Samsung Prepping Galaxy S II Variant With OMAP4?


Well, this is odd. We knew Samsung considered going with other chipsets for Galaxy S II variants in certain regions (namely, NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2) but we never imagined they’d ever work with Texas Instruments for the flagship device. According to some leaked specs for a GT-i9101 found on Samsung Singapore’s Facebook page, though, they could be doing just that.

It would be TI’s OMAP4430 processor, a dual-core beast. ARM’s Cortex A-9 processor provides juice at 1GHz per core alongside a PowerVR SGX540 GPU clocked at 300MHz, which is theoretically supposed to provide 50% more speed over the original (which was found in the original Samsung Galaxy S).

This thing may not see the light of day outside of just a few obscure regions, but it’ll be interesting to see how all these different chipsets stack up against Exynos. [via GSM Arena]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Where are the US variants? They have an ultra-phone on their hands and plenty of US interest.. HTC will be selling plenty of EVO 3D and Sensations in the mean time

    1. Hopefully announced tomorrow. They have an event that is planned in NYC, and nothing solid on what it is about.

      1. wo u know what time the event is eastern time

      2. NOOOO, its a Tab event.   :-(

    2. Seriously.  A US variant announcement tomorrow would SERIOUSLY put a dent in the upcoming HTC sales numbers.

      I’m goin to bed early tonight and staying asleep until about 5.

      1. It may happen tomorrow, there’s this leak of the names for all carriers except tmo:


        1. And tmo has a phone on the way codename samsung hercules

      2. US variants will have slow updates again lol. I think Galaxy S Fascinate (Verizon) is still on 2.1 Eclair.

        1. No. They got FroYo

        2. Who kares? Root if you really want that update. LoL!!

          And notice how the only thing bad about this phone is “updating” it. So you and the rest of the world would get this phone if the US had timely updates? Thanks for adding another point to Samsung. ” ^.^

    3. I wish they would announce something, I need to replace my OG Droid like now (screen is going crazy with random inputs). If it were coming out in a few weeks I would deal with my OGD to get that phone as opposed to any that are currently on the shelves here.

      1. My friend had the same problem with his OGD. He got the Charge and loves it. If you have to choose now, I would get the Charge. I read the Verizon SGS2 might not be out till September :((

    4. They’ll probably wait until both the EVO 3D and the new iPhone are released and blow the lead they could have had.

      1. No!! There’d probably be a shortage if they came out to early. They’re probably trying to get people to get the other phones, then come out and see that it’s better, so that way when they go to buy a phone again, it’ll be Samsung. This is a strategy for the long run. :P

  2. I would think Samsung could produce more Exynos chips than 4.3″ SuperAMOLED Plus screens but I guess not.

  3. Isn’t the rumored Hercules for T-Mobile supposed to have a OMAP dual-core processor? Makes you go, “Hmmm.”

    1. No its a qualcomm processor i do believe but its more powerful than any other currently and is the  only chipset to be able to use tmos upgraded network for 42mbps.

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