Asus Slider Hands-on at Computex 2011


Our time with the Asus Eee Pad Slider stretches all the way back to its unveiling at CES in January of this year, but it was once again on hand at Computex where our pal Charbax caught up with the slate. The tablet remains the same with its slide-out keyboard, but Asus has made good on its promise and delivered a fresh Honeycomb build. Things look in order here, and if the Asus Transformer is any indication, expect the Slider to be an equally hot item.

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Asus Padfone Unveiled at Computex 2011

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  1. Thing looks pretty thick.

    1. That’s what she said

    2. Yeah, I was thinking great concept, cut the thickness in half and we have the future of computing

      1. I agree.  I think asus is sneaking up on the whole world with this form factor.  This version, if it is final, is going to be too thick.  But if the next iteration is about as thick as a tablet then they will be in business.  In fact, it is hard to come up with an argument for WHY this form factor won’t replace the standard tablet.

  2. That has to be one of the most incompetent girls I have ever seen. xD She barely knew what to do when being asked questions! All I heard was “Yes…. Yeah… Yep…. Yes”

    1. I see nothing wrong with that….   ;^)

  3. Looks great… Could definitely see myself with one of those as an alternate laptop…

    But what’s up with the girls with stickers on. Do a fake tattoo or something instead. That just looks weird…

  4. THAT is what I have been waiting for… They must have had difficulties? I thought this was announced with the Transformer?

  5. I would have picked a nerdy middle aged male over a ‘hot’ younger girl to display this. This chick doesn’t know anything.

    1. I would have picked a hot nerdy girl over a ‘hot’ girl to display this. This chick doesn’t know anything.

    2. what do you expect from an Asus cyborg prototype. She has the stamp and everything, check right chest side. lol   sounds dirty. wahahahaha

    3. She is not that bad. At least she knows what the ports are for and the release date.

  6. Good example of a girl with no brains, just stands there looking “pretty” knowing absolutely nothing

  7. those poor girls. Leave them alone damn it!

  8. Whats the difference of this and a normal NETBOOK?

    Its TOO THICK, Galaxy Tab 10.1 wins handsdown for me.

    EDIT: I can see myself there pushing the buttons though ;)

  9. Why the hype. I bought a xoom because its a tablet and fits in my cargo pants. If I want a laptop I would buy one. I wish we would refer to these as laptops and not tablets.

    1. Don’t flame me if i’m wrong. But, isn’t it called a tablet because of it’s touchscreen?

  10. how is this even a product? its a form factor no one is crying out for.
    the transformer and the padfone is where its at for asus

    1. I would like one of these. I hate the idea of having to fiddle with two different pieces. The slider would allways have an accessible keyboard.

    2. I don’t understand your logic and I think you’re talking about apples and oranges.  This thing has nothing to do with smartphone replacement, but rather laptop.  It’s a tablet with a physical keyboard attached and if you think there’s no market, then I ask you to explain how sales of BT keyboard tablet cases are doing alright for both Android tablets and iPads.  People looking to drop the laptop or netbook realize that it’s hard to beat a physical keyboard as an input device for any sort of serious typing.

      Even following your logic, you’d rather carry a smartphone and a dumb dock, or a dumb phone and a smartdock rather than two smart devices?  In any case you’re carrying two devices, why not make them both intelligent and independent? Until they make magic expandable displays for smartphones people will want a larger screen for real work.

  11. That Frenchman doing the video is kind of a dick.

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