No NFC, No Problem: Google to Issue NFC Sticker for Wallet Services


Google doesn’t want a lack of NFC support in most devices to deter users from their Google Wallet payments service. At a Q&A sessions taking place after today’s announcement, it was revealed that Google will be issuing NFC-enabled stickers to users to facilitate mobile payment processing. The sticker can be placed on the back of your phone, though it doesn’t actually need to an Android handset to work. You won’t get the full-fledged Google Wallet experience, however. The sticker will be tied to a single credit card number, assigned by the user. With some finagling you could potentially have access to more accounts by tying the sticker to a Google Prepaid account (bonus: you get $10 of spending money just for signing up), which can receive deposits from various sources.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Anyone see/hear anything about PayPal support?  I like the idea of keeping my credit card info away from web sites by using PayPal.  I suppose if I only shopped in physical stores, I could use Google Wallet instead of PayPal.  Since I do shop on the web, I’d like to have everything go through PayPal including Google Wallet.

    1. people keep talking about PayPal support for Google services, however, I’m yet to see it

    2. I like the idea of keeping my purchases away from PayPal by using Google Checkout & Wallet. Remember what they did to Wikileaks…

    3. Considering Paypal is suing Google for stealing trade secrets, I doubt there will be any cooperation between them.

    4. But what’s keeping your credit card info away from the PayPal website??!?

  2. Any mention of the authentication or security in the flow.  The only video I saw so far showed a guy buy something at a vending machine but they didn’t show hime entering any pins or passwords.  I would like to know that if someone stole my phone, they wouldn’t be able to buy things with it.

    1. yes, there is a pin. You can lock and unlock your wallet. 

      1. Anon is speaking of the NFC stickers, I believe.

  3. With the whole sticker deal….what happens when someone steals my phone or takes the sticker off the back of my phone. Does it automatically disable it once removed, or will it just be like my credit card being stolen where I would have to report it?

    1. The same thing happens when someone steals your physical credit card.  All major credit card companies protect you from bogus charges.

  4. The Google’s step towards a open commerce ecosystem is going
    to draw a lot of attentions from the retailers as they get a new way to target
    their potential customers and also increase the buyer population. However, the
    geotargeting option might be a safeguard measure to save the public from
    privacy intrusion. 

  5. Wow, Google is getting as bad if not worse than Microsoft in copying others products. Stealing trade secrets be it pay pal or who ever is serious. I do app development and on my projects, I have anyone who is contributing info, or attending a party I throw over the said item sign a nda. Is it so wrong to tell people don’t be a douche and come up with your own crap, and not to  play what these two deflectors of pay pal did coming over to google.

    1. What?

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