Jun 1st, 2011

NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 platform (codenamed Kal-El) won’t be finalized until August, but the company was eager to show off what they have been working on in the form of a prototype Honeycomb tablet on display at this year’s Computex. From the looks of it, this thing smokes. You will see in the above video how effortlessly the Tegra 3 platform munches through full 3D graphics without stuttering or stopping. This chip is so powerful, rumor is it might even be featured in that next-gen Wii (though we don’t dabble as much in video game news, so don’t quote us on that one). As you’ll hear our pal Charbax state, graphics performance could even be compared to the power found in the PS3. That is just to give you an idea of the gaming experience we all might be in for when tablets ship with this new chipset. That could happen as soon as the early fall, but we’re finding it a little hard to wait until then.

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