How’s Your DROID X2 Treating You?


So the DROID X2, Verizon’s first dual-core DROID, is out and you guys have had a bit over a week to play with it. How’s it working out for you thus far? Taking a look at the DROID X2 section of AndroidForums.com, it seems a few of you are having issues with music skipping while multi-tasking.  It doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, but more than a few reports have mentioned it. One forum-goer tried to circumvent the issue by playing his music over bluetooth and it didn’t present him with the issue. Anyone else experiencing anything like that?

Others are having overheating issues, with one user saying theirs was so hot they had to put it in the fridge to cool it down. In the same thread, others are mentioning the mp3 skipping issue detailed above.

On lighter notes, folks are loving that $20 DROID X essentials pack that gets you over $100 in merchandise for the cost of your daily food intake. And here, folks are talking about which original DROID X cases they now use on their (nearly) identical DROID X. The only incompatibility is that the DROID X cases will have slits for the camera key, but there is no camera key on the DROID X2. We’re sure you won’t mind for a quality case, though.

What about you guys? Is the DROID X2 going well for you? Having any issues? Don’t forget, Kevin has posted his review of the device so if you’re still on the fence about trying it, you may want to give that a look.

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  1. Question. How does the dual-core aspect effect battery life?
    I’ve heard people say it’s better, and others saying it’s worse that way.

    I know the OS at this point isn’t optimized for dual-core, but that it can make certain things a bit snappier.
    Will dual-core help battery life once Android has been optimized for those CPUs?

    1. since i have gotten the DX2 my battery life seems a bit better now. some games used to reallly drain my battery fast. the DX2 seems to helped that not be the case. altough recording video is still a big drain on the batery gaming seems to not be so bad anymore.

  2. Droid X2 sucks ass and looks horrible. I will definitely wait for the samsung galaxy s 2. Way faster, better GPU, plus more memory and WAY better looking dislay.

  3. Just like with BlackBerrys of past, those with Droid X, should be given a chance to purchase this at a deep discount…I mean a hardware refresh? No LTE? WTF Motor/Verizon?! In military terms we would say “you just lost the initiative” by not having a dual core and LTE phone out by now. Get it together – FAST!

  4. It’s not an iPhone and I will only use an iPhone…..And iPad, even though I don’t know what to use it for. 

    1.  Typical iPhone user, you don’t even know what to use your devices for. What has this world come to?

      1.  You guys are idiots. this is about the DX2 and yet you bring up the iphone again.

        1. That swooshing sound is the joke going over your head.

          1. iPhones and iPads will soon assimilate you as well Chad. We are apple for we are many!

    2. O_o


  5. I came from an OG Droid. This thing FLYS!!!!  The screen is a disappointment for me. The colors (especially greens and yellows) are dull and not vibrant at all. The whole screen seems a bit washed out and the blacks are very “bright” if you know what I mean. Very pixilated compared to the Droid 1. It seems to be different for different websites, so software rendering may be to blame, as well.

    However, even with a custom rom and overclocking on my Droid 1 it still lagged a bit. This thing is amazingly fast. No lag on screen-to-screen animations…ever! And that’s with Moto Blur. Launcher Pro Plus screen transitions look gorgeous. So, the screen is a trade off, but it’s time for a current chip set. I’m overall very happy.

    1. I’m actually really surprised by these comments.  A lot of haters, as usual, but even the users have a lot to complain about.

      This phone is excellent.  The qHD is really stunning.  I’m not sure why you’re saying you’re having color issues.  The iPhone’s screen can’t even keep up to this phone’s.  It’s easily the best screen on the market, and the best part about this phone.

      I’m a big gamer, and so I’ve been emulating all week with this thing.  I can go hours playing gameboid without huge battery usage.

      The phone is snappy.  With Launcher Pro laid over it, it really zips around.  It has yet to lag for me.

      Pandora works great.  Haven’t had a chance to upload music to it, but I’m waiting for my 32gb card.

      Video and Camera are excellent.  It’s def better than the og X and while it’s not HDR like the iPhone, it is crystal clear with obviously improved focus.  The HD videoing is really great, too.  They are huge files.  Way too huge for sending to anyone, but great for editing or whatever you’d need HD video on your phone for anyway… =/

      With hundreds of accessories out for the og X already, my phone is set to go.  I do not regret my decision at all.  In fact, I WAS holding out for the Bionic or the SG2, but I needed a phone asap (other one broke) and got this.  Best decision I’ll make this summer.

      1. I would just like to say, the Charge screen puts the X2 to shame. Same with the camera. I do wish it was as zippy though.

  6. The Droid X2 is way faster than the Iphone. I have a co-worker who has the newest iphone and my droid X2 is so much faster than her iphone and my two friends brand new iphone 4s on youtube and buffering videos. The Droid X2 is just a great phone if you dont want or need 4G. Its fast enough on 3G. YouTube even pulled up and buffered faster on my Droid X2 than my girlfriends computer! hah! I love it! All these ppl who are freaking out about the things that they wish it had are ppl who want an “everything phone” with go phone money! This thing does everything that you will ever need it to do! Its an Amazing Phone

  7. I’ve been really enjoying mine. I’ve got a xoom, so I’m not worried about LTE or a front facing cam… if I video chat it’ll be on that.  I come from the first droid and have actively watched android grow since the G1 (my gf’s first phone) She just got a Droid Charge, and I’ve got say dispite what I’ve read… I MUCH prefer the screen on mine. They higher resolution is great. The Droid X2 is MUCH MUCH easier to see in sunlight than anything I’ve used before (which is a lot)… way easier to see then the Charge and really bright. I’ve been using mostly with the Brightness all the way down.  The battery life gets me through a day. It’s not as good as I was expecting, but it’s still really good. I had a high expectation since my xoom was getting 12-14hrs of regular use. (I’m very pleased with the xoom btw). 

    For me the biggest surprise was actually that I like the additions Motorola added. I’ve been a long hardcore vanilla android guy… so this crazy that I’m saying this. But I like the gallery/the social display/ the blue status bar and fade effect when pulling it down. They’re all pretty cool. I of course put swapped the launcher with launcher pro.. but the one they had was bad… just not for me. I like the task manager they added.. I like the battery management. I like the orientation transition. They added a lot of cool eye-candy and it flies through them. Mine was getting a little heated the first day or 2, but I’ve not noticed it the last couple days. 

    I did root it of course cause there was a number apps I couldn’t remove or kill. There was probably 60 some megs of ram in use for absolutely no reason. The extra IM services, blockbuster, world clocks, amazon mp3, verizon’s crappy apps… all these I didn’t running but couldn’t stop. After I rooted and got rid of these… it definitely ran much better. This would definitely be my biggest gripe.

    I was planning to just try it out and see if I wanted to keep it or get a charge like my gf, or wait for a galaxy s 2/Bionic. I’ve got to say I’ll be keeping this. I don’t like the touchwiz on the charge, and which means I won’t like it on the galaxy s II (which doesn’t have my often used search button) and I don’t think it’ll be worth the wait for the Bionic.Expecting an OK, the Droid X2 leaves me impressed and I highly recommend checking it out before putting it down. 

  8. Havent played with the x2 yet but I will say this, my droid x is pretty good for just about everything I need to do on it. I have had problems in the past where the lagged a little due to a weak(compared to current processors) processor but I would imagine the dual core takes care of that.
    To the people who are doing nothing but complain about this device and want to wait for other better phones just remember this: the charge n thunderbolt were supposed to be the coolest latest most advanced phones out there and both are riddled with problems. My x on 3g SMOKES my coworkers charge on lte in every single catagory and no im not rooted or overclocked.
    Also, this same coworker went with me to get my droid x the day it was available and got one of his own too. Since then he has had an iphone 3gs/4, samsung captivate n fascinate, just got the charge n tried the thunderbolt out for a couple days. His response to me this morning after showing him the netflix app (again, im not rooted) was “man I never should have got rid of the x.” THINK ABOUT THAT when u sign that 2 contract.

    1. However in a world where video chat is becoming the norm, im shocked there is no front facing cam. Like I said, I love my droid x but will not be getting the sx due to no front camera. LTE is for stupid people who think they will get faster speeds even though the commercials tell u that 4g and lte do not have anything to do with speed. That’s buying a car for its 400 horse power engine only to find out that 400 horse power has nothing to do with its speed(which everybody does anyway so I guess its a bad example). Point is lte is 50 bux a month for slightly faster speeds 10% of the time…if that is worth it to you then hey, go for it idiot

      1. 4G LTE price is $30, the same price as 3G. it is only $50 if you purchase a 4G phone without a voice plan

      2. You have no idea what you’re talking about. And…your friend does not have LTE service, if he’s getting the same speeds that you are on 3G.

        1. agreed

  9. It is treating me exactly like my first one.

  10. First : My background. New to smartphones and Android, light use of the GF’s Droid(1) but overall I would say newbie. Previous phone was the LG Dare.
    Overall : This is a nice phone, I am pleased
    Screen : I like the large screen and see not to many issues with it. If I don’t know it is supposed to be green what is the difference? But my market screen looks green as does my battery bar (and I did just look at it). Maybe I am lucky?
    Sound : The voice quality is clear and speaker phone sounds great too, remember it is a phone. =D
    Speed : I have yet to see it really lag. I think, once, it was a little slow but it was downloading my email at the same time.
    WiFi :Using the WiFi has been great, really snappy there.
    Feel: It just feels solid, slim profile but with some weight. That is good in my book.
    There are only 2 downsides in my mind of this phone that I have found:
    1. Battery Life, but I am probably doing more with this phone vs my old one. So that maybe just me and my usage. It is something I can live with and that 20$ deal has given me a charger everywhere I might need one.
    2. It gets warm at times. Not excessively hot but warm to the touch. Down on the lower back side, near the speaker phone port.

    Sub’d, I’ll try to reply to any questions.

  11. I am really like mine. Had droid x and love the x2

  12. Since we’re doing comparisons and things- I’ve used a G1, OG Droid, Droid Inc, Fascinate, D2G, G2X, and this.

    First and foremost- the screen, once you get used to it, is amazing.
    Second- the battery is weird. Sometimes I can get 13 hours, others 8.
    Third- i’ve had times it got hot, but only when playing Dungeon Defenders: FW. 
    Forth- This thing Does have blur, but once I put launcher pro on it, it was even snappier than the G2X. (Not sure why.)
    Firth- HDMI mirroring is amazingly fun.

  13. New X2 user here.  I came from an iPhone 4 and this is my first time using Android.  The OS seems quite buggy at times but I like the flexibility and love the form factor of the X2.  Overall no regrets!

    Since I don’t have any experience using Android, I’m not sure what is due to the hardware build or the OS.  I can say that my screen flickers on and off at odd times (lock screen and when docking or connecting to USB/power).  I haven’t made too many calls on it, but it does get a litter warmer than I expected.

    What’s up with the battery?  Does Droid not do percentage charging?  Weird.  Plus I haven’t quite figured out the status light.  The support docs say the solid green light is when the battery is low/dead.  But on my X2, it is solid green every time it is plugged in (either USB or power).

    1. UPDATE:  The above post was after having my X2 for one day.  In the following few days I contemplated returning the X2 as I felt rather disappointed by the Android platform.  But after spending time digging deeper, I can say that I’m overall happy with the device (both hardware and software) and will keep it.  You can thank the Nexus S for that.  I played with one yesterday at BestBuy and came to the conclusion that Moto Blur can be blamed for my lack of being wooed…not the hardware or Android itself.

      So realizing that stock Android is what I consider perfect, I’ve looked passed the imperfections of Blur and took a less subjective view of Android overall and decided that for me, it’s a keeper.  I know, I know…you’re reading this to hear my thoughts on the X2.  Well, overall I’m not impressed (strictly Blur speaking).  The overlay and widgets makes me feel like the phone is a few years behind…2009 was a great year, but we’re half way to 2012.  The only thing I can do is ask, “why?”  Why do we even need it??

      I also read-up on rooting and did that.  Plus I’m starting to figure out other items like themes, launchers and whatnot.  Even with a locked down phone that is taking away the pure bliss of a stock device, I’m having fun with what is still open and configurable.

      As far as hardware, I’m very happy.  I picked the X2 over the Droid 2 and Incredible 2 (these were the only three choices we allowed through work) for its utilitarian and industrial type design.  It’s a perfect size phone and while 

      With a lot of blog reviews I’ve read, the screen seems to fall short.  Personally, it works great for me in day-to-day use.  Sure, I guess the pentile screen is not perfect under a microscope, etc…but it looks great for everything I do.  I can in fact tell a difference between it and the iPhone 4 but at the end of the day, I’m not that picky when it comes to screens of similar quality.

      Battery life has been good.  I can go a whole day and then some with natural, moderate use.  And speaking of charging, I bought two X2 accessory packs and find both multimedia docks a pain to use.  I’m glad I only paid $20 for each pack as I find it a pain to fiddle with getting both the HDMI and microUSB slots to line up and sink onto the male plugs.  ‘Drop and go’ is what I need, not messing around with alignment.  I’m sure the ports will loosen up a bit but I hope it is not at the expense of the cosmetics of the device.

      The camera is ok and I have no real complaints.  Similar to the view I had above on topic of screens, I remind myself that I’m not a professional photographer and that all the pictures/video the X2 takes are great for everyday use.  Really!

      Ok…but here is what I don’t like (for now): the physical buttons.  I usually navigate and control my phone with light taps of the finger (or thumbs at times).  Speed is a benefit of touchscreen.  But I find it annoying to have to adjust my pressure, hold and overall speed to properly push the physical buttons.  This is just a personal preference but something I noticed and think l would have benefited from touch sensitive ones.  This of course may change as I continue to use the phone and get used to it.

      Also in addition to my previous post, I have verified with Motorola that the notification light has all sorts of known issues.  They said it will be addressed soon.

      I still use my iPhone daily as there is a number fiasco I have found myself in the middle of but hope to come to the point where I cannot do without my Droid device.

      Wrapping up, I really like this phone.  For me it is the perfect style, size and feature fitted device.  While I was writing all of the above I asked myself, “am I trying to justify sub-par features?”  No, I’m not.  I realize this is not THE flagship phone and thus do not hold it to that level or comparison.  For me the phone works and I like everything about it…except the buttons and Blur.

      Sorry for all the rambling!  Thanks!

  14. Ok so I bought the DX2 yesterday at my local Verizon store, I have the D2 now and couldn’t be happier with it, I just wanted the bigger screen. I got it home hooked it up to my computer to transfer my media over to it, when I noticed it was talking a very long time for the files to transfer, it took over eight minutes to transfer about 1gb worth of media. I new that something was wrong, I had a brand new memory card that I had bough and never used, so I though I would replace the card that came with the phone with my new one and try it again, and I was right, it was the card. I was willing to let that go but turns out that was not the only problem it was having, I have all my pictures in there on folder, such as xmas 2010, Destin 2010, sons first birthday and so on. and on my D2 when I transfer the folder to the root of the memory card and then open the gallery I would see all my folders, not the case with the DX2, all the pics would be there but not the folders, so when you open the gallery it would open all 800 pictures at the same time. After doing some reading, I found out that you could group your pics in folder but it had to be done on the phone, that means that you have to open up and look through 800 pics and pick the ones you want and then label a folder for it, and then start again until you have all your pics in there on folder, what a pain in the ass. Well I started with the Destin pictures, made my folder and then when on to the xmas pics and when I told it to make a folder for those, it just went back to the home screen without making the folder, after three tries, I had, had enough, I though there has to be something wrong with this phone, so I took it back to the Verizon store today, keep in mind I had only had the phone for less than 24 hours, the guy at the store tell me he cant swap it out if he cant replicate the problem I was having, so I asked him did he have a any pics he could load and a way of loading the pics, his answer was NO, so I said, NOW WHAT?, He says there is nothing he could do for me, so I tell him that he can just give me a refund and he says sure I can do that. So he could give me a refund but could not swap it out, and it was not because he didnt have any either, I just dont know what to thing about that, I have not had any problems at all with my D2, I thing I will just keep it until it dies.

  15. Bought it yesterday, returned it today.  Blue cast in Pictures, ig distortion on ear piece speaker at high volume (buzzing).  Camera activation slow.  No heat issues. Motorola ‘skin’ too far off the reservation. Hard Keys really need to be virtual.

  16. Locked bootloader  = fail, The X2 will fail just like every other Craporola device since the original Droid which wasn’t locked down. Those dickwads at Craporola don’t have a clue that’s why they’ll be looking for a new job this time next year.

    1. I must say, that the X is one of the best selling androids there was. I see 20 x’s to every evo. Then again, Sprint has no service here. I see way more than Incs. By far.

  17. I Have had this thing for about four hours and in the first ten minutes noticed the music skipping aroung a bit as I was setting up my accts ect… I did start using the pre installed Slacker radio, I used to use Pandora and I think I might like this better? I am coming from an OG droid that was getting rather slow lately, and overall I am very pleased with the x2. Screen kicls ass! I was a bit mad about the whole no 4g thing at first but I live in a part of south florida that probably wont be getting it any time soon so we will give it 20 months or so:) Front facing camera is not an issue for me, not a huge fan of actually talking on the phone anyways. Other than that no complaints, that might change but thats what the next 13 days are for!!

  18. I have been seeing some issues with mine. 
    The first thing is music while multitasking.  It cuts the app or cuts the song, depending.  I also have been noticing lag when typing on the keyboard at certain times.  I have had the heat on one of them so bad I had to take it back from a melted back around the bottom of the backside.  The one that bugs me the most is the battery life.  I can charge this thing completely overnight and by noon it is gone.  There is no way this thing will be able to keep up with my texting, games, and/or calls throughout the day.  I have the phone rooted and have installed some apps and settings to keep the battery life at peak, but it still doesn’t last near as long as my original Droid.

    I really love the smooth scrolling, HD camera, and just the overall feeling I get from using it.  I wanted to hold out for the Bionic, but 4g isnt going to be in my area for another year or so, and I don’t need a front facing camera.  Other than that, so far from the rumors, that is the only difference between the two…oh and the X2 was released.

    I really want to get some custom ROMs to play with, but haven’t seen anything that works so far.  If anybody knows of some that could work, let me know.

  19. So I have the Droid X2 and I am so sick and tired of the music skipping issue I can’t take it. I’ve tried several different players and every one of them gives me the same skipping music issue.

    Not only is the skipping music an issue, but when recording video, that stutters really bad as well. I changed the default storage to the internal storage instead of the SD card and that helped some.

    To be honest, I bought my way out of my ATT contact so I could experience Android, I payed 200.00 and signed up for two years with a phone that I would barely call high end. I think the only reason I would call it high end is because of the Tegra 2 dual core procs. Other than that, I’m not having much fun playing with a stuttering, laggy brand new smartphone. Would I buy it again? Probably not. My only hope is to learn how to root it.,

    1. Rooting it is not an issue.  Get your hands on a copy of gingerbreak and your golden.  I am looking for ward to the day that the lock will let go and we can flash new ROMs onto it.  That will be the day we will see many of these issues go away.

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