Qualcomm Shows You Their 2nd Gen Snapdragon is Faster Than A Tegra 2 [Video]


In something straight out of left field, today Qualcomm uploaded a nice little video on their YouTube channel showing off the speed improvements of, get this — their 2nd generation single-core Snapdragon processor over Nvidia’s dual-core Tegra 2. Ballsy right?

In the video, Qualcomm demonstrates the connectivity speeds of these CPU’s in the form of the HTC Thuderbolt on Verizon and the Motorola Atrix on AT&T. Both devices connected to their respective 4G networks and you wont believe the results, or maybe you can. Qualcomm wants you to believe that the technology found in their chipsets offer greater connectivity and are better built to handle all the new 4G networks hitting carriers these days. Whether that’s true or not, I’m sure it had more to do with the fact that Verizon’s LTE network is about 3X times faster than anything AT&T can offer right now. Needless to say, I wasn’t really too surprised to see the Thunderbolt killing the Atrix in these Qualcomm “speed tests.”

This video does bring up a good point I try to make whenever I help people decide on their next smartphone purchase. With all these dual-core and ocho-cinco-core phones hitting the market soon, the only thing really holding back the “speed” of your phone is the network it’s connected to. Just like the video shows, a single-core device will give the user an all around greater sense of speed with less things loading, less videos buffering and pics uploading faster than even a quad-core on another carrier’s slower network.

I’m curious to know what you guys think. Would you rather have a single-core phone on Verizon’s 22Mbps down, LTE network or a quad-core phone with only Edge/3G coverage?

Chris Chavez
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  1. lol that’s like asking me if i want something that actually exists or du i want a 3 legged unicorn that hums the tetris theme song…i would take the quad core…there’s always wifi

    1. I would never rely on WiFi for any kind of mobile device. I don’t even rely on WiFi for my Macbook. Gotta have full mobility. And network speed. For me, anyway… =p

      1.  If it’s all about network speed for you, why do you have the EVO 4G and, from what I can remember, are looking at getting the EVO 3D?

        1. I was trying to say I would never take a quad-core WiFi only phone over a dual-core 3G phone. Mobility is most important.

          And more important than ANY of those things, is pricing. Sprint only costs me $35 a month for unlimited everything.

          Even still, I would switch to Verizon if they had 4G in my area… =/

          1. Qualcomm just wants to show that they offer the most complete solution to manufacturers and network providers in wireless. Speed, connectivity, scale Qualcomm can provide it!

          2. 35 a month for everything???  Did you sign a pact with the Devil? How’d you do that Chris?

          3. Yea, I’m on Sprint’s simply everything and that is $99 plus the $10 for my EVO 4G. Do you have the Simply Everything plan or something else not available to the general public?

          4. He’s grandfathered on to a SERO plan.  I have a friend that had it, but gave it up to switch carriers for the iPhone. 

            He’s happy as can be with the iPhone … If I had SERO, there’s no way I would pay double or more for an iPhone.  Then again, I’ve never liked the iPhone….

          5. Well you can’t knock $35, especially if Verizon LTE isn’t available.  Still, Sprint has some awful 3G speeds where I live.  Hope your Sprint speeds are better.

  2. lol I bet they do not redo the test when Verizon gets a tegra 2 LTE device. Seriously what is the whole point to this? I can take two phones on any two network and demonstrate this.

    Marketing people are POS always looking to clout things up.

    1. All in all I think they are saying that their chips work with LTE. There is no tegra LTE device out, and may not be any in the near future. The Bionic’s delay and not processor swap should have shown you that. They are just trying to grasp at straws being Nvidia just released that kick ass quad core video.

      1. Umm does the Xoom not have LTE capabilites? Does it not have a Tegra 2? Did you even bother thinking about this?

        1. Really? And where are these Xoom LTE Tablets? Last I heard it got delayed with the Bionic. Maybe you should take your own advice and think before you type there tough guy.

        2. No, the Xoom doesn’t..

  3. Single core

  4. hmm all they test was internet stuff.  of course the LTE is going to beat the HSPA+…..duh 

  5. This is a pretty retarded comparison, IMO. Of course, LTE is faster then HSPA+. If their single-core LTE snapdragon can beat a dual-core LTE solution, then I’ll be impressed; otherwise, they are stating the obvious.

  6. Cool story, Qualcomm. Too bad Tegra 3 is around the corner.

    Also, The atrix only has a max of 12 mbps and at&t’s 4g has been proven to be slower than its 3g. Does qualcomm think its impressed anyone?

    1. lol AT&T’s 4G isn’t slower than it’s 3G, not by a long shot. It’s just whatever crap they do to their phones slows it down immensely. Check the speeds the SGSII is getting on AT&T, much faster than anything 3G has ever seen. Also the SGSII connects better than any official AT&T phone…Who would have thought?

    2. Tegra 3 will be a shitty chip with 4 cores instead of a shitty chip with 2 cores. Nvidia knows their crappy chips can’t compete with Qualcomm and Samsung

  7. So basically they’re exploiting AT&T’s 4G weakness and calling it Qualcomms superiority? Not only is that cheap, but that’s just idiotic.

    1. No kidding, they should just say lte is faster than hspa+ and that is it, but to make it look like that is because the Qualcomm chip is ridicules.

  8. what is the point of comparing LTE/3G with single/dual core

  9. They should show us battery life. Last time I checked, battery life sucked on the Verizon LTE devices.

  10. They should have compared their dual core proc to tegra 2.

  11. Soooo…this is more of a network test. Show some actual CPU tests instead. The Hummingbird is superior anyways, ESPECIALLY when it comes to graphics.

  12. Ballsy? Come on. You’re a professional writer.

    1. He wishes he was

  13. Another great article fernttttt

  14. OUR CAR’S ENGINE IS FASTER THAN THE COMPETITION! Just listen to the radio in our car… see? Faster!


    2. More like “See? This Prius is lots faster than this Porsche 911, because it’s allowed in the HOV lane all the time!”

  15. well, I’m loving my Thunderbolt and it’s fantastic speeds. so…

    1. Good stuff… how many days has it been since Verizon’s last LTE outage?

      1. I mean, I’m pretty sure it only happened once. small price to pay for the quality of it. mistakes happen. I didn’t have a problem with it.

      2. It’s been about a month and it lasted about a day. BFD.

        1. It was already the second or third major problem that Verizon’s LTE network has suffered.

  16. Its funny because Nvidia is the one usually making claims like this, well guys now you know what qualcomm thinks of its users a bunch of naive foke who don’t know anything about networks,  cpu power, and efficiency! 

  17. fake!!!!!!

  18. This comparison is so stupid it shouldn’t even be a separate article..

  19. It’s all too damn slow
    why do i still have to an entire minute for a microwave burrito
    the dark ages are still upon us

  20. wait, why do  i have to wait
    see even my keyboard isn’t fast enough

  21. Lol how is this test fair at all? It’s more of a Verizon-At&t debate if anything. 

  22. Maybe it doesn’t show what is truly going on, but makes an interesting point. Verizon kills the competition on speed why anyone would buy a great device on a crap network is beyond me. Of course there are people who still think the iPhone is better, so what can you do.. can’t fix stupid!

  23. This is about Qualcomm’s LTE selection vs. Invidia’s lack of Tegra 2 LTE selection.  It’s a perfect opportunity for them to capitalize on the the fact that the leading Dual Core devices can NOT currently achieve LTE speeds.  “But our Snapdragons can”

    Notice how they didn’t compare the thunderbolt to the Samsung Stealth with LTE?

    And look at how the Tegra 2 powered XOOM still needs some kind of upgrade to run LTE.  Best believe that if there was a Qualcomm LTE tablet they would be ALL OVER a side by side of the XOOM vs. that device.

  24. You should have a look at the snapdragon that is used on the HTC Flyer. It is a simple core @ 1.5Ghz, and it seems to  be as good as a tegra, even more powerfull in some situation because of the non optimised programs. 

  25. i love this video! just makes me laugh at all the ppl who comment on new verizon phones saying something like.. its not a dual core so im not getting it.. why dont you try out a second gen snapdragon FIRST.. one that has MORE RAM than any dual core your looking at (except the Atrix).. Then let me hear what you have to say

  26. What does the CPU have to do with connection speed on a network? Isn’t the radio chipset and the network itself the primary thing that decides connection and function speed? Besides that, any comparison between a phone on Verizon and AT&T will be a slaughter because LTE kills HSPA+. Only an idiot would believe this Qualcomm joke.

    1. You can get a Qualcomm chip with an LTE connection.  You can’t do that with a Tegra 2 device.  THAT is what it has to do with connection speed on a network. The point is you’ll actually have a better overall user experience picking a single core Qualcomm chipped phone on a faster network than a Tegra 2 powered device on a slow network.

  27. Does the Nexus 4G have a second gen Snapdragon processor?

    1. The Nexus S 4G has a Samsung Hummingbird – very, very quick.

  28. I can tell you first-hand that a Droid Incredible 2 (2nd-gen Snapdragon, single-core) with 768mb of RAM feels a lot faster than a Droid X2 with Tegra and 512mb. Just sayin’…

  29. why not compare both phones on the same wifi connection and youtube vid.

  30. As most people pointed out, this is more of a network test than anything else. ALTHOUGH, I think what Qualcomm is pointing out is that their chips are better-equipped to take advantage of Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

    This even gives more credence to the rumor circulating that Google is ready to drop Tegra on the Nexus 3, assuming that they want Ice Cream Sandwich to take advantage of Verizon’s LTE network.

  31. This does not show that 2nd Gen Snapdragon is faster then the Tegra 2. All they did was use the Verizon LTE network. I thought that having duel core meant that it would make battery life a little better? Not really sure, but I still think the Tegra 2 is fester. Video shows really nothing at all!

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