Motorola Pushing Software Fix for Atrix Mobile Banking Compatibility


When Motorola issued the 4.1.83 update for the Atrix 4G on AT&T, the devices ability to properly communicate with the mobile apps and websites of several financial services broke. Never fear, Moto is pushing forth a small update to remedy the problem as we speak. You’ll need to grab the Atrix Certificate Updater from the Android Market and follow the simple instructions to get everything in working order. Remember, you’ll need to be on the latest version of the Atrix software for the update to stick.

[via DroidMatters]

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  1. My phone hasn’t been updated to 4.1.83 yet. How can I remedy this?

    1. go to settings>about phone>system updates

      1. I had tried that and I always get “Check for update was not available at this time.  Try again later.”

        Anyway I googled it and figured it out.  I fixed it by doing this:Settings->Data manager->Data Delivery->Social Applications->Sync over WiFi only After unchecking this box reboot your phone and try again.

  2. Bank of America still not working for me after getting certificate, rebooting, even uninstalling and reinstalling BOA app. Anybody getting it to work for them?

  3. Oh boy!  A crippled phone with banking!  

  4. No wonder my Android phone’s been acting up lately. Gosh enough with the glitches, please!!! F!!!

    1. Junk phone is junk and motorola sucks. Up yours moto

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