Radioshack Begins HTC EVO 3D Pre-Orders, No Launch Date Yet


If you want to be one of the first kids on the block to own the HTC EVO 3D, it couldn’t hurt to head to your local Radioshack and inquire about pre-ordering the device, which still holds no official launch date. The Shack won’t be advertising the pre-sale, but employees have been given the go ahead to offer it to customers who ask nicely. You will need to purchase a $50 Radioshack gift card to reserve your very own 3D handset, and who knows how long you will be waiting for the actual release. We’d imagine it can’t be too far off if retailers are taking pre-orders, but we all know how these things go.

[via Engadget]

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  1.  Is it better to wait for Sprint’s online preorder or Best Buy or Radio Shack?

    1. Good question, I did radio shack last year and they threw in 25.00 toward in my case some nice ear buds. This year I have a preorder with best buy. I always liked radio shack.

  2. I wish they would come out with a date already, its getting ridiculous. 

  3. #Grin Another EVO out the park!

    Samsung fanboys in 3, 2, 1…

  4. Sprint doesn’t want to announce EVO 3d release date and price because they have a current promotion going on ($125 service credit for porting to Sprint and instant rebate on 4g phones like EVO Shift, Evo 4G, Nexus S and Epic 4G).
    My guess is the release date will be after the current promotion ends on June 23,2011. So you heard it here… AFTER June 23, 2011. 

    1. I say June 3rd it all lines up perfectly to last year sprint likes staying the course. I preordered my evo 4g may 12th 2010 last year and launch day was June 4th. Everyone who brought the original evo on that day have billing cycles of June 1st sprint don’t like changing billing cycles for customers or pro rating usages. Trust me June 3rd will be the day and by the end of this week sprint will make it official so the entire world will know.

      1. stfu 

  5. JThis pretty much closes the deal sprints #1 partner is selling the device. Best buy started their preorders 2weeks ago and now sprint is also allowing preorders since last Wednesday. I love going against the grain cause so many outright haters exist on this site I love stoking the flames. Here is a tid bit for you guys the Evo 3d will be released June 3rd and sprint will make it official either this Friday May 20th or Saturday May 21st MARK THAT DOWN ON YOUR CALENDERS. Thanks to tmobile and their upcoming June 8th release of the Sensation this helped out us sprint customers we may have had to wait till June 17th. This is going to be a great time. Sprint/Evo 3d haters it’s your turn to chime in……

    1.  Do you mean May 20th and 21st?? June 3rd is a great date for me!! I am getting it! I have my deposit at Best Buy Mobile. Thanks for the Info.

      1. Yes I mean may 20th or May 21st that bozo squiddy dude is nothing more than a comment troller. Every comment I make on any site he trolls around reposting his twisted assine comments he can’t help his ways ignore him most of us do.

        1. be gone ye troll 

        2. Correction you stupid “bozo”: I have only commented on any other website you are affiliated with once. Just once. And shortly after being posted, it was seemingly deleted. I troll your sorry ass on this site because you post such ridiculous, untrue BS. You argued with many other people and myself about how the processor in the E3D was “better” or “more advanced” than the processor in the Sensation, when in fact they are not. You blast people’s opinions simply because they are different from yours. You create stupid names for things such as “Thunderdud” and “AssT&T” while CLAIMING to LOVE everything Android. And for the record my comments aren’t “twisted” you moron. They’re purely logical and factual as opposed to speculative and heavily biased. Also, it’s “asinine” not “assine”. Try insulting me about how I’m stupid or foolish (the definition of asinine) while spelling everything right Dick.

    2.  yarrellray said: “and now sprint is also allowing preorders since last Wednesday.”

      My response: I just got off the phone with customer service and they said they’re not taking preorders AND they do not have any information regarding when they will.


      Are they taking preorders for NEW customers?

    3. Soooo according to you, Sprint is going to release the device before “mak[ing] it official”? What a moron. Proofread your posts before posting them. You might (or might not) catch a few majors errors in your statements.

      1. Corrected

    4. spoke to a Best Buy rep.  July and Sprint is saying 2nd week of June.  Get a new crystal ball.  You’re a conspiracy theorist zero facts and just screaming predictions.

    5. gtfo 

  6. I’m a Sprint customer. I contacted Sprint yesterday in regards to my upgrade disappearing. After having that issue straightened out, I asked the account rep if she had any insight on when the Evo 3D would be released and she told me she understood it would be the 2nd week of June.

    1. when i used to be a sprint customer i called to cancel my service and return my Epic 4G because i didnt want to wait forever for froyo and the rep told me that i could go into the market and download it from there, i wouldnt trust most things that those reps tell you

  7. Be glad to get my galaxy S2. If the only reason I get it is this: MY PHONE WILL BE BETTER than yarrelRay’s. Of course, in terms of service and connection speed it already is, actually it just is period. But, the EVO will be a nice phone and 3D a gimmick. It would be a great phone if they would lose the snapdragon’s and get something comparable to the exynos, in graphics prowess anyways

    1. Too bad your phone will be inferior yarrelRay’s yet another year. :(

  8.  HTC Sensation will launch before the Evo 3D

  9.  Do they not realize people know about this stuff? Sprint just needs to go official already, it’s getting kind of ridiculous with so many “secrets”. with so many “secrets”.

  10. Hmmm. Not sure I care…lol so many phones are going to knock the socks off of this one.

  11. Is it me or is the back side of this phone damn ugly!

  12. All you haters fall back if your on verizon you have nothing to discuss with your battery draining LTE network and out dated devices that are over priced. If your on At&t you also have nothing to write home and tell nobody about but I will say least you have better android devices than verizon. If your on tmobile you guys are rocking android right now with great devices. After years of being a laughing stock tmobile can say their number one. I am happy on sprint I get great 4g coverage everyday and love the Evo family of devices one of the best brands for android. Either way my Evo 3d will be the top device when launched spec wise and performance wise. Don’t hate participate in the Evo 3d parade…

    1. Yeah I am Sprint customer and you’re an idiot.  Btw LTE on Verizon is so much faster hater.  You are a loser speculator! 

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