Plants vs. Zombies Now Available on Android, Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day


It has taken PopCap long enough, but their library of quality games is finally starting to make its way over to Android. The latest to become available is one of their most popular games to date, Plants vs. Zombies, which is now downloadable from the Amazon Appstore. Normally priced at $2.99, the game is being offered as Amazon’s free app of the day.

The bad news is that the game isn’t compatible with several older and mid-ranged devices, including the original Motorola Droid and T-Mobile myTouch 3G. It is also a fairly large download at 75MB, so be prepared to free up some space if necessary.

Don’t worry, folks outside of the US. PopCap has plans to launch the game in the Android Market as well. Everyone who can get it now head on over to the Amazon Appstore for the free download. Now, PopCap, where’s my Peggle?

Amazon Appstore Link: Plants vs. Zombies

[Thanks, Nate!]

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  1. It’s incredible on my Droid 2 Global.  The quality is just as good as the computer version.  Go PopCap!

    1. I have had the Honeycomb version since last week, it’s awesome.  Downloading it for my Nexus S now.

      1. Crap this is only for phones!

        I got the tablet HD version:

        I’m glad I didn’t erase it off my tablet.

  2. It’s ok the graphics aren’t as nice as some other games I have played on my Galaxy S II

  3. Not compatible with mytouch slide…fail

    1. I wouldn’t call PvZ a “fail” because it won’t work on a phone that, running stock 2.2, doesn’t even support live wallpapers. If you can’t even run a LWP on the stock ROM, how well do you think PvZ would perform on a non-rooted/OCed MTS? That’s akin to calling a Xbox a fail because it is unable to play Xbox360 games.

      1. The Mytouch Slide does in fact run LWP on the stock 2.2.1 ROM. Getcha mind right.

  4. Oooh, can’t wait to download!  I love this game.

  5. Would it be illegal/immoral to ask for the apk since it is free? I don’t live in the US so i can’t get it :cry.


      1. Amazon wont accept the addresses that site gives me.

        1. hmm… I’m not sure, it was detailed in this Phandroid post…maybe try another name? What is the error?

          1. Doesn’t matter now, got the game :)

  6. At least you’re able to move it to the SD card

  7. I agree Kevin. I want Peggle and I want it now! lol

  8. It’s working awesome on my Nexus S! Now i just need to wait for Peggle. It’s nice to see these awesome games finally work their way on to Android.

  9. Incompatible with my Droid.

  10. Ok Amazon you’re just stupid making this wifi forget some of us have LTE and dont care about no stinking 75m!!!!

    1. yea, until you hit your cap.

      1. i have no cap im at 6gig for the month already and i have 2 weeks left. and is till get 13-15 down

        1. The “top 5%” must be a pretty high number, especially now that they’re offering free tethering for awhile. I’ve been as high as just over 5gig, and was never slowed down. Usually, it’s hooked up to wifi, so I don’t usually go over 2 or 3gig/month. There may also be a dethrottling script in DasBAMF, I’m not sure. It would be nice if VZW at least ballparked a figure.

        2. oh wow! that’s really Nice, I want THAT kind of LTE also!! hehehee

        3. Shoot I want that LTE Also, daaaannnnggg!!  you’re lucky – D

          1. Thats part of the reason i switched was to lock in the unlt lte data

    2. It let me download over Sprint’s 4G; just took a couple minutes.  Try it on LTE, it might work.  It didn’t work on 3G, it prompted me to log onto a WiFi connection.  I turned on 4G, and then it worked fine.

    3. Mine downloaded over LTE no problem. Thunderbolt Twisted Sense1.5 @ 1.8GHz. (No, my battery doesn’t run out in 3 or 4 hours, it generally lasts about 12-15 with moderate use.)

      1. Im running DasBAMF Stripped.7 and its not letting me, its not a big deal just annoying that my data connection is faster than most wifi hotspot and i have to wait,

        1. huh, I actually was planning on DLing it over wifi myself, but tried it with LTE just to see if it would work after seeing the “wifi download only”. Maybe it was the ROM? DasBAMF is a great TBolt ROM, but I’ve been running TS1.5 for awhile (not saying it was the ROM, I’m just not sure). Also, I agree, it is annoying if you have to link to wifi even if LTE is faster than a lot of home ISPs. I can understand if you’re on 3G – especially Verizon’s. While VZW has great 3G coverage, it definitely isn’t going to win any “3G races” in terms of download speeds. Strange. I may uninstall it and DL it again just for S&Gs, or flash a different ROM and try it. Sorry, day off, it’s too hot outside, so I’m staying in the A/C and I’m bored. lol

  11. you can’t download this game over 3G, WiFi only.  (save for those that have 4G)
    Can’t wait to download this game.

  12. Ok…the urgency of upgrading my OG Droid just went into hyper-drive.

    1. I was able to find the APK and load it on my Droid, moved the program to SD Card and everything but PvZ never runs, the program itself just locks up when booting. I was able to get the PopCap logo once, but that’s it.

      Definitely incompatible with Droid.

      Also my Droid is running GPA15, overclocked to 1.1Ghz. Seems like a RAM issue imo.

      1. where did you find the apk?

        1. I was able to download direct from Amazon. I however am running CM7 on my D1.

  13. Well crap! Time for a upgrade……..

  14. cmay i knw how 2 download tis games

  15. Someone want to tell me why Amazon is forcing you to use your 1-Click Checkout settings to get FREE games? I am forced to update this info before getting free apps. WTFMate?

  16. Wont work on Galaxy S…lame

    1. that’s strange, I don’t see why it wouldn’t.  Its way powerful enough. 

    2. its working on mine just fine

  17. really fun game btw love it on the Galaxy tab 10.1 and phone.

  18. The thing won’t install on my Incredible!  “Plants vs. Zombies (WiFi Download Only) has a package error and cannot be installed”

    Any know what that’s about?

  19. EPIC SONG :) that alone made me wanna go get the game lol

  20. Wow, OK man that just looks like a lot of fun dude.

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