HTC Invests $40 Million in Cloud-Gaming Service OnLive


OnLive – the folks who create a cloud gaming service which lets you stream high-quality video games to your television and PCs – received a big check from HTC to the tune of $40 million, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

It’s the first of two strategic investments we’ve heard about this week, with the first coming in HTC’s invest in Saffron Digital on Monday, a company who works with other manufacturers and carriers for streaming media services. I smell a trend here.

HTC is obviously cooking something big here – no relation to this story we posted earlier – but we’re still trying to figure out what exactly. It’s easy to assume they’ll be putting this into their phones and (eventually) tablets, but when and how is tough to guess.

The Taiwanese company has always been about phone hardware and customized software for those phones, but content delivery is something they haven’t dipped their hand in. With OnLive on their side, they could be banking big on a service that looks like it’s going places, and it would add another degree of value to their already exceptional line of products should they embed it into future handsets.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Quietly brilliant? NO…

    Just Brilliant.

  2. HTC is way past being Quiet i agree

  3. Definately quietly brilliant! Android is on way to be cut free from US influence. HTC will open own App store and no longer require Google approval. This already happening in China. The App stores in China are much better as all game free. Many Chinese handsets are Android based but not approved by US. They still work and are have free games/app in them. Android rocks! Freedom coming soon to all country’s.

  4. @Android Fan
    That Android Market doesn’t work in many countries is a sore point, but I wouldn’t point to China as a shining example of freedom in action, unless by free you mean freely infringing copyrights and stealing intellectual property.

  5. Meh, I don’t like the concept of Onlive.
    It’s really just a video game rental service.
    You sign up and pay a monthly fee to get the opportunity to now “buy” games. Problem is every thing you buy/bought is really only rented. Once your subscription is over or have no data connection for whatever reason you have nothing to show for what you paid for but the bills.

  6. msgnyc,they dropped the monthly fee. For someone with a horrible PC,and wants to play at work/school(;) ) OnLive is PERFECT….would be even better on my Nexus(With some kind of controller/HDMI out).

  7. well, if they dropped the monthly fee, it isnt that bad aslong as the game prices are reasonable. As for a controller, you can always use a wiimote with simple wiimote controller free from the market If you need more buttons, I believe connecting the classic controller to the wiimote works. Tho I wish you could just sync the PS3 controller. THAT would be much better.

  8. Pretty kool for htc they truly are the best manufacturer and supporter of android

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