Asus Padfone Unveiled at Computex 2011


Is it a pad or is it a phone? That’s the question Asus has been teasing us with, and, while they managed to keep some elements a secret, we saw the new Asus Padfone coming from a mile away. Still, the new device with its phone-in-pad design made its debut at Computex 2011. After a bit of on-stage theatrics, we get down to the nitty gritty. The Padfone reminds us a bit of the Motorola Atrix and its laptop dock. Did we say a bit? We meant a lot, but we aren’t sure how the concept will play out. Check out the full video above courtesy of our friend Charbax.

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Hands-on with the Asus Memo, World’s First 7-inch Honeycomb Tablet

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  1. It would be great if the tablet can function as a standalone display with DLNA support so you can play video/presentations on it from your phone without needing to plug in the phone


  2. Hope this comes to Verizon…if not, I may have to switch carriers.

    1. Exactly! throw LTE in that little fone and you’ve got a real winner of a combination. I’m so tired of tethering, though VZW would never let go of such a great money maker.

      1. Tethering doesn’t bother me that much.  What does bother me is that if I wanted to get a tablet from Verizon with either 3G or LTE…it ends up being about 80 bucks per month for the data plan only.  I pay $30 for unlimited data on my og Droid, how they justify screwing Xoom owners out of that extra 50 dollars is beyond me.

        …if the Padfone came to Verizon, hopefully since the base device is the phone (I think) it would have smartphone data plan rates.  And this way we can have a tablet without getting rid of our phone and not seem like we’re making superflous purchases.

        I like the idea of smartphones and tablets augmenting each other, so I hope this device turns out to be a success.

  3. Looks like yet another win for ASUS

  4. I may be wrong about this (not to mention too drunk and lazy to check) but didnt you guys at phandriod call this out to be the memo?

    Anyway I love asus products (every pc I build has a mobo by asus and my own rig consists of 4 asus products… mobo, 2 gpu, router) my transformer and wifi router being the things I have bought in past couple months.  Mad props to them for pushing out products like this (so what if its a atrix clone its still another product that pushes tech further and that crapple doesnt have)

    My only issue is no quad. (3d wouldnt kill me either)  Thanks to HTC and their outstanding ability to listen to their customers and respond to them with personalized mail (as opposed to just a simple mass form letter) they have my next phone purchase with the evo 3d.  If asus steps it up a little more though they will have the one after that.

    …Does the girl come with this padfone?

  5. tablets always seemed like a waste to me, since I could do pretty the same thing on my phone.. but not anymore!  Major win for Asus.  I could be crazy, but I think they’re the most innovative tech company out there right now.

    then again, this isn’t exactly an amazing idea.  I had the exact same idea myself a couple months ago.

    1. I think Asus and Samsung are innovative now.
      HTC are not however, people buy their stuff because: It’s a HTC.

  6. I would love to take the model home and peal off her Asus stickers!

  7. I see lawsuit written all over this. I am not sure if there is any company who used the word Pad to describe a product prior to Apple.

    Either way it looks too thick to be a decent tablet.

    1. lol..like notepad in Windows? Pad is a generic term in the english language. Apple didn’t invent it. Jeez.

    2. Lenovo Idea Pad says hi.

    3. yeah MaxiPad

  8. so basically its just a touchscreen addon for a phone? i wonder if they could do it for other phones via their usb port??  

  9. That man looks like the worst salesman I have ever seen in the history of sales. Is he playing to be a magician, is he selling… no-one knows.

  10. For the love of god…. these asian girls are branded all over their bodies…. what has the world come to….. lol

  11. I would toss the pad and lick the ASUS stickers off the models, I’m just saying..lol

  12. Call me when the PadFone has a romantic eveing with the Transformer…throw in a fully featured office suite and i’m in.

  13. Damn…this makes my Transformer look primitive! 

    I hope this model will have the keyboard add-on (as Doron has said above), as this will make it a complete solution!  Better-yet, I hope it will work with the Transformer’s keyboard, so that I can scavange it  :)


    1. The only thing that needs to be killed is the public airing of your opinions.

      1. shut you hole if you have nothing to contribute. dipsh*t

        1. Ha! THAT’s your comeback? You need to be schooled in the fine art young boy.
          No finesse, No class and No substance.
          In short. A village idiot.

  15. I’d love to bum the girl who models it.

  16. I thought I heard 3G, that made me throw up alittle in my mouth.

    Please for the love of all thats holy and good, make the/a compatible phone that has 4G LTE compatibility and launch it on Verizon

  17. makes me proud to have a P8P67 deluxe!

  18. Asus getting the press attention is
    obvious for the never before features of its Padfone. With no details leaked
    about the version of Android will be running the Padfone speculation has it
    that it can be expected when ICS is launched. Well, all of us are waiting for
    Padfone along with Ice cream sandwich!

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