Sony to Bring the Cyber-shot Brand to an Android Device?


Sony has a wide range of successful brands, products, and technologies that we have begun to see crawl into their Android lineup. Sony Ericsson has thrown everything from an Android-laden Walkman handset to the PlayStation Suite of the Xperia Play at their growing range of smartphones, and new whispers suggest another brand might be revitalized with Android in the near future. Images have surfaced of a touchscreen device sporting familiar Android buttons and none other than the Cyber-shot name above them.

There is little to go off of but a couple of blurry images, so there is no telling if this will end up being a camera with an Android interface or a full-blown smartphone with an emphasis on photography. We wouldn’t doubt the latter as SE’s recent strategy seems to focus on creating devices that serve niche sections of the market. Create enough of these devices and you have the market covered. Take it as rumor for now, but we’re interested to see what Sony might pull of with one of those high-powered image sensors.

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  1. I’ve never really thought about it before, but it’s pretty cool that Sony is implementing their different brands into diverse Android lineups. I’m interested to see what else they may come up with.

  2. Sony vaio tablets? Or phone

  3. Interesting. I think the K800 was the last SE camera phone that a lot of people went gaga over. (Don’t sue me Lady Gaga! :P) It seems that was the beginning of the downhill slide SE started into though. That’s when it started getting really hard for SE to release a phone in a reasonable amount of time.

    I was very happy to see SE try to get back onto the scene but quite frankly, I’ve not seen anything from them that makes me want to jump onto AT&T. I doubt I ever will either. They’ll probably pack too high of a MP count into this thing.

  4. Ha ha, right, my dad still use his K800, it’s indestructible. It was a great device.

  5. Eventually, we’ll see a Playstation-Bravia-Cybershot-Walkman-Vaio android device from SE

  6. It doesn’t matter what brand name they put on it, until Sony starts updating their software in line with other manufacturers they will still be garbage.

  7. I actually spoke to SE at the SE Xperia Mini launch even in London last week about this.

    They said there were no plans to do this sort of thing. With the reason given that their new phones are not going to be classed as “only being good at that one thing”. They want them to be thought of as good at everything.

    Thats the official line from them anyway.

  8. I’m all for this if it is a smartphone (don’t need more devices). I’ve always been very happy with my CyberShot camera’s – and would really like a smartphone that could actually take good pictures of my kids indoors.

  9. Gimme a Xperia Play 2 with a 12mp cam and quad core by Christmas.

  10. Sony Ericsson is NOT Sony

  11. Isn’t it just like the first “rumors” of Xperia Play? Or should I say, smart marketing campaign?

  12. How about a cybervaiostation with a 20 MP camera, core i7, and integrated Playstation Move?

    Also, make it play blurays.

  13. This is interesting. I always want an andriid with sliding lens-cover. Though I’m not gonna buy this one, I hope this urge Samsung to bring its own pixon line to android world :D

  14. Lets hope it has a xenon flash & much bigger battery. Nice

  15. I love Sony products so this is definitely intriguing news/rumors.
    in my opinion, Sony and Samsung are tied for some amazingly attractive hardware(and even UI) with Motorola a close second….No comment on HTCZZZ

    I loved the camera on my xperia x10 and i own a sony camera and it’s amazing, so this is pretty interesting to read

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