First Look at the ViewSonic ViewPad 7x [VIDEO]


ViewSonic has given us a 7-inch Android tablet before as the ViewPad 7, but their latest update to that model brings along Android Honeycomb and a dual-core processor. The ViewSonic ViewPad 7x was on show at Computex this year and we stopped by to grab a look. The Honeycomb tablet gets a custom interface known as Shell 3D. It mostly works to pretty up the homescreen interface of Honeycomb. Oddly, it only works in portrait mode, which seems odd for a tablet. Hopefully this is merely an early build of the software and landscape could be implemented in the future. The ViewPad 7x doesn’t do much to dazzle, but it gets the job done. Quick, compact Honeycomb.

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  1. FailSonic.  Quit effin around with the UI. Why would want a portrait only UI?

  2. It looks like they shoved an android 2.x app into honeycomb. Doesn’t seem to fit well and the keyboard that poped up looked old. I would question how baked that thing is. Doesn’t look ready for market.

    1. It is a 2.x app.  It even has a menu button :p

  3. I’m wondering if there will be a Nook Color 2 soon. Right now the MSI pad looks good and the price also looks good.

  4. That UI looks like SPB Shell 3D…

    1. Viewsonic probably liscenced it.  SPB said that’s what they wanted.

  5. Is it just me or is that a complete ripoff of the new Mobile Shell 5?

  6. Oh jesus, can we please quit with the crappy custom skins? 

  7. Who cares what the UI looks like? New launchers are downloaded from market easily enough. So are keyboards.

    Hardware specs look decent and if they price it competitively it will make for an awesome Christmas present. 7″ is the sweetspot for me.

  8. Wow a viewsonic tablet with a current operating system. Im shocked considering the 3 month support they gave the gtablet. Maybe theyll actually give us honeycomb on the gtablet if their next gen supports it. I wont hold my breath, and certainly wouldnt buy another viewsonic product after the gtablet.

  9. No landscape is plain stupid… skip

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