Sprint Now Taking HTC EVO 3D, View 4G Pre-Orders


RadioShack isn’t the only place you can get your HTC EVO 3D pre-order on, as Sprint retail stores are now taking reservations for the upcoming handset without a confirmed release date. While the final price of the handset hasn’t been revealed (hint: it’s looking like the standard $199 on a two-year contract), the EVO 3D can be reserved by trading $50 for a Sprint gift card good towards the eventual purchase of the phone.

If you’re looking for the HTC EVO View 4G, the tablet can also be reserved with the same $50/gift card exchange. We suspect the final pricing on the slate will come in a bit higher then the eventual cost of the EVO 3D, however.

[via Engadget]

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  1.  Oh man I dont want to but, tentations is upon me!!!!!

  2. Don’t know what I will do, I’m not due for an upgrade and I’m wondering if I should just hold on to my Evo 4G, possibly just get a cheaper Tegra 2 tab and call it a day…

  3.  it’s so nice :)

  4.  me want!

  5. What do u guys think Richard and ray did first? Pre order, or do each other while speaking EVO and wimax? I’m guessing Pre order came after.

    1.  Took you long enough to learn the new system here I thought they got rid of you but now your here again that’s great you’ll fit right in with the other dweebs on this site.

      1. Shut up foo!

      2. “Took you long enough to learn the new system here…” Maybe he just didn’t care until now. Ever think of that possibility dumbass?


  6.  Nothing beats evo 3d enjoy……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ynmqtopi9g

    1. SGS2 pisses all over it. 

      1.  SGS2 not only doesn’t piss on it, it barely matches it spec wise. Plus, it hasn’t come out yet and is still a long way away. I don’t think you thought this through. EVO 3D is the top dog when it comes out and many will match it. Eventually many will beat it, including a new EVO or whatever is to hit Sprint next-gen. I can’t stand this pissing contest pitting one equally powered phone with another equally powered phone and saying it’s the best. Little children infest this site.

        1. Umm, the SGS2 already released. I would be willing to bet that it has ALREADY outsold the EVO3D, even if it didnt sell another one. While Sprint wont be able to sell enough to even compare.  And it does, in fact, piss all over the 3D. “Barely” matches it specwise?  Sure, but, it does it in a far better form factor. The thinness, screen, camera, all go to the SGS2. Plus, the 3D uses its resources to run the gimmick that is the 3D screen, while the SGS2 uses it for raw performance. As seen in the Quadrant scores.

          1. I’m starting to think that you hate on anything Sprint/HTC releases for the sole sake of hating on it. If you hate it so much, why waste time making posts about it? Just ignore it if it’s not your cup of tea. I think Samsung makes shit products but I give them credit for their sales. They have a strong following as well as HTC does. HTC provides a much better build quality where Samsung provides a magnificent display. Each manufacturer has their differences. You like what you like and we like what we do. Are you giving me money to buy my devices? I didn’t think so. Take your bullshit elsewhere.

          2. I would say build quality goes to Samsung. Their hardware is tops, their software can be buggy. I have had HTC. The Inc was a fantastic phone, poor battery life. I had the TB, fantastic phone, but again poor battery life. And the speaker “grill” o the back, the “metal” one, was just a sticker that started to peel. Yeah, real quality build there. I was just stating the 3D isnt “tops”.

    2. Here i will fix it for you- “Nothing else on Sprint beats it”

  7. It would be a lot more tempting if that rumored 4.3″ *non*-3D phone hadn’t appeared on the horizon (the Await? The Awake? The Ampersand? Who cares!?)… I’d rather all my processing and battery power go towards keeping a normal 2-D phone running, rather than propping up some obsolete-before-it’s-out 3-D GIMMICK… 

    1. you will not have to worry about that, since 3D functions are used on demand.  ONLY when you want them.   

      1. I know the hardware 3D switch is for the camera, has it been confirmed that there will be a software switch/toggle for the screen?

        1. From what I understand, only video, pictures, apps and software written in 3D show up in 3D. The majority, if not all, of the OS is in 2D. Although it has a 3D effect (think like video games are now, they are 3D looking, but don’t pop out of the screen). And, of course, you can take photos and record video in both 2D and 3D.

          —– Reply message —–

          1. Ahhh that makes sense. I hope it really is like that. If I end up getting it, I certainly don’t want everything to be in 3D all the time. That might get pretty boring.

          2. I hear ya. Trust me, everything is not in 3D all the time. It’s mostly on demand. Also, there are some good demos of this you can find with a YouTube search.

            —– Reply message —–

  8.  Enough with the SGS II comments. We get its a bad ass phone. But some people just don’t wanna wait ahah.

    1. Was just setting Dick straight. 

      1.  Oh i wasn’t coming at you, ahah you do what you gotta do lol.

        1. What is he doing???? Guess tha’s a good question now isn’t it…Based on what I’ve seen he isn’t doing anything important….

          1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! HE’S not doing anything important?! What about you, you sad sorry little girl? What are you doing that is sooooo “important”? Cleaning toilets at the homeless shelter you work at?  Please. Go make a blog and post all your “important” things there. We certainly don’t want to hear it.

      2. Oh yeah set me straight….That’s funny….

        1. Considering basically everything you say is completely wrong, ANYONE has the ability to set you straight. E3D processor better than Sensation’s? WRONG. Sprint’s simultaneous voice and data over the same network? WRONG. Average battery life for the Thunderbolt being 4 hours? WRONG. Claiming the E3D would be out on June 4th (which you then changed to the 3rd, then anywhere between 3rd and 5th, then back to the 3rd)? Apparently wrong if the rumors hold true. If only you’d open your eyes and ears to the sad sad truth…

    2. Or we don’t want an awesome phone being taken care of like shit. No updates, no anything. Yes Verizon, im still mad at you about the FroYo Fascinate thing. 

      1. You do realize, the SGS2 already had multiple updates? Not bad for a phone that hasnt released yet. 

        1. What does that have to do with Verizon pushing out updates for the Galaxy S phones?

          1. He said he doesnt want a phone that doesnt get updates. I was just pointing out the phone has already had multiple updates. Yeah Verizon took a while on the Fascinate, so did every other carrier in the US.

          2. Ok but his point is still valid. He did not receive an update b/c of his carrier. It would be the same thing going forward.

          3. You can predict the future? Maybe it was more a problem that each carrier had their own version, and that is not gonna be the case this time? And, like I said, every carrier had that problem. Even Sprint.

          4. I don’t see what that has to do with anything. He clearly feels that he was slighted and doesn’t trust owning a Samsung device for the sake that he may not see updates. It’s a legitimate reason.

  9. For the Last time…..You dont have to use the 3D feature. You have a choice to enable it for Videos, Photos, etc….reading is fundamental. If its not, seeing the 2D/3D switch on the side sure is. 

    1. So, other than the 3D, what exactly does this phone have over, say the Atrix? 

      1. A way better GPU. Tegra 2 is old. That Adreno 220 is bananas. Not downplaying the T2 by any means but the Adreno 220 puts out much more than the T2 does. Not to mention it’s made by HTC, not Motorola (who has a tendency to lock their bootloaders).

        1. I am pretty sure HTC has a tendency to lock their bootloaders as well.

          1. Really? Give me an example of one besides the new and upcoming.

          2. Umm, ALL of them (save for the Nexus One). If you mean “encrypted” you might have a point.

          3. I thought that was a given.

          4. Well there is a differance. I didnt “assume” you were ignorant to that. And, it looks like the “locked” atrix is not the only one of the two to see an “encrypted” bootloader. Now, the 3D has even less over the 6 month old Atrix. Guess I know now.

        2. htc is locking the evo 3d and the sensation

          1. You clearly didn’t read what I posted two posts down.

  10.  What is the deal with Sprint not announcing an official launch date yet? I’m having a hard time believing it will be available on June 4th if they have not put out the date yet.  Thoughts?

  11. @squiddy20… You sad little basement dweller sitting at your mom’s house I’m surprised she allows you to be there but that’s what all kids do hide in the basement. Take your sorry samsung moment and go buy a clue or if your unable to afford to do that then maybe your mom can help you… These forums are for grown ups not children playing in the basement on there mom’s computer. Get lost do that for all of our sakes

    1. Irony?

      Are you seriously telling me these forums are “for grown ups not children”? Either you’re the real Dick Yarrell and don’t know how to sign in, or you’re a sad excuse for an impostor. Either way, I’m not the “child” here. I’m not running around screaming how Sprint/HTC are God and denying the facts. As for my housing situation, how do you know if I do/don’t live “in [my] mom’s basement”? Maybe I live in a room on the third floor of our house. Maybe I have my own place. Maybe I’m renting a house/apartment with other people. Hell, maybe I live with my dad. Fact is, you don’t know anything about me. Please don’t try to. You’ll utterly fail like you just did.

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