Amazon Eyeing Holiday Season for Launch of Tablets Priced at $349, $449 [RUMOR]


Amazon’s plan for a lineup of Android tablets is slowing being pieced together through a series of rumors emerging over the past week or so. We learned last week that the online retailer is aiming to bring at least two tablets to market, the Tegra 2 slate codenamed “Coyote” and a powerhouse Tegra 3 device known as “Hollywood.” Word is that the tablets are being aimed for a launch during the Holiday season, meaning they are still a way off, but we are now learning of the potential pricing scheme for the two.

It is said that the 7-inch Coyote will debut for an extremely reasonable $349 while the 10-inch Hollywood will go for a meager $449, a price we’d be willing to pay for a Honeycomb tablet of that size even without NVIDIA’s next-gen quad-core CPU. Take it as rumor for now, but given Amazon’s penchant for bargain pricing we’d say it could be very likely. Could we be looking at this Holiday season’s must-have gift?

[via DroidLife]

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  1.  The e-ink / iPS switching rumor and these prices would bring them potentially into reason.  I think the golden price point is $200 – 250 for under powered and $350 for beefy powered.  You’d put a tablet in everyone’s hands at those prices.

  2. Wait, the 10″ hollywood will get the tegra 3 chip??
    (and 7″ will be stuck with a tegra 2?)

    1.  I can live with a tegra 2 chip.  Just have ICS and the OS upgraded in a resonable timeframe after each new release of the Android OS.

      I just want a 7″ tablet that will always have the most recent Android OS without rooting.

    2. Yes. Because they want a cheaper version too, except I don’t think $350 will be that cheap for a dual core tablet with say 4GB of space and 7″ screen. It should be $300 at most, maybe even $250.

  3. I doubt these will be honeycomb. Amazon wants to launch their own app store, not google’s. And Honeycomb hasn’t been open sourced yet. Google isn’t going to work with Amazon if they don’t include market access.

    1. It’ll most likely be using ice cream sandwich seeing as google will be launching it around the 4th quarter of this year and it will be open.


      1. ICS isn’t likely since it’s scheduled release is way too close to the product launch.  Good point about Honeycomb.  

        The fact that Honeycomb hasn’t released as open source yet doesn’t mean Amazon couldn’t get an Apache 2.0 license from Google for Honeycomb (without Google apps). 

        On the other hand, according to the engineers I spoke with at Google I/O, Honeycomb isn’t easily packaged and isn’t tagged for release with in git.  

  4. I hope they have full sized USB ports

  5.  Please link back to our blog if you’re going to use my image!

  6. If its using Tegra 2 it needs to release early summer to be relevant. Tegra 3 is going to be out at the end of the year. 

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