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Some of Your Installed Free Apps Not Showing Up in the Market? Try This


A weird bug has been plaguing some users’ Android market for quite some time now. It’s a simple, one – several of their free applications won’t show up. And sometimes, none of the free applications they’ve installed show up. We’re not sure how widespread this problem is, but one user seems to have found the trick, though. Simply uninstall a free application and reinstall it. After that, exiting and reentering the Android market should fix the problem. Hit Menu > My Apps to check. [via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’ve been using that method since my G1(2008) running Cyanogenmod. It has always worked for me.

  2. Or you can use Titanium Backup which has a “Market Doctor”…cheers

    1. Yep, was going to say the same.

    2. I’ve tried this method many times.  More often than not, the Market Doctor fails to restore links to most apps.  It’s hit and miss at best.

    3. WOW imagine that…
      reinstalling an app if it doesnt show up. 
      WOW never would thought of that. 

  3. couldn’t you just clear the market cache or data? since you’re already in there to uninstall the ‘missing’ app, seems like less work…

  4. I thought free apps were never “backed up” by the android market when reinstalling. Are they now?

    1. Yes, all your apps should be remembered by the market. I believe that is a 2.2+ innovation, but don’t quote me on that.

    2. i think the article means, that the app doesn’t show as installed when viewing your list of apps in the market. not talking about the auto restore. just the market not recognizing you have “random free app 27” installed

  5. I just go to applications -> market -> clear data and the apps will reappear again.

    1. I would suggest clearing the cache and not the data.

  6. its happened to me, apps download then disappear

  7. using market enabler works for me.

  8. You can also check to make sure that you’ve selected the correct option based on the ratings that apps now have.  That fixed the issue for me  Market –> Settings –> show all apps

  9. Do not uninstall your free apps. Just go to Settings – Apps – Market and clear your data cache and relaunch market. You will have to accept the TOS again and your good to go. Cmon phandriod, you should already know this since your a fan and all.

    1. Yup, this seems to always solve the problem with minimal effort.  Also works for tablets when your market is only showing 4 or 5 apps.

  10. Whats taking them so long fixing this damn bug? I have it since the launch of the web market… A new bug that appeared are broken icons in my web market’s app list.

  11. what about the apps that i had installed and then uninstalled? they still show up as “Installed” on the web version.

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