May 31st, 2011

Hey, everyone! It’s that time again! Time for some more fun facts and general statistics from around the mobile world! This time brought to you by the Nielsen statistics company. Almost every week we receive some new statistics shedding light on how Google’s Android mobile OS is taking over the tech world and, in the process, is taking a huge steaming heap of… gumdrops on rival Apple’s iOS.

Besides the normal “Android leading in smartphone market share,” (pictured above) in a new report by Nielsen, Android users are also consuming more data on their handsets than any other mobile OS. With 582MB of data consumed on average in just the first quarter of the year in comparison to iOS users who only used about 492MB. Nielsen gathered this information from around 65,000 cellphone bills around the U.S.

I’ll go ahead an play devil’s advocate for a quick second. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of that data usage had something to do with the amount of unauthorized tethering we’ve seen carriers begin cracking down on as of late. Even though I’m sure most Android elitists will have you believe that Android users are generally more tech savvy than iOS users, resulting in more navigating of the world wide web and its wonders therein.

So how about you guys? If you could guestimate how much data you use in a month, where would you fall? I happen to know for a fact that 582MB of data would be a slow week for me. Mmmmmm… data. Andy must feed. Om nom nom.

[Via NielsenWire]