[Update: It’s a Concept] Sony Ericsson Android-Powered Cyber-Shot Phone’s Supposed Press Images Surface


[Update]: We’ve been duped! Well, not really, because we did initially question whether or not it could be believed. But whoever did it did a damn fine job. Let’s hope Sony Ericsson takes some cues from this concept render and adapt it to what we believe to be the first Android-powered Cyber Shot phone. [PocketNow]

Was that leaked photo of a supposed Cyber-Shot phone just a bit too blurry for your taste? Try these crisp, clean and clear press shots on for size. We have no idea where these came from considering Sony Ericsson has yet to officially out the thing, but it definitely is not the first time press shots have preceded an actual announcement.

The device has a distinct curviness to it and has that all-important 16 megapixel Exmor sensor – that thing totally rocks on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and is by far the best phone-sized sensor on the market today. Judging from the back shot, it looks like you might be able to expose the camera by pulling down a switch, but that’s just my own assumption.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, though – we absolutely must question whether or not these shots are real. They look professionally done and look about as close to official press images as they can get, but the original shot of the device showed hardware buttons on the left and right sides of the Home button, as well. Here, it appears they’re only capacitive buttons.

That’s the only thing we can question, though, as the buttons, logo and shape of the device were the only things we could pick apart from the original image. This render is definitely shaped just like the leaked image we saw before, but that isn’t enough. If it’s to be believed, we can also expect a front-facing camera. [via EuroDroid]

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  1. Looks fantastic. Hope it’s real. Also hope SE makes a phone that works with AWS. With their hardware and their new policies I really want my next phone to be SE. And I really want a Cyber Shot android…

  2. looks PSed to me…

    1. Sure, but press ‘shots’ are often not only PS’ed but are in fact vector or 3D modeling art. I wouldn’t discount the validity of this just because it’s obviously digitally created and/or enhanced.

  3. I love Sony’s products and this looks Sexy :)

    1. Agree wish something like this would come to verizon.

  4. Wow that is a sexy looking phone.

  5. sorry guys, it’s only a concept http://www.concept-phones.com/sony-ericsson/fell-sony-ericsson-cybershot-yiko-design/

  6. HELLO?? and what about THIS: http://pocketnow.com/android/sony-ericsson-cyber-shot-android-debunked-images ??

  7. the back looks amazing….im not much of a fan of the frontside though

  8. Ah, dammit. I wish Sony Ericsson would base their design on this one anyway. Thanks guys!

    1. agreed, cracking design

  9. Not crazy about the Home button, but this is a sexy phone regardless.

  10. Love the lens cover idea.  Fake or not, this should become standard.

  11. Sheeeeet that is SEXAY!  Hope they do it in black as well…

  12. In case there is any question, that is just a computer concept model…often done by electronics companies to gauge response to a new product before final cosmetic molds are cast.  Greg mentioned above…

  13. I was just saying to my brother the other day that there are sooo many great photography apps on the market wouldn’t it be awesome if a camera came out… like a dslr that ran Android!  I’m not sure if this is quite what I had in mind but a phone with a true quality camera in it would definitely be a huge buying pro in my case. Most phones have failed trying to do that though.  Look at that Samsung memoir… all it could do was take good pics.  IT was slow as hell and ended up being a complete failure.

  14. I had a Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone a few years back, and it was fantastic.  Back when 2mp camera phones were the shyte, my 3.2mp Cybershot was top notch.  Still the best camera phone I’ve ever owned (beats the hell out of my 5mp Droid, and 8mp Incredible). 

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