USB cable not bluetooth at the moment.

  14. Got it.  OTA upgrades for the WIN!  iTunes can suck it, apple bricked my iPhone more than once with their special USB driver.

  15. no update for me  :o(   …. UK

  16. I’ll get a tablet when Netflix works on these things.

  17. Picked up my tablet last week. Glad to hear the update is out. Will check tonight! I freaking love the tablet. 

  18. I haven’t had an update yet, and I’m in the UK. I know I’m not alone, but is there anyone in the UK that *has* had this update yet?

  19. Should be getting mine via tomorrow… Super STOKED!!!

  20. This is a briliant Tablet which is in stock now at Amazon –

  21. I got my update and now I have a bricked tablet! It won’t even go past the boot screen! It won’t run recovery or boot the factory Linux either! I’m so excited I could throw it into the trash!

  22. Well it’s a bit more smooth and responsive. Web browsing doesn’t jitter as much when trying to scroll quickly. I liked it before, now it’s even better :) I still feel like there is room for improvement, but that’s all on Honeycomb’s end. I’m very happy that Asus sees the value in updating quickly to help user experience.

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