Check Your Inboxes – Another Wave of Google Music Beta Invites Going Out


It started with Google I/O attendees and was shortly extended to a larger group, but not everyone has been able to get in on the Google Music Beta right away. Judging by our inbox today, however, another wave has just gone out. Folks who signed up might want to check their inboxes because a golden nugget could be there waiting for you. And if you need help setting it up, Rob has put together a neat walkthrough right here. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. yepper got mine last night!

    1. Got mine at 1:30 PM EDT. Downloaded the PC Music App, selected where my music was stored on the PC and the app was off to the races uploading my library. Opened the Music app on my Acer Iconia A500, music was there in Honeycomb splendor :-)

  2. Got mine this morning

  3. Got mine about lunch time yesterday …..

  4. havent got mine =(

  5. Nothing for me yet :'(

  6. I got my invite and downloaded it and it works great!! THought he uploads seem to take alittle while but when it is loaded it syncs to the device quickly and the Instant Mix feature is genius and works great and the features are nice also. One of the greatest music players I have ever used.

  7. Still waiting…………..

  8. Got mine earlier today!

  9. Still nothing for me…  Of all the things i have ever wanted out of android.. it was just better music managment.  WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME GOOGLE!  Guess I will just have to wait… more…  lol.

  10. Got mine:)

    1. Got mine too :D

  11. Nothing here

  12. Got mine yesterday ;)…

  13. Still waiting :( I signed up for invite within 30 secs of them announcing the signup page while watching the I/O live video feed…

    Must be random or some other criteria is involved I guess..

  14. Yeah! Got my invite yesterday. Loving it so far!

  15. I got one in my gmail and my g-app accounts within minutes of each other last night. I’ve already lost interest in signing up for it since I have no intention of using it.  I haven’t used my Amazon account except for once.

    -Grumpy Old Man

  16. I got mine last week… 600 songs out of nearly 2000 uploaded… still got 100 CDs I’ve never ripped to my computer… dreading that.  At least uploading happens easy enough… just fire up my laptop and let it roll for a few hours.  The CDs require a little too much manual intervention for my liking right now.

  17. Question – if you get an email saying you’re invited. Can you use an alternate email account before you start using it? I have two invite requests. I just would rather use one account over the other.

    1. I received 2 invites for my 2 gmail account and I don’t think you can use the invite for any other accounts. Google Music will be activated via your email link. And once you download the music manager, it asks you to login to your account before any uploads are allowed.

      1. I am running GNU/Linux, Kubuntu specifically. So, are you saying that you cannot upload music without using their manager?

        1. Not web upload function, only through their app (which is very un-google approach).

        2. I loaded a Virtual windows enviroment and it uploads just fine, i run ubuntu so i know it works

  18. I got my invite on the first wave. It took about 3 days to upload around 6000 songs but it definitely works as advertised. 

  19. Where is the sign up page?

  20. Got mine yesterday and loaded up 1700 songs since. It certainly works as advertised but in my opinion they have to get a way to purchase music wrapped up as well.

    1. True. I am a Google fan, no doubt. I have been testing Amazon’s Cloud Player out and the way you can listen to a song on Pandora, go buy it and then it auto downloads to your A cloud is a slick user experience. Google knows this and has hinted more times than not that it cannot implement this because the labels are a PITA to work with. I liked one news article suggestion a few weeks ago that Google should just buy the top labels and be done with it.

      I will still switch to Google Music once I get an invite and will also gladly pay for it (also a paying Pandora user), I just like Google’s ethics more than Amazons. 

  21. Love GM so far, but the upload manager could be better.  I love how Amazon Music Cloud allow you to upload playlist, individual songs, folders..etc.  Not much options in google music manager, which is the biggest downer for me.

  22. Why US only……??? EVIL!!!
    I hope dropbox-audio player learns to implement playlists soon, then I might even prefer that over music Beta (for the simple reason that you can share folders;) )

    1. You may also want to check out Amazon Cloud Player.

      1. Amazon Cloud Player is nice but I am ditching it as soon as I get a Google Music invite because Google has better ethics than Amazon. What Amazon did to Wikileaks irritated me to say the least.

  23. Fragmentation

  24. Still didn’t get mine yet. Oh well I’m probably part of the next wave

  25. i got mine earlier this afternoon, been slowly uploading my 100 gb’s of music

  26. I just made a happy little girl noise at work :)
    Got my invite 

  27. I got mine 30 minutes ago.

  28. I got mine last night also….Woo Hoo!!

  29. got mine just as i finished reading this

  30. I got three invites, on three different google accounts. I wonder if this means I get 60,000 free songs on the cloud. Now to get 50,000 songs. 

  31. Nothing

  32. Those of you that have it already, does it only support MP3 or what formats does it support, I’m personally wondering if FLAC is covered

    1. MP3. FLAC’s are transcoded to 320kps MP3.

  33. Got mines today around 12 pm!!! So excited!!!

  34. Got mine :D. Super excited! I’ve been dying to try out this service since it was announced last year :P

  35. i love this service so much

  36. got my invite. very happy with the service. now what they need is a zune pass all you can eat type thing. with all the music avbailable to you everywhere. 

  37. Still waiting on mine.
    I’m kinda surprised CR-48 owners weren’t on the list to get them early, but what can ya do.

  38. Received mine yesterday as well.  Already uploaded all 4500 songs in my library!  I have to say, Google streaming to my phone is faster than Amazon streaming to my phone.  We’ll see which one I ultimately stay with!  Thank God for competition.

    1. How long did your upload take? Did you do it all overnight or split it up between 2 days?

  39. Finally, I got my invitation this afternoon. So far, I think it’s pretty awesome. Music Beta does everything that I could want a streaming music service to do…


  40. Got mine earlier today.  I’m totally loving the interface and options.  Now I just wish there was a native chrome extension so I didn’t have to keep the google music page open to play my music.

  41. Actually this is about the third wave. We xoom owners al got invites last week

  42. where and how do you sign up for it? is it too late to do so?

  43. Same. Got mine yesterday. I’ve started uploading some songs, but it’s taking a while. I noticed it uploaded the song I had on Repeat, but skipped the rest of the album. I dunno if it was just coincidence.

    It was nice to just “pin” the album (only 3 songs were in; you can’t pin individual tracks), walk to my car, sync via bluetooth, and have the same song on Repeat while driving to school. :)

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