Hands-on with the Asus Memo, World’s First 7-inch Honeycomb Tablet


Computex is in full swing, and the Android gadgets are out in force. As you might expect, tablets continue to be one of the biggest trends at trade shows near and far, and we had the pleasure of going hands-on with the new Asus Memo, the self-proclaimed world’s first 7-inch Honeycomb tablet. While we have heard talk that Honeycomb isn’t exactly pretty on the smaller screen size, Asus seems to prove that notion wrong with this one. Our buddy Charbax was on site at Computex and fed us over some footage of the Asus slate. Note the Bluetooth handset accessory for placing calls. Seven inches may be small for a Honeycomb tab, but it’s still a bit too big to be holding up against your face.

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  1. “Faster than Tegwa 2”

    Is it?

    1. If it is the qualcom 1.2 chip like they said then yes it is faster.

  2. Any word on Wi-Fi only version… not sure of you mention it in the video, can’t watch it right now… 

    I really hope you don’t NEED that little handset. I want a 7 inch tablet, not a 7 inch phone.

    1. They said only 3G.

  3. “Maybe we confoosed it”

  4. I wish this was available in a few weeks, Q4 is a long time to wait:( 

  5. Great video. I have always enjoyed this guys videos. He asks all the right questions and does a very thorough review. Nice to see him here at Phandroid now.

  6. why carry around a bluetooth accessory the size of a phone when u might aswell just use your phone?? lol.

  7. @ Daveb123,

    because your simcard would be in the tablet. Why pay for a cellular and
    3/4g plan for your phone and an additional 3g/4g plan for your tablet?

  8. Looks awful. Ugly, laggy, stupid accessories. Shamefully ugly.

    Far better to get a 3G phone and tether wifi laptop too it.

  9. Is the screen 1280×800? Can you go over that part again?

    1. Yes. so that makes the screen density…
      215 PPI! GOOD GOD.
       and knowing asus, its gonna be like 200 dollars off contract.

  10. capacitive stylus? this is almost perfect except that part. needs an active stylus like htc flyer.

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