Sprint Sends Email Dangling EVO 3D in Front of Our Faces, Still No Release Date


Sprint might not be ready to give up the release date of the HTC EVO 3D, but they don’t mind teasing us with the handset and a “coming soon” tag. An email has been sent out to stir up even more anticipation for the glasses-free #D smartphone. Front and center is the 3D gaming capabilities (you’ll see Spider-Man Total Mayhem comes preloaded), which should offer a great experience on the 4.3-inch qHD display, but might do a number on battery life. Did we mention there still is no release date? Most recently rumors suggested the final weeks of June, and we’d say any date in June could be likely.


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  1. omg first! I’m first! me!

  2. The DEMO comes preloaded…

    1. I’m going to assume that “demo” means “it lets you play for 60 seconds and then invites you to blow $5 on the game”… big whoop!

      1.  Yea. That’s how they got me on the EVO with N.O.V.A. Ended up buying it.

  3. I’d just like to point out that I have that Spider-Man game on my iPad, and it’s incredibly fun. It plays a lot like the old N64/PSone Spider-Man games. If it’s coming to Android, then… Well, :3

    1. It’s been on Android for quite sometime. I have been playing it for months, the games aren’t available in the market. You can only get them directly from Gameloft for now.

      1. That must be why I hven’t seen it. I don’t really pay attention to apps outside of the Android Market or the Amazon AppStore.

    2.  Oh crap. I forgot about that Spiderman game. Ok, I’m in. EVO 3D at upgrade time in December. Wonder if it will come with Ice Cream Sammich by then?

  4. I just went to the official Sprint store on Midlothian (Richmond, Va) and “John” had no idea about how to preorder the phone. My understanding is you purchase a gift card and use it as a sort of down payment…he told me no. LOL #OnWithCustomerServiceNow

  5. I am a current EVO owner, and I can’t WAIT to get my hands on this new version!  I just listened to a podcast where they were discussing how many of the current offerings are missing one thing or the other:  either they have dual core and a lackluster screen, or they have 4G and no dual core, etc.  When it was asked, “Is there a phone that will have ALL of that?”, the EVO 3D was the answer!  YES!

    1. I also hate how every phone is lacking one thing or another, but to me, they’re all lacking unless they have Verizon LTE. Sprint’s coverage just isn’t good enough. Once the phone with everything comes out I’ll finally ditch the horrid AT&T network and sign up for VZW. But the phone has to have everything… VZW LTE, dual core, unlocked bootloader, 4.3″ or 4.5″ qHD screen, front camera, and a good solid design.

      The Droid Bionic might have all that, but its hard to know if/when it will ever come out, and if the bootloader will be unlocked (I know they suck at that).

      1. I like the VZW LTE as well but not enough to spend $175.00/month based on my web usage habits. thats insane. their lowest package based on regular usage is still $120+ (USD)

        1. Umm, it is $30 unlimited usage.

          1.  He’s referring to his minutes plan PLUS the $30 unlimited data. Not just data. No one buys a smartphone just to go on the web. It’s a PHONE and therefore requires a minutes plan.

          2. Thanks for the clarification. Still, he must use alot of minutes. If the 900 minutes, plus 5 Friends and Family numbers, plus mobile to mobile plan isnt enough. I do like how he put, “their lowest package” then quoted the price for unlimited. Wich happens to be a whopping $20 more than Sprint.

    2. Too bad the Evo3D doesn’t have an NFC chip. It almost has it all.

  6. Yaaaaay, more bloatware…

    1. Sensation ftw

    2. More bloatware you can’t get rid of without rooting.

      1. Where did you hear that you needed to root the phone in order to remove the games and movies?  Why root when the games and movies are stored on the SD card?  Maybe you didn’t know that.  Just take it out and erase the files.

        1. What app have you heard of, was ever fully installed on the SD card? The movie will most likely be on the SD because it’ll be too big to fit on internal storage; that you can easily delete, but not the app. Even with 2.2 native apps2sd, the entire app isn’t moved to the SD card. Unless HTC decides to put the demo under /data/app (where practically all of the user installable apps are installed by default), it won’t be removable without root. 

  7. The anticipation for a release date for this phone makes me want to go on an uncontrollable baby punching spree.  Just tell us when the friggen thing is going to be released already!!!

  8. Comes loaded with a Gameloft market app…hmmm!

  9. If only Sprint had better coverage . . . sigh. 

  10. I’m making the switch for this phone.
     I’m not sure what pricing you guys are talking about but my gf has big red with the cheapest minute plan and her bill is 100.00 dollars a month, no 5 friends but that would be nice. Sprint on the other hand unlimited minutes to any other mobile phone which takes care of about 80 percent of my calls. I live in Pismo beach so 4g isn’t an option regardless of carrier, otherwise I’d stick with tmobile, they always had better dl speeds than vzw in San Diego even before they went 4g there.

  11. Sprint has always said it will be released in the summer and summer starts June 21st.  I’m going to order mine over the phone from Sprint after I’ve read some reviews. Can’t be too careful.

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