Motorola Droid 3 Appears in Verizon Computer System, Launch Imminent?


It’s no guarantee, but the appearance of the Motorola Droid 3 in Verizon’s device management system could be an indicator that the handset will be launching soon. We have heard rumors of a June release, so the appearance of the Droid 3 in Verizon’s computers lines up nicely with that launch window. Other than hinting at a possible launch within the next few weeks, we don’t learn much about the third incarnation of the Droid from the screenshots provided. We do have a pretty good idea of what to expect, however. A dual-core processor, qHD display, and no 4G LTE are looking likely. It should come as a nice upgrade to past Droid models, though it doesn’t look to be as groundbreaking as the original.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Of course since I just bought the Droid 2 :-)

  2. i tried to tell my friends not to get the droid 2 bc the droid 3 was coming out and NONE of them listened

    1. Well, eventually the Droid 4 will come out.  At some point you have to just go ahead and upgrade or you’ll be waiting forever for the next big thing.

  3. Well im gonna get the Droid 3

  4. So it means a Milestone 3 will come to Europe?


  5. Does “O” mean that it will be a global device?

    1. Maybe it means “O-nly if you use Wifi and VOIP”.

    2. I was wondering what that meant also.

  6. no LTE makes this a must buy for me. as all these LTE freaks around me go gaga over their 4g speeds that last fewer than a couple of hours on full charge, i’ll be surfing away (and make/receive CALLS, it’s a phone mind you) at more than acceptable speeds for a full day, if not more.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this. As long as it has a keyboard and has 2.3 it will probably be my next phone. Id PREFER it be a stock android device as well.

  8. No 4G = waste of money.. Screw you and your 2 year contracts Verizon.  And ditch the Vcast garbage too.  Why the hell is their VZ navigator on phones that  have google maps?  what a dumb waste

  9. I need the Droid 3. It will be the finest Verizon Wireless phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Bar none. 

  10. I just wish VZW had another top tier Android phone with a hardware keyboard (wasn’t there supposed to be an HTC device at one point?)  My wife’s due for her upgrade and  she’s made it clear she wants another hardware keyboard.  But the keyboards on the Moto Droids have always been very ‘meh’ IMO.

    1. Yea its called the HTC Merge and its out right now through third party vedors. i.e. best buy, etc.

    2. Yea its called the HTC Merge and its out right now through third party vedors. i.e. best buy, etc.

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