HTC Play to be Name of Game Marketplace?


The USPTO comes through in the clutch again! Remember a while back when HTC invested $40 million into on-demand game streaming service OnLive? Back then, I questioned whether or not HTC would be jumping into the content distribution arena, something the company has never done before. This came not long after they invested money into similar technologies for music and video. It would appear that HTC’s set to launch their own iTunes store, so to speak, but we still can’t say for certain this is true.

It’s interesting to note that “HTC Play” may end up being rejected, for obvious reasons. Sony Ericsson has already outed their Xperia PLAY, and while both companies are planning to or are already using the names for completely different things, HTC may have to think up a new one. Another interesting tidbit – they filed to have the trademark registered the same day that Sony Ericsson did the Xperia PLAY. Here’s HTC’s description of the services that they hope to deploy under this name:

IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Computer services, namely, providing search engines for obtaining games and related content for computers, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile devices, all via a global computer network; Providing a web site featuring temporary use of non-downloadable software for downloading, uploading, purchasing, programming, transmitting, receiving, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, using, viewing, accessing, searching for, sharing, storing and organizing games and related content for computers, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile devices

Long story short, HTC Play was definitely a big candidate for the name of this content delivery service, but they’ll most likely end up going with something else. And the important thing is that they are, in fact, bringing a content delivery system. Other choice names to watch out for are HTC Read, HTC Watch, and HTC Listen for books, video and music, respectively. [PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i think something like this is a great idea, especially for carriers who don’t keep updates on their own devices, now HTC doesn’t have to rely on someone else for anything (OS, Sense, bug fixes, specific games, apps, 3rd party affiliates, etc)

  2. Lol this will fail.

  3. I don’t really see the point in it unless it makes finding games better… doubt it could. would it only be for HTCs? maybe it’s their way of stopping people ROMing if they can only have it with the standard ROM?

  4. Htc won’t get away with this. Sony will sue them for using the word PLAY.

    1. Doesn’t the article say the trademark got denied?

  5. Wow. Why all the hating on HTC lately, Phandroidians? Personally, I’m glad to see a company attempt to differentiate their products from a sea of hardware clones with software and service differentiations. Let’s face it, folks. 75% of the Android devices coming out lately have the same or nearly the same hardware. Dual core proc (typically Tegra 2), 3.7″-4.3″ screen, etc etc etc. And HTC is guilty of this within their own products, I’ll be the first to admit. Hell, they all look the same too. But now imagine a device that came bundled a high-end proc for gaming, OnLive service baked in over 4G, and a Bluetooth controller. Finish playing a game, and fire up HTC’s own music and video streaming service. Sure, Google has made a lot of the same services as of late, but I’m all for competition. Let’s see who does it better. And let’s see who can do it without an invitation list (for now). 

  6. I’m telling you people, HTC is going to branch off of android, make it’s own operating system, pull a blackberry and allow android apps to play on its own operating system. I love HTC but I would not follow them that far.

    1. They already did for featurephones over in Europe. Can’t remember what they called it though, looked exactly like sense UI.

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