Samsung Prepping Samsung Galaxy S III for First Half of 2012


A good portion of the world (North America) has yet to receive the Galaxy S II and we’re already hearing about a Galaxy S III. JK Shin, head of Samsung Mobile, has mentioned to the Wall Street Journal that they’re aiming to release the next generation flagship in the first half of 2012.

We don’t know anything about the Samsung Galaxy S III at all, but we do know Samsung likes to one-up themselves as each release goes by. That’s not to predict we’ll be seeing a quad-core chip inside the GSIII alongside a ton of other beast-like specs, but we don’t expect to be disappointed. He also mentioned they’d be bringing a 4G LTE-equipped Tab 10.1 and 8.9 later this year, but we’ve known that since CTIA. [via BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Anyone going to skip the SGSII entirely and wait for the SGSIII instead? The SGSII’s not even available in my country yet and news like this comes out. =/

    1. nope, always the same game. I’ll wait, then another great phone is announced => still waiting -.-

    2. Nah ive been talking my self into just being happy with a dual core phone. Im tired of waiting. And if things continue like this we wont have the SGS 3 yet in america and they will announce the SGS 4. So i love my droid but ive had it for 2 years and im super ready for a new phone. I’ll be satisfied with the SGS 2

      1. I will wait for SIII. Most people will. Tegra 2 is outdated already.

        1. Fortunately, the S2 is not running on Tegra2 but on the much beefier Exynos chip.  I’m not waiting an extra year for the S3.

          1. Most will. Tegra 2 is crap

          2. Can you read?

          3. Most will. Tegra 2 is crap

          4. Most will. Tegra 2 is crap.

    3. And I am buying new superphone each year. I’m just compensating the fact that i missed the first 3 pentiums era, where every new cpu was 2-3 times more powerfull. At least I’m in phone and arm SoCs era, and moore’s law still going for now.

    4. When exactly were you expecting a SGS3 coming out? In 2013? This was to be expected…A new generation of phone can come out every 10 months. I’m sure that once SGS3 is out we’ll hear SGS4 will appear early 2013(shocker!).

      1. I was kinda expecting it to at least be in the 2nd half of 2012 =/ Heh.

    5. The S3 wil probably be available in your country roughly one year after the S2.  I know I’m not waiting an extra year…

      1. Yeah I thought of that after a while. I’m going with the SII! :D

  2. Whatever you buy, it will be outdated in a few months or weeks even. I remember laughing as I saw an article about the first dual core phone coming out and everyone so excited and then the next day reading about the Kal-El chip coming out soon.

    1. so what, the day it comes out is it better then anything else on the market? yea so why not get the BEST, who cares if it is only the BEST for a couple months? computers are the same way, every 6 months or so another generation of tech wether it be CPU, GPU, or whatever typically comes out, does that mean don’t buy the best at the time? if so then you will never buy a computer or a phone because something is ALWAY around the corner.

      same with iPhone, why buy an iPhone4 cause 5 is coming, and then when 5 comes out, why buy that? 6 is going to be coming too.

      1. No. We techies don’t want outdated products due to arrival around the same short time. SIII Tab we will wait for. The dual core is still too slow!!! Samsung knows so thats why they introduce the SIII tab

    2. Im skipping buying a samsung phone all together… Samsung sidestepped me when they put out the Epic 4g. They postpone Android updates so as to not out-do other manufacturers.

    3. wtf are you talking about, my Galaxy S1 is almost a year old and still better than most phones out there.  I can use this phone a couple more years with no problem whatsoever.  Just like my computer is a Q6600 that’s 4 years old but runs everything perfectly fine.

  3. I just hope the Galaxy s2 comes to T-Mobile. Anyone hear such things?

    1. got mine yesterday

      1. how did you get yours?

  4. Every time I see news like this, I just think of the Best Buy buyback commercial and laugh

  5. Galaxy SII  tab is dead on arrival. Better to just wait for the SIII tablet

  6. This is not unexpected, the Galaxy S II just came out a month ago, so a new version coming out a year later is expected…silly talk about the Galaxy S II having a short life, get real ppl… pathetic (shakes head)

  7. This is why I have bought a Samsung Galaxy S and I wont be thinking about buying another phone for at least 2 years.
    Products (and their investments) have their cycles, so do purchases.

    If you go and buy “the next big thing” every 6 months just because they added a new set of features, then you will regret 6 months later.

    I saw this guy’s comment about him feeling cheated because he bought a Galaxy S, 4 months ago, and now the Galaxy S 2 has a better specs and software.
    That’s just dumb. I wonder how he feels about the SGS3 now.

    In the last 2 years Android has been constantly changing and we saw 2 iterations of the OS come and go, but do you really need to change your phone 4 times in that period? If you have plenty of money to spare, then have a great time, buy them all, and send me some of them because I wont say no, BUT your current phone STILL makes calls AND can run the majority of apps it was supposed to run 2 years ago if the hardware is still working fine and dandy.

    Avoid the Need-VS-Want by loving your tech and being a better geek.


  8. This news is obvious. Like how there was a Galaxy S last year and Galaxy S II this year, obviously they’ll be a Galaxy S III next year. The Galaxy S II tops everything this year. Period.
    And knowing Samsung, the SIII will probably do again in 12months time, again.

  9. Is anyone surprised by this?

  10. Oh my google!! Wii still don’t even have the Galaxy Player yet. Can’t they slow down. -_-

    LoL!! I guess so… So by next year, Ima need to get a new laptop since my laptop is a 2.1Ghz laptop. LoL!! Phones would have better processors than me. LoL!!

    P.S. I know the difference, being sarcastic. So don’t harass me.

  11. The better question is how lOng will it take to launch the s2 in US? I know I’ve got several phones, including dx2, bolt, and incredible, iPhone 4, droid 1 that I’m waiting to ditch all for the galaxy s2. Can’t frigging wait. I know they better launch this with exyenos up in here and not no bullshit tegra.

  12. I have yet to see a samsung product of any kind was was not a low grade POS. But then again they are a quantity not quality company. Samsung is the walmart of technology.

    1. Galaxy. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

    2. Sorry but at least Samsung products are made in jorea & japan. I’d rather have that and its super amoled then crappy builds from china ans Taiwan thanks very much.

  13. With the hardware advancements our broadband connection is still crap. PRetty useless if you got the high end phones but fails with the experience of online connectivity

  14. SII TABLET is already outdated. 

    1. The only thing outdated is the opinion of yourself. That plus your opinion on every other thing that you see fit for public consumption needs to be wiped out. I’ll be glad to see to it.

  15. I just bought a SII in KL last week – to replace my working S. Major upgrade. One of the main reasons was to have IPv6 WiFi for World IPv6 Day (June 8). Worked great – we had dual stack WiFi running and I could surf to IPv6 sites like a champ. I upgraded my S to latest firmware, but still no IPv6.

    I really like the new display and sturdier “gorilla” glass front. It’s noticeably faster on many things.

    Disappointed the SII didn’t make it out with Near Field. That would have been cool.

    Overall, a big win over the S. SIII will have to be a real killer to convince me to upgrade again in only 1 year. If it has LTE Advanced (not LTE, but REAL 4G), that would do it.

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