Jun 1st, 2011

Google +1 is a concept I wasn’t really too jazzed about when I first heard about it, but many of you like it and use it daily. If you were fans of it on search than you’ll be happy to know that the +1 button is now available in the web-based Android market. You’ll be seeing it in the first row of the information sidebar in individual market listings.

When you “+1” something, you are making a recommendation to the folks in your friends list. With Google Search, searching for a chicken pot pie recipe would bring up a specific recipe your friend +1’d, letting you see which recipe they think is the best.

Similarly, for Market, you make an app recommendation for your friends whenever you +1 it. Your friend that pointed out that chicken pot pie recipe could +1 a recipe app that they like, and you’ll see that if you go searching for recipes or recipe apps in Google Search.

Considering a lot of my friends aren’t as into Google as I am, I’m not that into this feature. But if you have a lot of friends who enjoy sharing things with each other daily, and if they have an Android phone, you’ll want to get them up to speed on +1. Click here or watch the video below to learn more about how +1 works.

Oh, and be a doll and +1 one our site on Google and our application in the Android market, will ya? Your friends will thank you for it.

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