First Shot from the EVO 3D’s Camera Arrives


The HTC EVO 3D must be in testing, folks – camera shots from the device have surfaced on Picasa. Unfortunately, this photo isn’t 3D but you already know you can capture 3D content with the device. As for the camera performance, this shot doesn’t make the 3D’s camera look all that great, but judgment is still out on that. Take a look above. And let’s hope that rumored June 4th date for the EVO 3D holds up. [PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yo should take the same picture with another phone and compare ….

  2.  If they didn’t fix the quality (sensor, not megapixels) of the camera and especially the camcorder and sound, then I’ll stick with my Evo until the Evo4DG comes out.  Hopefully they have addressed this, it is the only major complaint I have about my Evo

    1. Sound quality when recording video on my Evo absolutely kills it for me. I don’t even bother recording video when it sounds THAT bad… =/ 

      1. I know this isn’t relevant at all but Chris you are most active editor on a site I’ve ever seen (good thing) keep it up

      2. I have an EVO and a Thunderbolt among a few others, and the sound in video recording is more than terrible on both. HTC thing, I suppose, but it really killed me that the EVO and TBolt both get their audio asses kicked by a Droid (1 or 2)  : 

      3. Agree! The HTC Sensation is coming with stereo audio on video recordings – if that comes to the Evo 3D, then bonus!

  3.  if you took the same picture with say, almost any other phone, it would be better.  Unless its another HTC phone.

  4. That can’t be the original 5MP source photo… can it? :(

  5.  “Hi, I’m Coco”

  6. So how do we view 3D photos? Do we need glasses? Does the camera save a standard 2D photo along with a separate 3D file? How about video? I doubt they will store 2 video files. If this takes off, will there be a utility for converting down to 2D for sharing? Maybe 3D files should actually be 2 separate or easily separatable files so you have both a 2D & 3D files at any given time. Then the player could merge the 2 separate files on the fly for the 3D view.

    1. The 3D files are maintained within the same folders of the gallery but will be marked “3D” on the thumbnail. Kind of like how videos are in the gallery with the play signal but an image and it says 3D. 

  7. Looks pretty choppy for 5MP :x 

  8. Talk about unimpressive. My X has better quality. 

    1. um i hope it is better because the droid x has an 8mp camera and the htc evo 3d has a 5mp.  im not saying that the mp makes the biggest difference in picture quality but still.

      1. Umm, I am pretty sure I read that the 2 5mp cameras were both used even for a 2d pic, making a 10mp picture.  

        1.  Yeah if you take the picture in 3D. This is not a 3D picture (as stated above) so it would be of 5mp quality. Also, as someone said before me, this was a MODIFIED picture using software. It’s not of actual size nor quality.

        2. 2D only uses one of the cameras. 3D uses both. So it’s only 5mp. either way.

        3.  Also, when taking a 3D picture, it is 2.5Mp. Please read more about the product before commenting wrongfully about it. Please don’t take this as trolling, I have no intent to troll.

          1. Did any of you read my comment. It uses both cameras EVEN FOR A 2D shot. Thus making it a 10mp shot. At least that is what I read. Any of you have a link saying otherwise? To “learn me something on the device”, before I wrongfully comment on it. And no matter, the quality shown is HORRIBLE, even for a 5MP.

          2. Yeah – that whole both-cameras-for-2D at 10 MP thing – that was a rumor started on our forums by a troll that many  blogs picked up and ran with – so, until we ever see that, don’t expect it. We have a thread on this in the Evo 3D forums here. Cheers!

          3. @Early, got anything on what actually takes place. Because I cant find anything official, from anyone. 

          4. You read it from where? Was it a reputable source or was it some idiot like Dick Yarrell who claims all kinds of crap but never backs it up with any proof? If some idiots told you the world was going to end on May 21st 2011 at 6 pm by earthquakes and volcanoes and such, but all the geologists and scientists couldn’t find a shred of evidence to back it up, who would you believe? The source and the credibility of that source matter greatly. Also, wouldn’t using the two cameras, positioned in slightly different areas of the phone for a 2D picture, yield a double image?   Wouldn’t that be the exact same as taking a picture, moving the camera an inch, taking another picture, then “merging” the two photos? Depending on your subject matter (especially close-ups) the two images won’t be exactly the same and simply “overlaying” them will only result in a distorted photo, not a “double quality” one. Bigger file size, but not better quality.

          5.  @Squiddy, I cant seem to find ANYTHING on it from a reputable source. Wether one camera is used for 2d or both is not mentioned ANYWHERE from a reputable source. So either way, all it is, is speculation. However, you do have a good point about it gettng distorted using both. Maybe that is why the picture above is so horrid? Dont say”but it is only a 5MP”, the Iphone’s quality is pretty good, while only 5MP.

          6. @Nlsme:disqus Haha I wasn’t going to say anything about it being 5 MP. The camera on my Samsung Moment (3.2 MP) takes pretty good pictures, a 5 MP would take even better ones. As for whether or not the camera uses one or both lenses, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 

        4.  So basically, what you just told me was that, if I take a picture with my G2, and then take another picture of the exact same thing, not moving the camera, then go to Photoshop and put the pictures together, the picture will magically become a 10MP picture? LoL!!

          I’m sorry dude, it doesn’t work like that. Think about how your eyes work. Look straight ahead. That’s how the lenses on this phone is. In order for you to look at something in 3D, you have to use both your eyes. If you want something to have a 2D look to it, you have to close one eye.

          Also notice that when using both eyes, or closing one eye, the object you’re looking at still looks the same. It doesn’t look any better with both eyes open or not.

          Also, in order for the picture to be the way it is, the lens would have to move in order to give a 2D look. But regardless of anything, the image will always come out in 3D since the lenses aren’t on top of each other.

          Close one eye, then the other eye. That’s how the lenses on this phone is. So if you used both lenses, you get  3D image. 


          1. What I told you is that is what I read. Have you got a link to something that says otherwise? I already said it makes since that this is how it works, however, nobody has anything official to go on. In any sense, this is a horrid pic, even for a 5MP. Even for a 2.5MP.  

          2. Have you got a link to direct us to where you read what you’ve read? Stop talking like a retard, please.

    2. official review from cnet directly reviewed on the hands-on device showing one lens used for 2D shots and both lenses ONLY used for 3D. BTW its not possible to take 2D shots with two lenses at two different angles. Even if  you did you wouldn’t add 5MP + 5MP = 10MP. Its not how it works. 2D shoots at 1080p (the highest quality possible which the droid X isn’t capable of despite having an 8MP camera) and 3D shoots at 720p.


  9. A physical calendar *and* calculator? Has the photographer ever owned a smartphone before? 

    1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  10.  That is not the original picture it was modified with photo software ( Sharp Attributes)

  11.  I’m going to kidnap his family and hold them ransom for the Evo 3D o_O

  12. Not very convinced if it’s the EVO’s camera or just a shitty version of the EVO’s picture.

  13.  Has HTC ever had a good camera in their phones?

    1. The Thunderbolt took really good pics. But, like every other HTC phone, the battery dept was lacking. 

    2. No htc never had the technology nor have they ever got their hands on quality components

  14. If this hold true then is the Galaxy S2 for me.

  15. first of all how you they have the htc evo 3d and even if they “did” how would we know that this picture is taken by it? just saying……..i dont think that this is it.  Htc has 5mp cameras that take pretty nice pictures and they might have taken it bad…..also i feel like i am in a Hallmark store. lol 

  16.  The 3D is just a bonus feature for this phone. Sense 3.0 is the best part of this phone. And Gingerbread.

  17.  IT’S A PHONE!!!!!   If you want super nice pictures then go buy a Nikon or Canon DSLR!  

    1. The Droid Charge takes REALLY nice pics. And just because it is a camera phone, doesnt mean the picture has to be HORRIBLE. 

      1. The Charge does not take signigicantly nicer pictures. BL is right…its a smartphone first and everything else is an add-on. The pic above is not horrible by any means. Don’t exaggerate! SMH

  18.  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1082018

    pictures taken with SG2.  you tell me what you think.

  19.  Who buys a phone for the camera alone? seriously tho?? please stfu

  20. half you are so clueless lol  http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/mpmyth.htm

    1.  kenrockwell is a joke, you are are also in that clueless half

  21. Honestly I’m not worried one way or the other it can’t possibly be worse than our current evo 4g as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care what pictures are posted by anyone and I don’t care what is said by anyone I will check this device out for myself. At this stage of the game everyone is reaching for straws and doesn’t have no clue what this device will do or how it will be rather it be the battery situation or the overall quality of the camera’s. Bottom line I walked around with my evo 4g since June 4th 2010 at that time and day the Evo 4g was the best android device on the market. When the Evo 3d comes out within the next 13 to 15 days I will be walking around with that device the specs are the best in the industry based on any smartphone on any carrier the 3d is an extra feature that no other device will have other than the Lg thrill 4g. This device is packed full of technology and will be a welcomed addition to the evo family on sprint. So whoever doesn’t like this device just go buy something else and keep it moving because rather you want to like 3d or not the technology is here and sprint is being innovative enough to bring it to their customers. Maybe some of the other carriers need to begin some innovation cause the last time i checked it was sprint that ushered in the first android 4g device, it was sprint that ushered in 4g technology, and now it is sprint who is ushering in 3d technology like it or not sprint is doing big things for their customers including google voice integration for the evo 3d this device is not your normal android device it is and will be TOPS……

    1. Ummm look at the specs you imbecile. Original Evo main camera: 8 MP, E3D main camera: 5 MP. How is that not “worse” than the original Evo? “At this stage of the game everyone is reaching for straws…” I assume you are including yourself in this “everyone” because you seem to know everything and nothing about this device. “When the Evo 3D comes out in the next 13 to 15 days…” What happened Dick? Not too sure about that June 4th release date you were spewing all over the forums? “Whether” not “rather” you uneducated moron. For your utter BS to be even slightly credible, you might want to try using correct spelling. You’ve been wrong about pretty much everything you’ve ever said. This will be no different. An update to an Android Central article about the release date has already debunked the June 4th release date. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. Probably somewhere on the second page by now. “… it was Sprint that ushered in 4g technology…” The same 4G service that utterly failed since they’re planning on switching over to LTE. Shut up already with you’re sensationalist, ignorant comments.

      1. For someone calling someone else a moron, you’d be expected to know that megapixels aren’t everything.

  22. Who buys a phone for the camera? In choosing any phone think of what you will use the phone for the most and pick a phone that has the best attributes suited for your specific needs. NO phone has the best of everything. In retail, the game is to always keep you wanting bigger, better, faster… it will defeat the purpose to actually make a phone that actually does it all.

  23. I am thoroughly enjoying this thread. . .I can’t believe some of the comments/arguments some of you are making.  :)  Keep it up.

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