Amazon Taking Memorial Day Sale to Next Level: Nearly Twenty 4G Phones Will Be Free Monday


Amazon may have slashed prices on their selection of 4G smartphones for the holiday weekend, but they aren’t done yet. On Monday, the same selection of phones will drop to the sweet price of free when purchased alongside a new two-year contract. Phones included in the free-for-all Memorial Day sale include the HTC Thunderbolt, Nexus S 4G, Samsung Droid Charge and the newly released LG Revolution. If you’ve been on the fence about committing to a 4G device, the decision may have just been made for you.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. o_O

  2. dang!

  3. Even for free I don’t want any of Verizon’s 4G devices.

    1. Why?  I have the Droid Charge and love it, although we don’t have LTE up here (Mendocino County, NW CA) yet.

      1. “It’s a 2010 phone in 2011!” “It’s a galaxy S phone with 4G stuck in it and sold for a much higher price!” “Insert some other dumb arguement even though this is actually a pretty good phone”

        1. I’d agree with those arguments at $299, but this is FREE.  If you think this hardware is lame, head on over to the Apple store and buy a year old iPhone 4G for the same price as when it launched.

          1. Just to be clear, he meant the fourth gen iphone that has slow 3g speeds.

          2. I am sure you didn’t call it slow when you had 3G

      2. if no LTE, why did you pay that much for a useless phone then????

        1. He’s probably going to stick with the phone for the term of his contract.  In those 2 years, Verizon just might get LTE coverage there.  They’ve been quickly opening up new areas.

        2. you dont pay anymore to have 4g and it is backwards compatible to 3g so when your not getting internet at a 10x faster of a speed you can still exp the internet with 3g…. Thats why

  4. I’m guessing this doesn’t extend to upgrades.

  5. Hot Damn gonna jump on that because apparently Big Red is the only sevice that will work for me here in los angeles. Left AT&T today because it is impossible to make a phone call in my apt. Went to sprint and brought home a nexus 4g and the service is even worse. No Txt, No Gmail, No Phone Calls. Here I come Verizon!

    1. Lovin T-Mobile in LA

  6. makes deciding for a nexus S for $0 versus shelling out $200 for a evo 3d when it comes out …

    How does it work with amazon?  Can we order phone and not active for a month?

    1. FWIW, when I changed carriers to Verizon to get the original Droid, which I bought from Amazon, the phone did not arrive activated.  It actually sat for a day or two before I activated it and up until then my Sprint phone kept on working.  I don’t know about a month though.  Why don’t you call and ask them?

    2. Honestly, the nexus s would be a better choice than the gimmick 3d. (I am an HTC fan too) but having a experience device makes android better IMO.

    3. Well, I’ve been thinking about it.  Still very torn.  I played with a friends Evo 4G, its a nice phone. 

      The pros I see for the nexus s: 
      1) price . its free
      2) AMOLED screen
      3) stock android.  Will get updates as released.  I’m hoping ice cream in the fall will support this device (it should).

      1) no sense. 
      2) no microsd support
      3) antenna issues. 
      4) older hardware compared to upcoming evo 3d. 

      Did call amazon.  7 days to activate.  Don’t believe they accept returns or exchanges of opened phones. 

      Makes things more difficult. 

  7. for some reason, i’m not seeing enough source on this from mobilecrunch or mobiledia. i will believe it if i see it on monday. (unless someone can kindly show me the announcement direct from amazon =D)

  8. don’t believe it. Why would they drop prices $50 for Saturday/Sunday and then suddenly for free on Monday?

    1. because monday is Memorial Day and places usually have Memorial Day sales?

  9. Too bad I only have an early upgrade available, no chance of redeeming that on Amazon.

  10. Did you say “free”?  Well gosh, I’ve been waiting and waiting for a LTE phone that has a dual-core processor.  But…

    There’s no solid release dates for such phones…  The current benefits of dual-core in phones are questionable…  And now, I might be able to get a nice single-core LTE phone (that is indeed fast) for free………

    I must say this is an interesting offer.  But I have made attempts at some of Amazon’s “amazing offers” before.  The moment the item goes on sale, the site quits responding, and when you finally get the page open, the item is sold out.  We’ll see how this goes……

  11. This isnt for upgrades is it?

  12. I’ve been very happy with T-Mobile in San Francisco, but on the other hand the 4G LTE Hotspot I got at Google I/O has also been pretty fantastic, and even outperforms my home Internet connection at times. But the coverage seems to be a lot more hit-or-miss than T-Mobile’s.  So, should I just stick with T-Mobile, even with the worries that they may turn into AT&T within the two years?

    And if I do go with a T-Mobile device, which one should I do? The Sidekick 4G has that nice keyboard, but its specs are a bit anemic, and it would be a huge downgrade from my Nexus One in that regard… the G2x has great specs, but I’d like a hardware keyboard, and there’s the concerns about the build quality.

    Basically, I am lazy and want the Internet to make decisions for me.

    1. Go with T-Mobile. But I would wait for this summer. Then you could chose from the sidekick, g2x, sensation, and samsung hurcules

      1. Agreed! Not to mention there has to be a new nexus on the horizon as well.

  13. Free Android Phones Galore! Hell Yeah!! FREE FREE, I LOVE FREE!

  14.  HTC Thunderbolt Nexus S 4G Samsung DROID Charge
    That’s quite a phone, I wonder how they got them all together? :D

  15. I’m going to have to sit this one out and wait (impatiently) for the Samsung Galaxy S2 to arrive in the U.S..  Probably going to be a little while until 4G blankets the midwest anyway …

  16. I’ve been trying to get a few of these for the better part of 12 hours. If you’re on Sprint and have any discounts applied to your account (and doesn’t everybody?), fuggedaboutit.  Once you get to the checkout process, you get denied and there is nothing you can do about it. I spent time on the phone talking to Amazon and tried to make changes to my account. No go. I’ve got two breaking Palm Pres and not sure what to do now.

    1. What kind of discounts? The Amazon Wireless Beta site states that they can’t transfer over discounts from carriers at this point.

      1. I’m not asking them to carry over the carrier/service discounts. I’m just trying to get the phone for the price they advertised as an upgrade, as advertised. I’ve been approved for the upgrades from Sprint. But because I get a discount on my service plans (I’ve got two plans, for six different lines) they say they can’t approve the upgrade at Amazon.

  17. I just ordered the Incredible 2 for $79… a free Charge?  Hmmmm

  18. fake, what is the real source?

  19. Its Monday, no deals?!

  20. phandroid fail, no sale guys.

  21. I definitely have a different opinion of free… No sale..

  22. Phandroid is so irresponsible posting a story like this without any solid evidence. It prevented me from ordering my phone earlier, as I believed the hype. You guys are no different than tabloids to me now, to many reposts from other sites with no shame, I hope you enjoyed the hits this false article has given you, a** holes.

  23. Didn’t happen.

  24. yea seems odd, no free phones i am seeing either, think i’ll head over to the stories origin and see whats up there though

  25. yah I don’t know who came up with this story but it’s not true..i just tried to buy a LG revolution and it came up as 149.99 …

  26. This is what happens when all of the blog sites copy and paste off of each other. Major fail!

  27. HTC Inspire 4G for $0.01 sounds free to me idiots.

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