T-Mobile Officially Announces Launch Date for HTC Sensation 4G


Just a few minutes ago, after tweeting earlier today that they had some “sensational” news coming tonight, T-Mobile has officially announced the HTC Sensation 4G dropping on their network, June 15th with Wal-Mart stores receiving the device as early as June 12th. The rumors were a little off on this one but lets cross our fingers and pray that this slightly delayed launch has something to do with HTC’s recent announcement to unlock all bootloaders on future devices.

As a quick reminder, the HTC Sensation will feature a 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 768MB of RAM, 8MP camera capable of 1080p video recording, and 1.2MP front facing camera, kitten whiskers and unicorn tears, all on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network. The phone will set you back $200 after a $50 mail in rebate and 2 year agreement.

While Sprint users await a similar announcement any day now for the Evo 3D, how many of you lucky T-Mobile users will be lining up for this superphone on launch day? Or will you continue to hold out for something bigger/badder? Chime in below.

[Via T-Mobile]

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  1. Sensation > Evo 3D

      1. 8 MP =/= two 5 MP
        2D =/= 3D

        1. Went to the theater the other day to watch Thor.. Can you guess which “D” I saw it in? Yeah.. 3D, dawg. o_O

          1. Rofl. I saw Thor as well. But guess what? It TERRIBA(3)D. 

          2. 3D Fail

          3. WOW, this douche bag is corny. Why did they hire such a tool.

        2. EVO 3D > Sensation
          1024 MB RAM =/= 768 MB RAM
          1730 mAh =/= 1520 mAh

          1. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, the bigger battery and more RAM has something to do with the 3D on the device. Honestly it’s not that big of a difference.

          2. The Evo will probably still have worse battery life due to the 3D. Also, Look how sleek the Sensation is compared to the Evo:

          3. that makes no sense… there’s no proof that 3d (which is an optional feature) will cause a negative effect in battery. And the 3D has a bigger battery the sensation is a watered down version of the evo 3d dude just face it

          4. @deffe740825a1ad8036b784052afa27c:disqus No proof!?!? What is this, Ghost Busters?? It is a fact that it requires a greater electromotive force and more processing power to render a 3D screen.

          5. @Keller, seem to me in the pictures, the EVO 3D it has wider screen.

          6. There is still no proof, just because you say so means nothing….I’m just trying to say until reviews start coming out you have no proof for your random comments about the sensation being better than the Evo 3d. Therefore how would you even know the sensation peroms better, The Evo 3D still has better specs(better battery,better ram, more memory, more features, and also most likely to have a better developing community considering the success of the Evo’s)

          7. Easy solution. Turn off 3D. Better battery life. Boom.

          8. @Gamercore:disqus +9000

          9.  It should also be noted that CDMA uses more power than GSM.. wcdma uses less power than ev-do and HSPA+ uses less power than WiMax… So, quadruple threat.. using more power to display, talk on the phone, or get data over 3G or 4G .. The larger battery probably equalizes things to make them more comparable as to what you will get out of it without charging.

      2. Also, The back of the Evo 3D is simply hideous imo..

      3. No, they are not the same phone. Same heart and lungs but totally different extremities. I’m on Sprint, but I’d rather have the smaller Sensation. The other question that arises is whether or not both cameras are fast capture like the video demonstration wow’ed us with? If not, then the two phones are Definitely NOT the same.

        1. That’s a lot of “ifs” O_o

    1. SGSII > Sensation+Evo3D

      1. Yeah… except for that whole 800 x 480 thing… No clue why they decided they needed such a beautiful Super AMOLED Plus screen for such a low pixel density.

  2. i kinda wana wait for the 3D…

    1. Thats because you’re a tool ^_^

      1. excuse me keller but considering its the SAME phone just with more ram and a bigger battery I’d say its a pretty good deal…also dont even bother talking about “oh i want a better camera mine has 8 mp and the 3d only has 5″…megapixels are only good if your printing out blow up pictures which im sure not many people will considering its usually upload digitally now  a days…..other than that its the same sensor..so please dont try to be close minded and let people pick the phone they want..

        edit: plus for gods sakes if the 3d really bothers you THAT much then just dont download 3d games or movies (and leave the camera switch to 2d)..its not like its embedded into the ui itself..its only used in a LITTLE part of the phone in general.

    2. Ditto. Same phone. Added features. No matter how “gimmicky.” =)

      1. @Christopher Chavez, EVO 3D =/=Sensation
                                           CDMA =/ = GSM
        Never been the same.

        1. Dude seriously!?!? Its the same phone. Minor tweak due to 3d…but its the same phone where it really counts.

  3. Want the GS2 with 4.3″ screen, not a 4.5″.  If TMO doesn’t get the GS2 then I’m left with the Sensation.  I really like HTC’s build quality but don’t understand why they never put enough internal phone storage.  

  4. T-Mobile network < Verizon Wireless network. Yeah…I'll stay Verizon.

    1. Thanks for sharing.

  5.  i was really looking forward to this phone but i think i’ll wait for the nexus 3, or at least some more news about it so i can make a more informed decision.

    1. I’m starting to think the same thing… especially after learning from a Sprint Rep that their $125 port-in service credit ($175 if you’re coming from T-Mo) will expire June 23… NOT coincidentally a short time before the anticipated EVO 3D release date.

  6. hell yea i’m getting it! i’ve had so many issues with my g2x they said they would switch my phone out for me when an equilivant phone came out :D

  7. Was kind of bummed at the 1GB app storage as opposed to 16GB on SG2, but looking at my MT4G, I have a TON of apps I don’t use, and I install many of them to the SD card, and I’ve only used 400MB. So I’m not as peeved over the space as I was before.

    Also, the button layout is similar to my current phone (yeah, dumb reason, but it makes sense in my brain!). Just holding out to see what the dev community does with it, cause I need my CyanogenMod features and settings.

    1. ya but the rest of us put our music catalog’s, videos etc on our SD cards.  I workout w/ my nexus one on my arm, listen to podcasts.  There’s no excuse for 1 gig of flash space, it’s so stupidly cheap to make

  8. Nice phone, but i’m gonna have to wait for the Verizon version.  No phone will make me switch to T-mo, not in this area.

  9. nothing about the double shot aka mytouch4g slide? if the sensation had a physical keyboard i would be all over it.

  10. Why do they put so little RAM?

    1. Why do you feel it’s not enough? 

      Back in the day, I use to run a BBS on my Atari 800XL; which only had 64k of ram.  The worst part was that it only could use something like 48k.  Still everything ran fine.


  11. Samsung Galaxy SII > this crap.

    1. htc sense > Touchwiz…hahah sorry after seeing the first few comments i just had to..plus jk jk..i know its up to the user and its a matter of opinion.

    2. I thought that too until I saw it’s non-qHD display res… fail

  12. Verizon version = TBolt. lol.
    If we can get rid of that red ring around the camera I will be happy.

    1. @lafester! Do you mean Sprint EVO 4G / TBol.

  13. Probably gonna update my original mytouch 3g to this. Kinda bummed I have to wait till the 15th. I was really hoping for the 8th

  14. Im getting the sensation on launch day!

  15. Unlockable bootloader?

  16. Samsung Hercules beats all of the above, and nexus 3 with quad core beats Hercules so decisions decisions, i love android 

    1. what’s the samsung gorilla? also, we don’t know that the n3 will have a quad core

      1. blah, idk where gorilla came from, rofl. *samsung hercules. 

        1. Hercules by samsung via tmobile roadmap leak is the same phone as the sgs2 but bigger screen and 1st phone with hspa+ @ 42mbits, so you were saying which phone is better???

  17. Ummm Verzion…WTF are ya’ll doing? 

    Looks like I got confused on the Verizon leaks and nothing is panning out to what I thought. I thought there was supposed to be some “new high end” LG coming but it wasn’t the Revolution or the Black. Droid X2 may not be all that great. Nows its down to waiting on the GSII and hoping they don’t screw the design up. I thought I was in for some choices.

  18. Meh.. pass on the Sensation, wake me up if they ever announce the Galaxy S II for T-Mo USA.

    1. I read the standard SGSII for TMo will not happen.  Instead the Samsung Hercules will be it equivalent which is just a bigger phone with a different CPU.

      1. Not to mention the 1st phone to have HSPA+ @ 42mbits per sec speeds.

  19. a
    4.3-inch SLCD touchcreen with 540×960 resolution… with all other features! The HTC Sensation is rightly named!!

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