Netflix Update Working on More Devices than Advertised


The latest update for the Android Netflix app brought about support for a few new handsets, but it turns out more than those listed can take advantage of the new APK. It appears that Netflix has lifted the device check that was preventing the app from installing on nearly all handsets, and the application has been found to run on many more handsets than those listed in the Android Market description. The Droid X2 and Xperia Play are streaming video just fine, though the Motorola XOOM and non-rooted Thunderbolt aren’t having quite the same luck. Things seem pretty hit or miss, but you might just luck out with your Android handset. You’ll have to install the APK from outside the Android Market, you can grab the download over at the source below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I feel like such a sucker watching Netflix on my Nexus One, when i have my Xoom sitting next to me.

    1. Yeah it isn’t working on the Transformer either. Hopefully it will soon.

      1. Doesn’t work on the samsung captivate either. It just shuts off when logging in.

    2. Yeah… feels so wrong doesn’t it?

  2. I use my Xoom and portfolio case to prop up my Nexus one. The sound is much better when it bounces off a much larger and POTENTIALLY more capable device.

  3. Any word on if it works on a rooted Nook Color with CyanogenMod?

    1. Yes it does, you have to edit your build.prop though. Dont be afraid, just do it.

      1. I have the modified build.prop already, but i wanted to know if this new update works without modification.

        1. it started working on my nook color last night w/o updating the build.prop.

    2. It is working on my NOOK Color with zero modifications.  I am running CM 7.0.3.  Amazing!

  4. Still not working on Xoom?

  5. Doesn’t work on rooted TBolt (stock sense framework) 2.2

    1. It’s work on Droid X 2.2 through wi-fi.

      1. works perfectly on my DX (rooted 2.2.1) over 3g w/ no issues.

  6. Hey Netflix, how about not leaving paying customers in Canada out of this!
    Might as well just download movies while we wait…

    1. The problem is the difference between the rights to the movies/shows on Netflix and the differences between those rights in the US and Canada. Don’t blame Netflix, who is a US based company.

  7. Working on OG droid running latest stable build of CM7

  8. Galaxy tab?

    1. It doesnt work on the 10.1 Tab

  9. Installed and runs on the Motorola Atrix unrooted

    Still as ghost image and green bar

  10. Doesn’t seem to work on unrooted MT4G. Just loads a white screen.

  11. Doesn’t appear available for the Droid X?

    1. Working great on my DX! Just download the .apk.

      1. Are you downloading from the Android Market?  I don’t see it. Do I need to be rooted?

    2. working great on my rooted DX running Apex 1.4 on 2.2.1

  12. Anyone get this working on the Fascinate?

  13. Doesn’t work on G2x. Just opens and closes right away.

  14. Woohoo!  Rockin’ it on my OG Droid!  And the picture is surprisingly good.  I’m shocked.  In fact, the picture quality is way better than it is on my analog TV [I know, I know, don’t say it ;)].  I just thought I’d see some stuttering issues or something, but after about 20 seconds, all the bitiness went away and it was smooth sailing.  I’m totally elated. 

  15. Works on my rooted Acer Liquid E 2.2…. in Canada. I thought it was US only. Lucky me :)

    1. Woops. Spoke too soon. Everything works but payback is double speed. Lol. I haven’t reset so maybe it will clearly up, but not perfect like I originally noted.

      1. I love being paid in double speed :D

  16. Unrooted MT4G: Opens fine. Allows me to login and and select show to watch. Loads show and plays for a second before exiting back to app’s home page. Sigh.

    Unrooted Galaxy Tab: Opens, but closes after attempting to login. Double sigh.

    Unrooted Google TV: It works!

  17. it’s only available for VERIZON DROIDS. Not available for the rest of us. CAUSE MY ATRIX needs it and I would appreciate if NETFLIX just put the damn app on my phone so I can watch my movies.

    1. Wrong. Nexus S is not Verizon. Nexus One is not Verizon. Evo 4G is not Verizon. G2 is not Verizon. Also please stop calling Android phones “droids”. Droid is a phone line from Motorola. Android is the operating system we run.

      1. Wow..I wonder if Motorola considers my HTC “droid” incredible 2 part of there line up?
        Your a genius!

      2. Interesting, You better let Motorola know that Samsung released their Droid model under the Name “DROID”  Samsung Droid Charge

  18. Unbelievable … it does NOT run on my T-Mobile Vibrant, but …I’m streaming to my NOOK Color running CM 7.0.3 oc’d to 925.  Brilliant!

  19. Works great on unrootes evo using wifi! Havent tried 3g yet.

  20. It’s working on my NC w/CyanogenMod w/out any edit of the build.prop…just tested it 10 minutes ago

  21. Netflx for me-

    1.Inspire 4G, rooted and running CoreDroid 6.6 Gingerbread ROM-I get an audio stream, but just a white screen for video.
    2.Asus Transformer stock Honeycomb ROM, unrooted-It just says the Netflix service can’t be reached, and goes back to the Que Screen.
    3.Samsung Droid Charge-Rooted, running Stock ROM-Same thing as the Transformer.

  22. T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant w/ FROYO.UVKB5.

    Launches, gives you login screen, then closes.

    1. It does the same thing on my ATT Samsung Captivate.  

    2. The one at Droid-Life force closes on mine. The other one worked fine but with a green line.  Optimus V

    3. Same here on captivate

  23. The apk installs and Netflix runs on a stock Thunderbolt, but the movies never play.

  24. Works perfectly on a rooted DX 2.2.  2.3 tomorrow though and then it probably won’t after

  25. Works perfectly fine on Motorola Droid X w/ stock 2.2. Btw not my phone of choice My Incredible was smashed while working and this is what the stupid insurance company sent me. lame.

    1. i’d say you lucked out…DX is a way better phone.  Root it and unleash the true power.

  26. Why does it look like garbage on my DX?

    1. works great and has HD quality on my DX

      1. rooted, running apex 1.4 on 2.2.1

        1. rooted running darkslide 4.2 (apex was garbage imho, had zero voice)

  27. I have been watching Netflix on my Viewsonic Gtab with CM7 for a while now.

  28. Please help runs on my rooted dx running 2.3.151 (2.2) but runs at double or triple speed which makes it unwatchable since the audio is chipmunk like. Anyone know how to solve this?

  29. So, I just downloaded, installed and tested Netflix on both my devices and it’s working perfectly on both =)

    For the record, I have the Archos 70 Internet Tablet (SSD version) and my old, reliable  Droid. That’s right, the Droid’s still got it. Almost two years later and it still has less problems than most phones on the market!

    I have to say, the fact that this app works perfectly on my Archos 70 (budget tablet) and my two-year-old Droid flawlessly doesn’t say much for all the newer phones out there having problems. Both devices only have 256MB of RAM and the Droid only has a 600MHZ CPU. 

    Something tells me people are going to be a lot more picky about their next device,

  30. Netflix has been working fine on my iphone 4 and iPad2 since they first launched. At least I dont have to worry about lucking out, cause it’ll just plain work.

  31. Runs flawlessly on my rooted leaked gb droid x

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