Mysterious New Asus Tablet/Phone Finds A Name: PadFone


It was only last night we found the teaser pic for the mysterious new tablet/phone from Asus and I immediately dismissed the device as the Eee Pad MeMO but could I have been wrong? (Gasp)

Well, we didn’t have much to go on, just assumptions and speculation but now it appears we have a name. Thanks to PocketNow, who did some sleuthing around in the FCC archives, we now have a name to give the Asus hybrid phone/tablet. In the aptly named Padfone (not to be confused by the iPad or iPhone), Asus has brought together their most brilliant, creative minds and delivered this title no doubt bestowed by the tech gods. (Sigh)

Well, besides the name of the tablet/phone, the FCC filing also shed new light that the device will be compatible with a capacitive stylus, adding more fuel to the fire that this is indeed, a rebranded Eee Pad MeMO (with an even sillier name). We’ll give you more details once this Tablefone, er- Padfone is unveiled at Computex next week.

But what do you guys think of the name? Bad? Good? Its not like a name could really hurt sales, I mean, just look at the Asus Transformer. I’m curious to hear what you guys would have come up so leave your ideas down below.

[Via PocketNow]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Keyboard plz? :]

    1. Well its not called Padfonebook is it?

      1. Its not called the PadFoneFormer =p @khaloodh:disqus 

      2. Well, it doesn’t need the “book” part to have a keyboard. Never seen my phone being called a “PhoneBook”. :P

  2. That’s one dumb name! One of the worst i have ever heard actually.

  3. Awful name. 

  4. That’s so lame. How about PadFoneMacAppleSteveJobsWannabeWinMoAndroider?

  5. What is that – like, 1 inch? o_O

  6. The name sounds like something a toddler would say. I guess if you’re building a joke you want to call it a joke. 
    I think I would call it “APhoneTab”. 

  7. “Pad” is a horrible name to embrace for a tablet device. Pad indicated something soft (perhaps absorbable) or a platform of some kind. Tablet or slate are much better.

  8. Should have gone with Phad.

    (I’m a tablet owner…it’s a joke)

  9. Asus, I bought your Transformer and it made sense when you named it that, but this has got to be the corniest name I have ever heard. Please change it to something else, Please before your brand is ruined. A name makes or brakes a brand. Why not 

    – PhonePad
    – TelePad
    – RingPad
    – TeleTab (Sounds like teletubies)
    – CallTab
    – CallPad

    I know these are lame too, but I think they sound better than what you came up with. Padfone. 

    Hey can you give a ring to your boss? 
    Sure. Let me get my Padfone. 
    Your what?
    My Padfone.
    You mean your PhonePad?
    No I mean my Padfone.

  10. I agree with those above, dud name.  And using Pad will increase the chances of inciting action from Apple, how with the word Pod previously demonstrated they have a penchant for lawsuits around common words.  Using the term Pad though does add a wannabe element to something which otherwise sounds like it might be quite innovative sadly.

  11. The name is not stellar, but an accurate stylus would be incredible for anyone dabbling in creative endeavors.  

  12. Tabphone works for me :-D

  13. i think most products are named by the mentally challenged and toddlers! but who am i to judge, most of them sell regardless. I still think the Wii is one of the worst offenders and look at its sales. Also putting an i in front of a noun seems to work just fine for a manufacturer.

    1. also googled pad phone and found this strange ipad rip off

      mostly because I always forget that misspelling is a way of naming a new product. padfone brought up all the news. 

  14. I don’t care what they call it, it’s a great idea and what I’ve been looking for.

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